Ranger Exes Memorial-TX - Ranger schools Rec Building

Rec Building in Ranger The old municipal auditorium now known as the Rec Building was built in 1934 in downtown Ranger across the street from where the old three-story high school stood. Construction was part of a Civil Works Administration project. Bricks were used from Tiffin School which was the first of the four elementary schools to close after the Ranger oil boom days. The building was designed by William Bourdeau, his son Bill (RHS-1936), and brother Clease. It has a stage, beautiful wooden floors, and numerous windows. The building also included offices and an apartment where coaches and football players could stay. Over the years, the city has used the building for many events and functions. The school district has used the building for basketball games, pep- rallies, talent shows, PE classes, and fundraisers. Every two years the Ranger Exes Association holds homecoming activities in the building. Many ex-students feel the building is the last part of an era of their old high school which was torn down in 1979. When they walk into the building, it's like going back-in-time. The school system still uses the building at times. Article by Alfred Rogers