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Date: July 26, 2018 Name: Max Dooley E-mail City: Wilmington State: DE Class: 1954 School: RHS I have just recently discovered “Journey Back to Busy Downtown Ranger,” the journey of my high school years - Class of ’54. As a matter of fact, I believe the photo taken at the soda fountain in Crawford’s Rexall Drug is me in the foreground and Billy Mac Nichols to my right. That fountain was a busy place where a mixture of Ranger folks relaxed and talked about the day’s events or plans over a 5 cent cup of coffee or a “tall” Coke. My congratulations to you and the others that had a hand in creating “Journey Back”-a beautiful job very well done for recreating Main Street. In looking at the list of RHS drum majors, I’m listed as the one for Class of ’54. I was chosen and “served” during the Ranger Bulldog’s famous ’53 season. It was a distinct honor to lead the band through that season, and a very special feeling when Stubby Warden, at about our 10th?? reunion, told me, “ We couldn’t have done it without the band.” Another “drum major” item that has always been close to my heart involved G.B. Rush, RISD Super- intendent and chemistry/physics teacher, one of my favorites. It had been several years since there had been a male drum major until I was chosen spring semester ’53. After chemistry class the day after I was chosen, Mr. Rush jokingly told me, “Dammit Dooley you just cost me lots of money for a uniform”. I owe a lot to GBR - he holds a special place in my memory. Another band “note,” the RJC band was mostly RHS players - we would play in the maroon & white uniforms on Fridays and switch to purple & white for Saturdays. I live in Delaware, but have already bought my tickets so I can be in Ranger Oct 12 & 13 for homecoming - hope to see you there. Regards Max (Donny in Ranger) Dooley Date: June 1, 2017 Name: Kelly Guess City: Mcdonough State: GA Class: School: OTHER Comment: While researching my family tree, I found your site. It is one of the best ideas I have seen in a while. The history provided is truly wonderful. I don't know how long it took to gather and put together, but kudos to all involved. Every school should have people who keep their classmates alive for everyone to see. Date: Aug. 28. 2016 Name: John Hopper E-mail City: Midlothian State: TX Class: 1965 School: RHS Comment: After reading the obituary I thought I should check in and say I'm still kicking. Im sorry for all my friends who are gone, I guess I just took it for granted that if I'm still here I assumed everyone else was. Date: Jan. 8, 2015 Name: Dorothy Jean Fonville Reger E-mail City: Mangum State: OK Class: 1987 School: RHS Comment: Rachel or Connie Gomez are needing picture of Ruben Gomez if. anyone has any please contact them through facebook. They are planning Ruben's memorial / spreading of his ashes on March 15, 2015 at the beach. Rachel will be posting more about the event on Facebook. Thank you. Date: Aug. 19, 2014 Name: David G. Hale E-mail City: Azle State: TX Class: School: OTHER Comment: My name is David Hale, and I am the nephew of Thomas Weldon "Ike" Hale, who was with the class of Ranger High, 1940, but I believe left school early. He was killed in action during WWII, serving with the 36th Division in Italy in September, 1943. My father was his younger brother, Leslie Udell Hale. I am basically all that is left of the family. I would like to write a short history of my uncle and his life, and would very much appreciate any information anyone might have about him. As I was born several years after his death, all I have are what little items were left to me and some old family stories. Everyone in our family who would have known him is gone. If you knew Thomas Hale, even slightly, I would so much appreciate hearing from you. What was he like? Was he a nice guy, not so nice guy? I just want to try and get a feel of how he was as a real person. Please email me at: brotherdave52@gmail.com, or write to me at David Hale, P.O. Box 632, Azle, Texas 76098. Thank you so much for any help you may be able to provide. Date:; May 26, 2014 Name: Cheryl Braziel Montoya E-mail City: San Antonio State: TX Class: 1963 School: OTHER Comment: I am originally from California, but grew up in Comanche TX; my dad and uncle owned the Choice Cookie Co. How many of y'all In my age bracket (I'm 68) ever ate Choice cookies? Seriously, though, I have been interested in all things pertaining to the oil boom erain Ranger and Desdemona and did a series of paintings about that period in time back in the 1970s. Most recently, however, I have been wanting to do a painting of the Southland Hotel on Austin St., in Ranger, but this project has been stubbornly elusive; I can't explain why that place attracted my attention; the last time I was in Ranger (1976) I had a camera with me, butthe building had been torn down; there are some good pictures of this location on your website, but it is unclear where the front entrance is; I understand that the Tower Theater was also housed there. If anyone out there has a photo of the Southland Hotel, or knows somebody who does, please send a copy of the photo to: Cheryl B. Montoya, 3939 Fredericksburg Rd., #C4, San Antonio TX 78201, or e-mail: cbmontoya1945@gmail.com Date: Oct. 26, 2012 Name: Joan Maltese E-mail City: San Diego State: CA Class: School: OTHER Comment: Going waaaaay back, I have some information about the Valliant family. Thomas Rigby Valliant, Jr. ("Rigby"), Class of 1926, passed away on December 15, 1945. He was married to Grace Alice Booth, who passed away on May 2, 2007 in Colorado Springs. The Rigby Valliants had two children, Thomas Rigby Valliant IV (1936 – 2008) and William Michael Valliant (b. 1941), who is open to all contributions for the Valliant family tree at ancestry.com. Rigby's sister, Margaret Elizabeth Valliant ("Elizabeth"), Class of 1929, married Robert E. Rash on December 31, 1930 in Bernalillo, New Mexico. Their children are Robert V. Rash, Norma Paul Rash, and William Rigby Rash (d. 2002). A listing of all people found in the 1925 RHS yearbook is available at http://files.usgwarchives.net/tx/eastland/history/school/1925-touchdown.txt. If anyone has any information about Mary Browne Robinson and her twin sister Augusta Valliant Robinson, who might have attended the Central Ward School from c. 1919-1926, I would appreciate hearing. (I've seen the census records for 1920 at ancestry.com.) They also had a sister, Margaret Robinson, who may have attended Ranger High School during those years. God bless all! Date: May 20, 2012 Name: Patsy Perrin Riddle E-mail City: Brownwood State: TX Class: 1954 School: RHS Comment: As one Perrin to another, (Runt Perrin), I would be glad to get info on you, Cuz. (RE: Burton and Luther). Date: May 10, 2012 Name: Paula Porter E-mail City: Olden State: TX Class: 1990 School: RHS Comment: I am trying to get in touch with my friend Brian Lewis who graduated from Cisco 1989. They don't seem to have an exes webpage for Cisco, so if anyone knows a phone number or email address for Brian, please email me. Thanks! Date: Feb. 12, 2012 Name: BETTY(STAGNER)SMOCK E-mail City: ROCKPORT State: TX Class: 1973 School: RHS Comment: HI! TO EVERYONE! JUST A NOTE TO SEE HOW MANY ARE STILL OUT IN THE GOOD OL' WORLD, AND TO SEE WHERE EVERYONE ENDED UP, AND PROFESSION. STILL HOPING THAT MAYBE CLASS OF 73' CAN GET TOGETHER. LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! Date: Aug. 16, 2011 Name: Nick Bachis E-mail City: Corrales State: NM Class: 1949 School: OTHER Comment: Didn't end up graduating from RHS, went in the army and ended up in Germany, but have a lot of memories of Ranger. My family owned the Miss Ranger Cafe. Wondering if any one knows any thing about my cousin Mattie Lou Searcy, class of 1947... Date: Aug. 14, 2011 Name: Diana Casey E-mail City: Irving State: TX Class: 1968 School: RHS Comment: I live in Irving, Texas where I have been for 26 years. I have 3 wonderful children,8 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. I work for a veterinarian here in Irving. Would love to hear from some of my classmates. Date: July 6, 2011 Name: Veronica Eakin E-mail City: Houston State: TX Class: School: OTHER Comment: I did not graduate from RHS, however; I have several relatives that did. I am looking for anyone that knows Jean Mewborn she would have graduated in 1955 Date: May 13, 2011 Name: Jana Childress Collins E-mail City: Austin State: TX Class: 1981 School: OTHER Comment: My family and I lived in Ranger from 1964 until 1976. My dad James Childress was the high school principal, and my mom Doris taught 3rd and 1st grades. My