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1948 RHS Majorettes 1948 RHS Majorettes In the very early 1900s, there was a picture of a lady on a horse in front of a marching band. She was identified as possibly being a drum majorette which is the often-used name for a female drum major. From the 1940s to the 1970s, most high school bands were led by majorettes and a drum major. When the Flag Corp became popular in the 70s, the use of majorettes started to decline. It appears the majorette program was discontinued at Ranger High School in the mid 1970s after many years of having the best. Class Year RHS Majorettes 1945 no band 1946 no band 1947 Wanda McKinney, Ann Dorris, Dovie Ellis. 1948 Wanda McKinney, Ann Dorris, Dovie Ellis, Jerrie Bowen, Byrellene Parkes, Willeta Coates. 1949 Wanda McKinney, Jerrie Bowen, Ann Dorris, Bettye Ewing. 1950 Jerrie Bowen, Ann Dorris, Cynthia Hull, Bettye Ewing. 1951 Ann Dorris, Barbara Long, Bettye Ewing, Cynthia Hull, Evelyn Robinson. 1952 Cynthia Hull, Evelyn Robinson, Barbara Long, Donna Blackwell. 1953 Cynthia Hull, Donna Blackwell. 1954 Donna Blackwell, Kay Vaughn, Patsy Entler, Shirley Wymer. 1955 Kay Vaughn, Kay King, Donna Blackwell, Patsy Entler. 1957 Jimmie Mae Miller, Glenda Webb, Carolyn Weaver, Gail Ann Rapp. 1958 Pat Halliday, Sarah Johnson, Sue Cantwell, Carol Phillips, Mary Kay Rush, Annabeth Deffebach. 1959 Donna Drennan, Mollie Mitchell, Linda Black, Sarah Johnson, Sue Cantwell, Linda Drennan, Annabeth Deffebach. 1960 Rita Sipes, Sarah Johnson, Donna Drennan, Sue Cantwell, Sandi Halbrooks. 1961 Sarah Johnson, Shellene Scott, Sue Cantwell, Sandi Halbrooks, Donna Drennan, Vinetta Blackwell Diana Cantrell Linda Hatton. 1963 Sissy Blackwell, Linda Lou Hatton, Linda Warford, Charlene Blackwell, Barbara Bledsoe, Glynda Wilson, Celeste Scott. 1964 Sheila Barker, Mary Sue Twyman, Celeste Scott, Delia Camacho. 1965 Celeste Scott, Delia Camacho, Mary Sue Twyman, Dorothy Oliver. 1966 Dorothy Oliver, Delia Camacho, Teresa Huling, Jane Bradford. 1967 Dorothy Oliver, Jane Bradford, Teresa Huling, Donna Ainsworth. 1968 Latricia Wheat, Betty Jo Weekes, Suzann Rourke, Nancy Newnham, Jeanine Monroe, Rhonda Reid. 1969 Latricia Wheat, Jeanine Monroe, Nancy Newnham, Rhonda Reid, Paula Clark, Lauranne Rippy. 1970 Latricia Wheat, Jeanine Monroe, Rhonda Reid, Laura Rippy, Paula Clark, Vicki Hughes. 1971 Vicki Hughes, Lauranne Rippy, Carole Wheat, Weta Mince, Kim Collings. 1972 Carole Brown, Mona Marslender. 1973 Patsy Hamilton, Carole Brown, Melody Bethany. 1974 Carole Brown, Melody Bethany, Tonyah Martin. 1975 Tonyah Martin, Debbie Justice, Melody Bethany. 1976 Mimi Henderson 1977 Karen Templeton, Kim Warton, Martha Castro 1977 Majorette program ends and Flag Corps begins. NOTE: This is an unofficial and incomplete list. RHS Class of 1965 Majorettes RHS Class of 1965 - Majorettes  RHS Class of 1974 Majorettes RHS Class of 1974 - Majorettes RHS 1959 Majorettes 1958/59 RHS Majorettes Note: Drum Majors are listed on RHS Drum Majors.