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Hodges Oak Park School Hodges Oak Park school was located on Lula Street and built in 1926 for the cost of $26,000. The land was donated by the heirs to the William Ross "Sog" Hodges estate after his death, and thus the name of the school. Dr. Robert Henry "Bob" Hodges was Ranger's third mayor at the time of the construction. The building was a huge U-shape with the girls' bathroom was on one side and the boys' on the other. The principal's office was in the middle hallway along with two classrooms. Since it did not have a school library, students would walk to the public library. The school was no longer used after 1978 and later torn down & now used as a parking lot for the football stadium. Grades 1-6 attended Hodges but in early 1960s lower grades (1-3) were sent to Hodges and upper (4-6) to Young. About this time, free kindergarten classes were started in a portable building at Hodges. At some point, 5th & 6th classes were combined at Hodges. The RHS Class of 1991 was the first to not attend Hodges. There was a small building next to the school which was used for music and later for kindergarten classes. Before the school was torn down, the building was moved to the new school campus and used for administration offices. Faculty members at Hodges over the years were: Mildred Wilhelm (1st grade teacher & Principal), Miss Wallace, Miss Mildred Balch, Miss Frances Worden, Mrs. Addie Harris, Mrs. Izetta Woods Daniels, Mrs. Carter, Mr. Paul Rogers (Principal), Mr. Morris Jeffries (Principal), Mrs. Jettye Ballenger, Miss Lemley, Mrs. Durham, Miss Adamson, Miss Alla Ray Kuykendall (later Mrs. Morris), Mrs. Homer D. Smith, Mr. Scruggs (Principal), Mr. P.O. Hatley (Principal), Dutch Ervin, Mrs. Jarvis, Mrs. Phillips, Miss Lillian B. Strain, Miss Edith Ashley, Cozette Penny, Mary Edloe Davenport, Ruth Shirley, Mrs. John Thurman, Eva Long, and Mrs. Anita Barrett. Photo above taken in 04/16/78 by James Dabney. Hodges Oak Park Hodges Oak Park Hodges Oak Park cornerstone Hodges Oak Park (closed) Hodges Oak School (closed) Hodges Oak Park (being torn down) Hodges Oak School (being torn down)