brothers Steve and Sam graduated in 1974 and 1976. My dad is turning eighty in October of this year, and I would love to compile any memories you have of him. My parents live in San Marcos and have been married almost 56 years. Date: Apr. 2, 2011 Name: Lloyd Moore E-mail City: Allen State: TX School: OTHER Comment: Just a quick thank you for your tour. I'm planning a "daycation" with my daughter to explore the area where I was born and where my parents and maternal grandparents lived (Strawn). I've been unable to find the hospital in Ranger where I was born (1951) but it appears that it is now the police station in Ranger. How nice to have some old photographs and a tour of the area. Date: Mar. 9, 2011 Name: Susan Owen Whaley E-mail City: Austin State: TX Class: 1938 School: OTHER Comment: Hello! I am the granddaughter of Merle Branton, who I am sad to say passed away in the 1980s. She married Bob Owen just before he left to fight in WWII in the Army Air Corps; I knew them both for years, I am glad to say, as my much-loved "Mamma" and "Pappa." (Their son is my father.) I have Mamma's 1938 Ranger High School ring. I am interested in learning more about her girlhood and the Branton family, if anyone would like to contact me at sue94 (at) aggienetwork.com. Thank you for this Website! Date: Feb. 18, 2011 Name: Angela Adams Hillin E-mail City: Sugar Land State: TX Class: 1994 School: RHS Comment: Hi everyone! The site is great and I'm so glad to see Mary Leath Richards remembered! I'm married and living in Sugar Land and will be happy to say hello to old friends. Thanks for all the work everyone's put into the site! Date: Dec. 9, 2010 Name: Clenneth Ray Casey E-mail City: Ranger State: TX Class: 1979 School: RHS Comment: Ray is living in Ranger, texas with his wife < LEtha, he is interested in finding some old friends. If any one has an address, phone number for a Connie Farrell that was in the same class up till at least 1977 please either send Ray the info or give her his info or if you just know what happened to her. He often speaks of her and wondwers what ever happened to her, so if anyon knows anything please let him know/ We are listed in the ranger phone book if anyone knows anything or you can use the e mail. thanks Date: Sept. 17, 2010 Name: Melissa Tolman E-mail City: Garland State: TX School: OTHER Comment: I am looking for anyone that knew or a realitve of Milton Dean Zarate he passed in April of 2007. I am the grandmother of his child that he never knew. If anyone can help me please contact me at mdtolman@verizon.net or 214-724-2645 Date: June 6, 2010 Name: Rhonda Windsor E-mail City: : Lewisville State: TX Class: 1982 School: OTHER Comment: Hello, All: My name is Rhonda Miller-Windsor and I am the daughter of Marinell Shockey Miller (Class of 1960) and Jack Miller. I am posting this for information. As of June 11, 2010, my parents will have been married 50 years! If you know them, please take a moment to drop an email and say CONGRATULATIONS to them for a magnificent accomplishment. Date: May 16, 2010 Name: Brenda Wells Oakley E-mail City: Fort Worth State: Tx Class: 1976 School: RHS Comment: Although I didn't graduate at Ranger High I am still a great fan of the Ranger Bulldogs. I have grandchildren now going to Ranger Elementary and am Proud to say that they are growing up Bulldog Strong. I would Love to hear from anyone that I went to school with or just Made the Drag with many times. I miss the good ole days. I have been married almost 28 years to Monty Oakley his family came from Cisco. and we have 3 children between us mine is Brian Wells and his are Jason Oakley and Mandy Oakley Ash and between us we have 11 grand- children and soon to be great grandparents.. OMG where has time gone ...Looking forward to hearing from my old friend and even family... Love ya all God Bless Date: Oct. 27, 2009 Name: Randy Hawley E-mail City: Sacramento State: CA Class: 1979 School: RHS Comment: Just wanted to give a shout out to a couple of old buddies and I'm on classmates.com too. Hey Kenneth Hess and Gary Lemaster I'll be in Irving TX at the Sheraton Grand Hotel next to the airport on the 6th and 7th of Nov. 2009 if you want to meet in the evening and catch up on 32 years of our past.might be fun. For everyone else, glad to see most of us still kickin' Best wishes to all. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: April 27, 2009 Name: Robert F Johnson( Bobby) E-mail City: Clinton State: UT Class: 1988 School: RHS Comment: Just checking things out, I really miss growing up in Ranger, although my entire life I wish I could leave and never come back. Now, I look back, I recall some good times at RHS, and I wouldnt trade it for any other in the world. I did manage to hook up with some of my classmates on facebook, really good to see some of my old friends(and enemies!) My brother The Moose is in bad shape, he would greatly appreciate a visit from anyone from the class of 84, he lives with my mother in Ranger still. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Mar. 1, 2009 Name: M.L. (Mark) Baskin, Jr. E-mail School: RHS Comment: My grandfather was HL Roy Baskin, my grandmother was Myrtle Louise Baskin. My father was M.L. Baskin, his brother HL and sister Vashti were my uncle and aunt. I'm very glad to have found this listing. Roy Vee Baskin is my half uncle. Roy Vee if you read this, please email me. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Nov. 11, 2008 Name: Jimmy A Sharp E-mail City: Eastland State: TX School: OTHER Comment: I was born in Ranger in 1953 I went To First & Second Grade. My teacher was Mrs. Willingham & Mrs. Young. My nickname was Stinker. My classmates were Deb Gilbert & Benji Jimenez. I moved back to Ranger in 1975. My kids all graduated from Ranger High School. I moved back to Eastland In 1990. But My Heart Will Always BE in Ranger. If any body remembers ME from First & Second Grade-Email me @stinker552900@sbcglobal.net -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sept. 21, 2008 Name: Patsy Ann (Hise) Kanney E-mail City: Waynesboro State: Va Class: 1968 School: OTHER Comment: Just for the heck of it I googled myself to see what would come up. I was amazed to see my name as a student in your school. I saw a class picture taken the 47-48 school year that included Patsy Ann Hise as a sixth grader. I am hoping to contact Patsy or someone who knows of her to see if we might be related, or to just say hi from one Patsy Ann Hise to another. I thought I was the only one since that name is not that common. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: July 13, 2008 Name: RUBEN A. GOMEZ E-mail City: TAOS State: NM Class: 1986 School: RHS Comment: 1 TIME TO VISIT; LIVE IN TAOS NM WITH WIFE OF 12YRS A DAUGHTER IN CORPUS CHRISTI TX MARISSA LYNN GOMEZ. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: July 6, 2008 Name: Lynda Ivy Class: Teacher in 1970s School: RHS Comment: Those of you who remember Ms. Ivy, English Teacher at RHS for several years during the 1970s would love to hear from her former students. She has taught all over the world but has taken quite ill and is now home-bound for several months until her strength returns. From her daughter Audri: She was teaching in Africa. She came back with sever muscle pain that was later determined to be polymialga, but a doctor mis-diagnosed it and gave her medication that killed her bone marrow. This entire last year she has fought for her life and many miracles happened with donors and specialists doctors in Seattle. Her email address is: lynda_ivy_2000@yahoo.com. She checks her email about once a day so you may not hear right back. Kenneth Hess (918) 665.8878 http://www.kenhess.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: July 2, 2008 Name: Jeanine Monroe Grizzard E-mail City: Weatherford State: TX Class: 1970 School: RHS Comment: James Dixon and I are coordinating a get-together of RHS exes and teachers in our area. We will meet on August 16, 2008 at 6:30 at The Pizza Place in Weatherford. Please email me or James to let us know if you will be there and I will send driving directions. Hope to see you there. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: May 27, 2008 Name: Christy Thackerson E-mail City: Eastland State: TX Class: 1983 School: RHS Comment: Hi everyone! This year is the 25th anniversary of the class of 1983. I'd love to get a reunion together. Please email me if you have contact information, ideas, or if you want to help. :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: May 16, 2008 Name: Robbie Hood Sloan E-mail City: Waco State: TX School: OTHER Comment: Although we left Ranger and Eastland County in 1960, Ranger is still dear to my heart. My brothers, Bob and Mac Hood and I are the children of Bill & Betty Hood and grand children of Grover and Annie McGowan. Robert F. "Bill" Hood (class of 42)died in 1987 and is burried in Evergreen Cemetery. Betty, now 82, is still living. I am looking for information on Tawana Nichols who graduated in 1965. Please contact me at the above address. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: March 27, 2008 Name: Sarah Yarbrough E-mail City: Lampasas State: TX School: OTHER Comment: My mother (as well as her brother and sisters) attended Ranger. My mother was Linda Drennan..class of 1960. She lost her battle with cancer in 1996 and my sister and I are joining in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure this year...in her honor. Please support us if you can. My mother talked about her days in Ranger very fondly. Please view my Race Page -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: March 1, 2008 Name: Roy Vee Baskin E-mail City: Hua Hin, Thailand State: Class: 1967 School: OTHER Comment: I am the son of the Odessa College librarian and Henry Leroy Baskin. ML and HL were my brothers. Vashti Baskin Yonker was my sister. I have a farm in Honaunau on the Big Island of Hawaii and I reside part of the year in Thailand, with my wife Wan Phen and my daughter Metavee Baskin. I was amazed to see my father and brothers and sister on your website. Thank you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: February 15, 2008 Name: Peggy Lee Russell Blanton E-mail City: Bowie State: Tx Class: 1953 School: RHS Comment: Thank you for the wonderful job you do in keeping us informed about Ranger Exes. I check this site periodically and usually find out something I didn't know. I attended St. Rita's until the 8th grade. I attended Ranger High School all four years and graduated in 1953. Both of my parents attended Ranger High School and my Dad was on the Board of Regents at Ranger College for many years. Ranger will always be home. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: January 15, 2008 Name: Kristy Wylie Maher E-mail City: St. Charles State: IL Class: 1982 School: RHS Comment: What a great site. My parents John & Kay Wylie both went to RHS class of 1956 and now live up here by me. They will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this year and I am collecting emails or cards with best wishes along with any memories anyone has to share. I am going to collect all these and put them into a book to present them on their special day. I would love as many as I can get! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: January 4, 2008 Name: Barbara Long Baker E-mail City: Brazoria State: TX Class: 1953 School: RHS Comment: This is a wonderful thing you guys have started, and it is really growing. Makes me want to see and talk to all of the exes I remember. I have missed the last two Homecomings due to sickness, but am going to try very hard to be there for the next one. Keep up the good work--this is wonderful. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Novemeber 23, 2007 Name: Kelly Stephens E-mail City: Dallas State: TX Class: 1999 School: OTHER Comment: Just wanted to say hi to all of my classmates. It is nice to hear how all of you are doing! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: October 13, 2007 Name: Linda Meroney E-mail Comment: Hello, I am the daughter of Norma Jean Richardson (Carnes). I want to thank all of you for your support and kind words concerning the loss of my Mother. She will be missed by us all. Linda Meroney -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: August 8, 2007 Name: Royce M. Dunson Class: 1963 School: RHS Comment: I left Ranger High School in 1963. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: July 13, 2007 Name: Ramona Carroll (Robinson) City: Weatherford State: TX Class: 1994 School: OTHER Comment: Hello everyone! I went grew up in Ranger and moved to Mineral Wells in 91. I would have graduated with the class of 94. If there is anyone there that remembers me please send me a message. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: May 18, 2007 Name: Diane Womack Eaton City: Troup State: TX Class: 1962 School: RHS Comment: I didn't graduate from RHS, we moved to Graham after my sophomore year, but I have great memories of my time in Ranger, (1958-1960) After I finished high school, we moved back to Troup, in east Texas, which is where I was born. We drove through Ranger once a few years ago on our way back home, and it was wonderful seeing how it had changed, and remembering the fun times I had there. I have often wished I could have stayed in Ranger to graduate, and those two years I went to RHS were the happiest years of my high school days! I've been in touch with two of my old hs buddies recently and found this webpage through one of them. It is great seeing familiar faces! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: September 10, 2006 Name: Janie Clark Cavender City: Grapevine State: TX Class: 1971 School: RHS Comment: Our father, James R. Clark, turns 89 ! Eighty nine years on this earth and still in love with his sweetheart, Julia. She is now in a nursing home due to Alzheimer, but she still knows and loves him. Each afternoon he goes to the nursing home and climbs into her little twin size bed for afternoon nap with her. He has totally cared for her at home until these past couple of years. If you ever were blessed to know him, then you know he is truly an amazing man. Send this to your folks or others who might have memories of James Clark. During his years as Supt. of Schools in Ranger (1960's-70's), which I call "home", he is responsible for bringing the people together to build the new K-12 school. We want to honor him by letting him know how happy we are to have him in our life. He brings laughter into people lives each day. Total strangers, he will go up & talk to, and make their day special with his wonderful sense of humor. But he is even much more than his humor and famous PaPa stories, he is a man who has lived out his entire life dedicated to God, his wife, and his family and his community. Men of his strengthare hard to find in today's world. I am blessed to have him as my father! Judy, Jimmy, and I want to create a book with your favorite stories about our father, James Clark. This is to be a total surprise. Please write up a short (or long) story of what he means to you and tell of a favorite memory you have of him personally. If you have any photos, that you can scan and send, that would be great also. We are going to publish these stories with photos and give it to him on his birthday in September. Just take a moment to e-mail me a quick story, so I can include your memory in the book. He will cherish these stories sent by long time friends. I will try to make digital versions to share with each of you when it is complete. Please send these within 1 week from today. We need time to put it all together and have it bound. Thanks so much for your help in letting our Dad know how glad we all are that he was born. Janie Cavenderhttp://www.CavenderCREATIONS.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: September 10, 2006 Name: Jeanne Getts Jackson City: Midland State: TX Class: 1960 School: RHS Comment: I lived 14 yrs in Ranger , went to Young Elementary then Ranger Jr.High then RHS. Great school years ,great year end parties. I left Ranger in 1960 and Married the love of my life Don Jackeon. We have 2 girls and now 7 grandchildren ,one great grandchild. Loved ALL of my classmates. Hope to see you all in Oct. 2006. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: September 10, 2006 Name: Mary K Blakney City: Ranger State: TX Class: 1978 School: RHS Comment: I still live in good Ranger, and would love to hear from any and all of you, I married my high school sweetheart Manuel Hernandez but after four years we have divorced but still remain the best of friends. Both my kids went to Ranger ISD and now my grandson is a second grader. Lets get together for the Reunion in September 254- 647-3434. Mary Blakney -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: July 23, 2006 Name: Carole Sanders City: Jacksboro State: TX Class: 1958 School: RHS Comment: I just made hotel reservations for myself, Gail Ann & Barbara for homecoming in September. As I was wandering through some of the emails, I noticed one from my little brother Mike. Like he said, he didn't get to graduate from RHS like Phil, Steve & I did. I also noticed an email from a little 12 year old girl who is "obsessed" with Teddy Joe Neeley of "Jesus Christ Superstar" fame. Having known Teddy Joe since he was a kid and having seen and visited with him & his brother Jack over the years, I have to say this young lady couldn't have chosen a nicer person to be obessed with. He is an outstanding human being. I wish we could talk Jack, Ted & their little sister Peggy, into attending the 2006 homecoming celebration. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: July 15, 2006 Name: Kay (Jones) Dobbs City: Ranger State: TX Comment: The Ranger Rodeo is celebrating it's 60th year next weekend, July 21, & 22. The Chamber of Commerce would like to recognize any of the former Queens. We will have a float for the parade on Friday & they will be recognized at the Rodeo. We appreciate any information, the Chamber of Commerce # is 647-3091. Also, next year will be the 25th anniversary of the Roaring Ranger Museum. Kay Dobbs -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: June 13, 2006 Name: Dana Jo Dixon-Norris City: Weatherford State: TX Class: 1980 School: RHS Comment: Hey everyone! After being divorced and a single parent for 10 years, I was recently married to Stephen Norris, formerly of Eastland. We have 7 children and 3 grandchildren between us. I would love to hear from old friends. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: May 7, 2006 Name: Hayley Crenshw City: Wichita Falls State: TX Class: School: OTHER Comment: I am Ramon Jimenez's (class of 1971) daughter. I was wandering if anyone knew of a Ramona Walton ever attending school in Ranger? I have no idea what graduating class she might have been in, but I think it could have been anywhere from 1964-1973. I know that this is vague info., but it's all I have at this time. Please email me if you find some information on her. Thank you for creating this web-site, it's nice to piece together some of the stories my dad had told me and see the places and people he grew up with. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Apr. 7, 2006 Name: Hilda Hinchliffe City: Springdale State: AR Class: 1997 School: RHS Comment: I was trying to google for the first time so I googled my sister Ana Hinchliffe. I didn't know this web site would pop up!!! God did it grab me by the heart when I saw my sister's picture. She passed away in El Paso from a car accident and left behind a beautiful daughter!! I have many more stories to tell and lots of pictures to show if anyone would like to contact me. Thanks you for this web site!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Apr. 1, 2006 Name: Brenda Miller Leonhart Class: 1971 School: RHS Comment: I did not graduate from Ranger, but would like to hear from those that were in my class at Young School. I went to Young school about 1963-1966, before that I went to Olden School. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Mar. 29, 2006 Name: Samantha Lucky Stewart Class: 1989 School: RHS Comment: I married Timmy Stewart (RHS 1985) in 1994 and we have a 11yr old daughter Kati. Tim's son Dustin (17yrs) came to live with us when he was 12yrs and is now a Senior at RHS. Man do I feel old. I have worked for Ranger ISD for 7rs and Tim is working for Union Pacific Railroad. We would like to hear from all of our friends. You guys email us anytime. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Feb. 5, 2006 Name: Kacy Elder Class: School: OTHER Comment: Hi. I am the granddaughter of Dean Elder and Wanda McKinney. It is nice to see things like this, because I never met my grandfather (I was born in 1985) and it is really neat to be able to see him. My sister looks almost exactly like my Grandma so its funny to see that too. Keep up the good work with this website!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Feb. 3, 2006 Name: Rebecca Stagner Tibbels Class: 1979 School: RHS Message: Hello! Please e-mail me and let me know what you are up to. Thanks! Becky -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Feb. 3, 2006 Name: Mac Jacoby Class: 1960 School: RHS Message: Someone is looking for pictures from Hodges Oak school of Mrs. Worden classroom. Let me know if you have any of these pictures. Thanks. Mac -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Feb. 1, 2006 Name: Alan Robinson Class: 1970 School: RHS Message: Been following this site for a while and decided to throw my name in. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Jan. 31, 2006 Name: Jennifer Koerner Stroup Class: 1991 School: RHS Message: We are planning our big 15 year class reunion for this summer! If you haven't updated your info with me, Shawna, or Angela, please do that ASAP. We hope to see you all this summer! Jen http://members.tripod.com/~RHS91 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Jan. 30, 2006 Name: Catherine Stroud Burns Class: 1965 School: RHS Message: Had no idea all these years this web site was out there. I landed on Florida's Atlantic coast last year. It's nice, but it ain't Texas. Great fishing, tho. Am really glad to find a link to home. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Dec. 14, 2005 Name: Anessa Nance Billingsley Class: 1994 School: RHS Message: Love the website and the hard work and dedication that goes with it. Thank you RHS teachers and faculty for the sound education that I received. I quickly discovered upon entering college that I had the advantage in almost every subject. I'm proud to say that I now hold a Master of Science in Human Resources Management Degree, working in Dallas, and doing very well. Would love to hear from anyone and share some memories! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Oct. 26, 2005 Name: Tommy Brashier Class: 1967 School: RHS Message: I have a new e-mail address. Am still in Waco, Texas. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Oct. 24, 2005 Name: Sidney (Sid) Birdett Class: 1960 School: OTHER Message: Found this by accident while surfing for family history. Was quite surprised to see the pictures of grade school at Hodges Oak. Lot of old memories came back of a lot of good times. Little League games, swimming at city pool, and a lot. If anyone out there remembers this old coot from back then would like to hear from a'll. Rembered some of the names Walter Blackwell, Karen Killingsworth, Marynell Shocky, Marilyn Warden, and a few more. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Oct. 11, 2005 Name: Dana Dixon Class: 1980 School: RHS Message: I haven't visited here in a long time. This is a great site. Thanks for all the hard work you have put in to this site, Mac. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sept. 26, 2005 Name: Kenneth Hess Class: 1979 School: RHS Message: Hey everybody! Fancy hearin' from me huh? LOL. This dang ol' Internet is pretty cool. If summa y'all wanna look me up, email me a line...or better yet, come git me outta jail. Just kidding. Leave me here. No, I'm not in jail. Can you believe how old we are? Peace out! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sept. 01, 2005 Name: Rickey P. Martinez Class: 1976 School: RHS Message: I looking for all the Class of 1976. We will be having our 30 soon, need to contact, if you see or talk to any of the class, let them know about the 30th. Please give them my email address. We need to meet soon. Let me know. Go Bulldogs 2005. Thanks. Rick and Denise Martinez -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Aug. 27, 2005 Name: Michael Sanders Class: 61 ? School: RHS Message: Did not finish at RHS,left in 1961 to see the world and seek forturn and fame, found some of both. ocasionally I pass through town on my way to somewhere else and can't resist the erge to dragging Main street and have a short visit with Willy Joyner. ( my second mom as I was growing up ) have missed the last few reunions in the past, now retired surely I will find the time to attend the next one. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Aug. 14, 2005 Name: Barbara (Grimes) Everett Class: 1976 School: RHS Message: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Aug. 11, 2005 Name: Melinda Dean Johnson Class: 1960 School: OTHER Message: I attended Hodges Oak Park until the fourth grade. At that time, we moved to Athens, Texas. My father was Charles T. Dean (graduated in 1923) of Ranger and my mother was Elizabeth Day Dean of Eastland, Texas. My brother is Michael C. Dean (class of 1956) who attended Ranger schools through the eighth grade.I am really enjoying this website. Thanks for the hard work and the great pictures. Melinda Dean Johnson -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Aug. 8, 2005 Name: Kelsey McCarson Class: 1997 School: OTHER Message: Wow did this sight bring back some memories. I was googling my Dad and he came up on this sight. He was the high school principle there some time back . I went to school in Ranger in 8th and 9th grade. I had alot of friends that I miss there and this sure reminded me of all of them. Awesome work on this sight! Sincerely, Kelsey McCarson -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sat, 4 Jun 2005 Name: Dan Lavoie Class: 1959 School: RHS Message: Retired and moved from Denver City to Breckenridge. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sun, 07 May 2005 Name: Edwena Edmonds Fitzgerald Class: 1963 School: RHS Message: Reading this was quite a walk down memory lane. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 Name: John Harper School: OTHER Message: I am Joe Wayne Harper (RHS 1957) son and I just viewed the memorial to my father. Even though he left a long time ago he was still proud of being a Bulldog ( he even owned several over the years). My mother still has the letter jacket he got for band. Thank you for remebering him. John T. Harper -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 Name: norma (medina) gonzalez Class: 2000 School: RHS Message: I really enjoyed the site who ever is keeping it up to date is doing a great job. It is nice to be able to see where people are and what they are doing. As everyone knows I am married and I am living in Azle, Tx. I am currently attending college and will graduate in December 2005, I will be recieving my Office Administration Associates Degree. Keep up the great job!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 Name: John 'Pat' Richey Class: 1985 School: RHS Message: It's been 20 years and I'm organizing a reunion. Give me a holler if your from the Class of 1985. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2004 Name: Donna Perrin Kopacki Class: School: OTHER Message: Hello Rangerites! My dad is Donald "Runt" Perrin. If anyone would like for me to give him a message...just let me know. I still get to hear all the wonderful football stories of the ole' Bulldogs. I just stumbled on this site and I LOVE IT! I went to 1st grade in Ranger and will always fondly remember the summers I spent there with my "Mamaw", Maudie Perrin. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2004 Name: LeeAnn O'Neal Underwood Class: 1984 School: RHS Message: Hey there. It's nice to be able to communicate with everyone like this. Our 20th reunion this last July was wonderful and a joy to have attended.(Thanks Leonard & Denise for letting us use your house) I can't wait for Homecoming next month too. I hope to see y'all then. XXXOOO, LeeAnn -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Wed, 8 Sep 2004 Name: Joyce Johnson Sawey Class: 1960 School: RHS Message: My family moved away from Ranger in 1958 and I did not get to finish my last 2 years there. Ranger has always been my home because I was born there. My parents are buried there so I still think of it as home and my oldest sister is in the nursing home there. I try to come back as often as possible.I was able to make the renunion in 2000,and was there for a short time in 2002. I hope to be there in Oct. of this year. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2004 Name: Jessica Metzger Class: 2010 School: OTHER Message: Hi I am 12 years old and I am obsessed with Ted Neeley -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 Name: Shannon Gayle (Gilbert) Sampley Class: 1979 School: RHS Message: I think the Gilbert obituaries are very well done! Thanks to my sister Deborah Reed! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sun, 1 Aug 2004 Name: Karen Akens Thomson Class: 1978 School: RHS Message: I enjoy visiting your site. Keep up the good work. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2004 Name: Karen Akens Thomson Class: 1978 School: RHS Message: I have a new E-Mail address. I look forward to hearing from old friends. Thanks for the site. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 Name: Alan D. Craig Class: 1981 School: RHS Message: Didnt complete high school in Ranger. My last grade was 9th grade. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 Name: Charles E. Harper Class: 1960 School: RHS Message: My family left Ranger in the summer of 1958 so I did not finish High School in Ranger. However, I still feel that Ranger is my home town. This website allows me to keep up with old classmates that I will never forget. Thank you Mac for doing such a great job. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 Name: Carlos Martinez Jr. Class: 1974 School: RHS Message: Please notice my new email address and keep me informed about events concerning ranger high school. thank you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Tues, 20 April 2004 Name: Jack Waddington Message: More generosity. Today, I received a telephone call from Wilma (Smiley) Tune, wife of the late Thomas 'Al' Tune, Class of 1953, telling me that she was mailing me the gift of a 1950 and a 1953 Bulldog yearbook for the Ranger Exes Memorial in Memory of Al who died in 1999. These are two years that are missing from the list of yearbooks on our shelves. Thank you, Wilma, your splendid generosity will enhance our ability to keep the Memorial up-dated. With all best wishes, Jack Waddington -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2004 Name: Morris Baker, Ph.D. Class: 1959 School: RHS Message: Every once in a while I get a little nostalgic and I visit the Ranger High School websites. They are very interesting and informative. Those who manage the sites are to be commended!!! Peace, Morris -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Tues, 29 Mar 2004 Name: Jack Waddington Message: Today, I received the gift of a 1951 Bulldog Yearbook to the Ranger Exes Memorial from Helen Polston of Tatum, Texas, wife of the late Edward B. Polston of the Class of 1951, who passed away in 2003. Previously we did not have a copy of this yearbook and are so glad to have it. Helen, we send our sincerest thanks for your splendid generosity. With all best wishes, Jack Waddington -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 Name: Michael R Campbell Class: 1971 School: RHS Message: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 Name: Craig Bumgarner Class: 1992 School: RHS Message: Just passing through looking for somebody but couldn't find them. I have plans to be married on March 26, 2005 to my girlfriend of 5 years, Tammy. I plan to return to college, starting in the summer of 2004 as well, to pursue a degree in pre-law and then go onto law school. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sun, 1 Feb 2004 Name: LaVada Brown Class: 2000 School: RHS Message: Wow great website...very interesting to see where and what people are doing these days...I would be able to give some pictures of the class of 2000...(not sure where do send them)...thanks again for the website and great job on keeping it up to date...also congrats and good luck allison middleton. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2004 Name: Cindy Clark School: OTHER Message: Hi folks, I lived in Ranger off and on all my life. I would like to say that this site has done wonderful things for deceased family members. My family that is included in your site was Evelyn Robinson mother, Patsy Stokes Ford Young sister, and John"Butch"Stokes brother. Thank you to the people who are so dedicated to keeping this site updated. There are many folks I'd love to hear from so E-mail me and lets talk. Cindy Clark --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 Name: Allison Schooling Middleton Class: 1999 School: RHS Message: I really enjoyed your website. It is neat to see where everyone is now. I have graduated from Texas Tech with a degree in Management Info Systems and am about to start classes to get a teaching certificate. I am now married to a band director and we live in Hart, Texas. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me! Thanks for the great website. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 Name: Lisa (Meyer)Brannon Class: 1985 School: RHS Message: hey class of 1985 where is everyone please contact me so I will know where someone is and what is going on with the reuions. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 Name: Don Hubbard Message: Today I have mailed to you a package parcel post with Ranger High School yearbooks from 1923, 1924, 1925, 1926, 1927, and 1930. You may have them with compliments of my dad, Seth Hubbard. I do hope they will be useful to you. Please let me know when you get them. Sincerely, Don Hubbard -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2004 Name: Heather (Parks) Middleton Class: 1991 School: RHS Message: I didn't graduate from RHS, but I spent 6 years here in school. It was a wonderful experience. Thanks for putting up a site where we can remember the good ole days. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2003 Name: Diane Andrade-Linares Class: School: OTHER Message: This is really great, I got to see a picture of my father who was in sixth grade at Hodges in Mrs. Rose Deffebach's room. I enjoyed the pictures and website, thank you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2003 Name: Carlos Martinez Jr. Class: 1974 School: RHS Message: Great memories great website --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 Name: betty [koerner] gilbert Class: 1960 School: RHS Just wanted to say I really enjoy your web site. I have learnt so much about people I went to school with, also grew up with. I started school in Ranger at Hodges Oak, off and on during the years my dad had us moving, but ever year until 1957 when I quit school[stupid me] I went here at Ranger. I have lived back here since 1980. Like I said enjoy reading everthing. Thanks for all hard work. betty --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 Name: Casey Cluiss Flinn Class: 1993 School: OTHER Found this site while looking through obits in Corpus Christi, Texas online newspaper. Awesome site! I don't know anyone from Ranger but thoroughly enjoyed looking through all your pictures. Wish every school had something like this! Sinton, Texas Class of 1993 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Michael C. Dean City Georgtown, Texas RHS Class 1956 Date: 10/9 2003 Left after 8th grade. Just visited with Jerry Greer. He finally recognized me. Planning to get to the 2004 reunion. Had my gall bladder out for the 2002 reunion. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Deborah Gilbert Reed (Homepage) ClassYear: 1972 Date: Mon Oct 6 14:36:44 2003 Comment: This is really great!I did not graduate in Ranger but I lived there for many years and enjoy reading about others I knew.Thank's and Hello to all. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Norma Richardson Carnes (Homepage) ClassYear: 1955 Date: Thu Sep 11 11:30:33 2003 Comment: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Paula Clark (Homepage) ClassYear: 1971 Date: Thu Sep 4 13:01:46 2003 Comment: THIS IS GREAT!!!!To all who remember me I miss our Ol' Glory and our football games and the band,etc.. I'm in Alaska and it is soooo much different than RANGER!!! OR TEXAS!!!! I say "HELLO" to all of my ol' pals and wish you could come to AK. Thanks for this web site. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Mary Helen Kirkpatrick Short (Homepage) ClassYear: 1948 Date: Fri Jul 18 21:31:35 2003 Comment: information: Jeanette "Cookie" Kirkpatrick Cason was my one and only sister and surviving relative. And OH HOW I MISS HER! I hope all of you who read her memorial remember her with love. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Paula Roberts (Homepage) ClassYear: '44, '46 Date: Tue Jun 17 11:28:01 2003 Comment: My Mother was in the class of '46 and my Dad in '44. Gene Arnold Lyon and Johnie Ruth Eaves Lyon....just a little hello to those who may have been friends. The site is really nice and I enjoyed seeing my parents siblings here. Would love to hear from anyone about them as they have both passed away. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: rickey and denise martinez (Homepage) ClassYear: 1976 Date: Sat Jun 7 12:45:32 2003 Comment: we knew donna while at rhs.our feeling go out to the family .just got this email from the exes .we did know .thanks for the forwards information.a j ust we live in springtown ,tx .send email. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: William Cody Fox (Homepage) ClassYear: 1996 Date: Thu May 15 21:52:29 2003 Comment: On active duty in the U.S. Navy, working in Air Traffic Control. Served in The Persian Gulf 1998-2001, USS Abraham Lincoln, and now serving at Nas Lemoore, California Aug. 2001-Jan.2006. Married to a Seattle native: Keri Jane (Kavanaugh) Fox. New born little girl: Elle (Ellee) Katherine Fox. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Franklin P. "Tracy" Kribbs III (Homepage) ClassYear: Date: Wed Mar 5 02:53:21 2003 Comment: I came accross your site by accident. I'm glad I did. It has given me a chance to see the school and classmates of my Grandfather and Great Uncle. Thank you for the opportunity to see them "as they were". Grandson of Phillip Kribbs and Grand-nephew of Eugene Kribbs --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Phyllis Hale Richardson (Homepage) ClassYear: 1961 Date: Tue Dec 17 10:04:05 2002 Comment: What a pleasure...I've enjoyed seeing the pictures of the reunion and reading about everyone and about Ranger. I didn't graduate from RHS but have strong family ties in Ranger and try to "keep up". Would love to hear from some of you! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Robert Frasier (Homepage) ClassYear: 1943 Date: Wed Dec 11 08:10:55 2002 Comment: I wasn't able to make it to this year's reunion but my wife (Wanda) pulled it up for me and I felt like I was there in person. Everyone that worked on this, did a wonderful job. One to remember! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Don Carroll (Homepage) ClassYear: 1945 Date: Sat Oct 19 07:46:13 2002 Comment: Thanks guys for setting this up. It is a pleasure to look back and remember old times and old friends. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: T.L. Bush (Homepage) ClassYear: 1951 Date: Thu Oct 10 09:35:17 2002 Comment: Great work.Made the reunion for the first time this year and it was great to visit with friends that I haven't seen in over 50 years.Don't think I will miss another one as long as I am able to make the.Keep up the good work. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Debra Lemaster (Homepage) ClassYear: 1976 Date: Mon Aug 5 04:35:20 2002 Comment: Hi all of my friends from long ago. I now live in upstate New York with my husband of 24 years and our son who is 15 and a sophomore this year at Shaker High School go Blue Bisons. We have lived here for 15 years and love it here. The changing of the seasons are beautiful here.Hope to here from some of you in the near furture. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Joan Boyd Pulattie (Homepage) ClassYear: 1948 Date: Thu Jun 20 21:47:48 2002 Comment: Great site. Add Dick Evertt's name to deceased list. I live in Waco but still love Ranger. Buddy Eubank lives here and we visit some. I am a retired school teacher now.Have 2 children and 3 step children. Visit Juanita Briden sometimes. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Homer D. Smith (Homepage) ClassYear: 1938 Date: Thu May 16 01:43:08 2002 Comment: I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for all you have done and continue to do for all of us who were fortunate to grow up in Ranger. I find myself with tears in my eyes as I read what you have put on the web as well as the individual messages, like this one about Young School, which you send from time to time. To many of us who grew up in Ranger in the 30's, Ranger is our Mecca! God bless you for this effort on the part of all of us. Homer D. Smith, Jr., '38 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: William Ray Bratton (Homepage) ClassYear: 1954 Date: Tue Apr 23 13:09:42 2002 Comment: I was a member of the class of 1954. I remember Ranger as it was. Nothing in the world has changed more than Ranger, Tx. The 1950's were so memorable. I remember some of the characters that lived in Ranger. Some of them have no name in my memory, just their character. Looking forward to reunion 2002 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: William Woods (Homepage) ClassYear: 1970 Date: Sat Apr 6 07:40:25 2002 Comment: I am a 1970 graduate of Ranger High School and attended Tarleton State University and Texas A & M. I later did graduate work at the University of Utah and currently reside in Salt Lake City. I served from 1975-1978 on active duty as a commissioned officer in the US Army. Since leaving the service I have been in law enforcement in Texas and Utah while attending school ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Billy Fox (Homepage) ClassYear: 1972 Date: Tue Mar 26 22:25:51 2002 Comment: My name is Billy Fox . I graduated from Ranger High School in 1972. I have been teaching/coaching in DeLeon for 18 years. Before that I coached at RJC for 5 years and at TCU for 1 Year. I am married to Pam (Dorris) from Strawn . We have 2 children Brittany 15 and Zack 12. I also have two grown children Toni 24 and Cody 22. I tried to send this via our site but the schools bessy would not allow me to do so. Go get em Bulldogs Billy Fox ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: royce Dunson (Homepage) ClassYear: 1963 Date: Fri Mar 22 13:17:46 2002 Comment: I left Ranger in June 1963. It has been great to find this page and find old classmates. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Barbara Bray Mitchell (Homepage) ClassYear: 1958 Date: Tue Mar 12 20:37:05 2002 Comment: Hello, everybody. This is a great website. Write me, send pictures, tell me all about you. See you at the homecomings!!!!!!! Name: Dianna Mann Griffin Williams (Homepage) ClassYear: 1978 Date: Mon Mar 11 08:04:29 2002 Comment: Thank you so much for providing this site. I am so happy to find a site that provides information on classmates. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Kay King Tibbels (Homepage) ClassYear: 1958 Date: Tue Mar 5 03:45:24 2002 Comment: Thanks for doing this. It is so good to have the information you provide here. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Judy Craig DeVoll (Homepage) ClassYear: 1958 Date: Thu Feb 28 05:51:56 2002 Comment: I only lived two years in Ranger, but those years have produced some of my closest (still after all these years) friends. We're so enthusiastic about being together that we are planning a reunion this year AND next year during Homecoming. Thanks for sending along the information. I already communicate regularly with several people I knew in school -- and have heard from some I didn't really remember but enjoyed hearing from! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Sandy Halbrook Harper (Homepage) ClassYear: 1962 Date: Wed Feb 27 22:26:28 2002 Comment: It was only about 3 months ago that I found Classmates, and it has just gone crazy from there. l960, l961.l962, and l963 will have a class reunion Aug. 31, 2002, Holiday Inn in Bedford, TX.. It is going to be just great. If anyone has any questions please feel to either email me @ gsharper-1@msn.com or call 817 545 8881. I am so glad I grew up in a small town like Ranger. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Tommie Ann O'Neill (Homepage) ClassYear: 1995 Date: Wed Feb 20 04:17:37 2002 Comment: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Rhonda (Maxwell)Wentz (Homepage) ClassYear: 1975 Date: Tue Feb 19 09:05:48 2002 Comment: Thanks for send this page. I would have never know about it if you had not sent it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Phyllis (Williams) Olsen (Homepage) ClassYear: 1958 Date: Tue Feb 19 07:05:05 2002 Comment: Thank you for sending this website. Even though this site is dedicated to the deceased, I enjoyed reading about them. I have sent your website to other former Ranger people not listed on your mailing list. Again, thank you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: martha reed (knigt (Homepage) ClassYear: 1989 Date: Sun Feb 17 07:23:52 2002 Comment: class of 89 members feel free to email me -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Lilian (Ashcraft) Cozby (Homepage) ClassYear: 1945 Date: Mon Feb 11 21:20:31 2002 Comment: Thanks for the work you are doing with this web page. I was 'born, raised, and educated' in Ranger. Married to Warren Reynolds Cozby on January 20, 1946 in Ranger. We have 7 children, 13 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. We have lived in Waco, Texas for 40 years. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Wade Clifton (Homepage) ClassYear: Date: Sun Feb 10 07:21:02 2002 Comment: I knew CAROL MONTGOMERY LANIER and did not know of her passing. I found about it when in Balco, OK. Thank you for this site. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Meredith “Doak” Sides (Homepage) ClassYear: 1949 Date: Wed Feb 6 04:16:19 2002 Comment: Always good to hear or see anything about home, Ranger, TEXAS. Thanks Mac. Keep up the good work. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Maxine Landtroop Morris (Homepage) ClassYear: 1949 Date: Wed Feb 6 04:06:48 2002 Comment: Your new guestbookis great. I really enjoy looking for people I haven't seen or heard from in a long time. Just keep up the good work as I know that everyone appreciates all of your hard work. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: John L Smith Jr (Homepage) ClassYear: 1957 "Ducky" Date: Mon Jan 21 08:08:48 2002 Comment: Mac Jacoby, I appreciate your effort to get the old Guest Book under your Home Page. It's been a pleasure to talk with some of my old Ranger buddies. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Carol Sanders (Homepage) ClassYear: 58 Date: Sun Jan 20 06:58:54 2002 Comment: Hi Mac, The website looks terrific. Thanks for all your hard work and keeping us informed about things going on in Ranger and all our friends. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Jack Bob Waddington (Homepage) ClassYear: 1949 Date: Mon Jan 14 08:15:00 2002 Comment: Mac, You know I come here all the time. One of my favorite places. Almostlike going back to Ranger and RHS. I love finding someone from Ranger who has never been here before and hearing their comments afterwards. You do a great job. Thanks for all your hard work. I'll hope to see you at Homecoming or before. I hope more people who come here will be reminded to send more pictures and text on their classmates who are no longer with us. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Janice Smith Townzen (Homepage) ClassYear: 1964 Date: Sun Jan 13 08:21:26 2002 Comment: What a cool Website! It makes me smile to reflect on days gone by when things were much simpler, when everyone knew their neighbors adn had time to stop and visit, and when it did not matter what brand your jeans were. It is reminder to me to appreciate the happy, lazy days spent dreaming about going to the City and leaving Ranger in the rearview mirror, but especially to remember to be thankful for my friends and family. Janice Smith Townzen - Class of 1964 (wife of Terry Townzen -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Meredith “Doak” Sides (Homepage) ClassYear: 1949 Date: Wed Feb 6 04:16:19 2002 Comment: Always good to hear or see anything about home, Ranger, TEXAS. Thanks Mac. Keep up the good work. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Maxine Landtroop Morris (Homepage) ClassYear: 1949 Date: Wed Feb 6 04:06:48 2002 Comment: Your new guestbookis great. I really enjoy looking for people I haven't seen or heard from in a long time. Just keep up the good work as I know that everyone appreciates all of your hard work. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: John L Smith Jr (Homepage) ClassYear: 1957 "Ducky" Date: Mon Jan 21 08:08:48 2002 Comment: Mac Jacoby, I appreciate your effort to get the old Guest Book under your Home Page. It's been a pleasure to talk with some of my old Ranger buddies. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Judy (Craig) DeVoll 04/Jan/2002:21:43:05 I only attended RHS two years and graduated in 1958, but I am still in touch with many of my classmates either through email or personally and saw a number of them recently at a retirement party for Carole Sanders. Ranger is very special to me because of all those people and the fond memories that developed during my short tenure there. Thanks for the website. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- James F. (Frankie) L 04/Jan/2002:20:53:25 Class of 1957 joel jimenez 18/Dec/2001:09:15:28 Great web site. We should not ever forget where we came from . You are doing such a fine job in keeping all of us Bulldogs informed. Remember " NO STRANGERS IN RANGER ". Ever need me or my brothers,... Call my sister,CELIA, and she will get on our butts and we will get back with you PRONTO. Thanks. CLASS of "66" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Barbara Cooper (Rush Barbara 23/Aug/2001:23:58:48 Thanks for this great service to us all! Carol Getts Belding 09/Aug/2001:04:58:19 Thank you Mac for the service you render to all of us. I attended Young School and Ranger High School from 1945 to 1957. Would love to hear from any from the Class of '57. Some of you may remember me as the blond that worked in the school library under the watchful eye of Mrs. Owens. Enjoyed those Study Hall times. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dena Roy Crawley Cor 16/Jul/2001:05:35:45 Kenneth E. Falls, Jr 10/Jul/2001:05:29:33 found this site by accident, enjoyed looking through the names of the people listed Ken -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- John L Smith Jr Lan 22/Jun/2001:08:14:19 I just recently got connected to the internet and found this site my brother Tommy told me about. I am from the class of 1957. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Evangeline Brewer 02/May/2001:06:41:46 The Memorial Dedication pictures are excellent. I enjoyed viewing them. I also thought the Memorial Dedication program was well-planned and was a thoughtful way of remembering deceased classmates. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bobby Lee Clark Jr 21/Apr/2001:09:17:01 What a great website! I am glad I found ya'll. My oldest sister was Patsy Stokes. She married Emery Ford Jr. from Ranger Hill. My big brother was John Stokes. He played football in Ranger in 1966-68 (I think). They are all deceased now. My mother graduated from Ranger High School in 1947. You have made a great memorial to her on the website with her graduation photo. What a surprise! Thank you. I remember many of your names. You may remember me as Lee. I went to Hodges Oak Park Elementary. Young Elementary, and Ranger High School. I remember Randy Jacoby, we played on the same baseball team. I remember Dana Moore, she was in my sixth grade class at Young. e:mail me if you like, I would like to hear from ya'll. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jennifer (Koerner) S RHS Class of 1991 14/Apr/2001:11:27:13 Thank you so much for this site! You have done such a wonderful job, and thanks for the link to our site. I know it is such hard work keeping up with everything, and even us young'uns appreciate all that you do. Keep up the good work!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JOHNNY FERRELL 29/Mar/2001:23:11:55 Mac, you've really done a great job with this site! I have been sitting here almost three hours pondering over the kids I remember and should remember, both alive and gone. Frank Miller was my best friend in school in Ranger. I left ranger in 1954 and moved to Odessa where I graduated High School in 1960. Keep up the good work. You'ved got a real talent, as if noone knew that. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bettye Ewing Cross 06/Mar/2001:03:26:22 This has been great reading thru Ranger Exes two websites, and the pictures were fun to try to guess who they were before looking at names...I wasn't very good at it. Thanks to school friend, Babs Long Baker, I found your page. Enjoyed every minute you've put into this site. Thanks from two exes, Bettye Ewing Cross -&- Sue Ewing Cook, class of '53. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Danna Moore Dardis 01/Mar/2001:10:59:25 Class of 73', Randy Jacoby got in touch with me today thru a classmates site we both registered to, and told me about this site !! Very well done, found out alot of people had passed on I didn't know about, and nice to know some of us are still around !! Would love to hear from anyone from Ranger......My grandparents were Bill and Dorothy Christmas.....Billy Dan and Billie were my parents, Billy Dan died in 1990, Billie in 1999. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cathy Clary 12/Feb/2001:13:30:01 I just read the tribute to my mother, Linda Drennan Yarbrough, class of 1960. I had no idea this page existed until tonight. She was a wonderful woman. Thanks for such a nice page. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- sarah cooper collins 11/Feb/2001:01:52:14 Thank you for having this site. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Barbara Crabb Delany 05/Feb/2001:00:26:23 To my dear classmate of RHS 1960: YOU are doing a WONDERFUL job! Keep it up! Your friend, Barbara -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mike Herrington 24/Jan/2001:11:02:48 Mac,you are doing such a wonderful job with this web site. It makes me feel good, not sad, to remember all of this special people. You may certainly tell any- and everyone that we are related through C.C.Blair, founder of the first settlement in Eastland County. Heck, anybody would be happy to call you family! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Annabeth Deffebach S 20/Dec/2000:05:24:12 Just discovered this great website as a result of reading the latest Ranger Exes Newsletter. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I would appreciate your adding a little more to my mother's obituary: Rose McEver Deffebach taught English at Hodges Oak Park, Young Elementary, and Ranger Jr. High for many years. She was extremely active in the Ranger(and later the Snyder (TX), Harlingen (TX), and Satellite Beach, FL Methodist Church Women's Groups, Delta Kappa Gamma (Teachers Fraternity), and Eastern Star. Her sister was Anna McEver ("Miss Mac") who taught business at Ranger High and Ranger Jr. College for many years and is buried in Strawn. Her sister-in-law, Edwina Deffebach, taught Home Economics and now lives in Granbury. Therefore, I had relatives teaching on each floor of the high school at one time and found it hard to get away with anything! My dad, Vernon Deffebach, passed away while we were living in Dallas in 1982. After we moved to Florida, mother came to live with us and remained active in the Meth -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Frankie Vinson Legge 07/Dec/2000:03:12:04 I think you are Doing a great job. I would like to have my mother's name put on your list, LaVerne Keener Vinson. She loved Ranger very much. She passed february 2.2000. Thanks, Frankie Class of 62 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- L.H. Pounds 07/Oct/2000:19:40:47 It's great to see comments from people we haven't heard from in many years. I'm sorry I didn't make the Homecoming this year but had a previous committment. Good job Mac! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- joellen hodge 25/Sep/2000:15:59:33 would like to have the names of romelia zarate and jody rose added to the list of those who passed away. romelia graduated in 76, and jody was also of the same class...... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Patsy (Pat) Graham S 02/Sep/2000:07:33:01 This is marvelous; like walking down the halls of RHS--bobby socks and loafers,pep rallies, band and football, going to King's Cafe for lunch and eating waffle fries, dragging Main, going to the Pig or the Dairy Queen. What a fun site! I having been smiling ever since I did the "view guestbook". Mac, great job and wonderful way for everyone to close the distance and say "Hi" again. See you all at Reunion 2000. :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kathy Rogers Bowen 13/Aug/2000:19:27:34 I was in the class or 1960 but moved to El Paso the summer before our Junior year. I plan to be at the 2000 reunion and hope as many of our class mates as possible will be there. This was a great idea Mac. I'm looking forward to seeing you and everyone else in September. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sandra Saint Lockwoo 29/Jul/2000:10:13:14 great place would love to here more from class RHS 66 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Robbye Scoggins Full 26/Jul/2000:01:11:39 What a great way to help get old friends in touch! Thanks for what you do! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Harold D. Kimmel 22/Jul/2000:02:56:19 I graduated from RHS in 1950 and have been back only 3 or 4 times mostly to attend family funerals. I just heard about the 50th reunion today and am happy to say that if the good Lord is willing my wife and I will be there. Harold Kimmel -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Patrick collins 13/Jun/2000:08:33:45 This is a greay site.I was wondering if you could put my brothers name in the memorial,Brad Collins he died in 1990.Thanks -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Linda Kay White Mill Hirschi Realtors 07/Jun/2000:02:24:03 Mac, what a great job you have done creating this site. I am as interested in my 3 brothers' (Charles, Gene, -&- Donnie) classmates as I am in mine! I wonder if other small towns have the same "bond" as we have in Ranger? Thank you for all your efforts. Linda Kay -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Harold -&- Ella Joy (F 26/May/2000:00:08:26 This is so great. We got to see who will not be joining us at the next reunion, and found out about those that we had wondered about. Keep it up. Harold and Ella Joy (Ferris) Brewer -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carol Sanders ANIMAL ANGELS 25/May/2000:19:23:10 Hey Mac, Great job. Thanks for all your hard work and give Nancy a hug for me -&- I hope to see you all at homecoming in 2000. Carol -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Royce Wayne Boone 18/Apr/2000:09:58:51 RHS Class of '65 Thanks for the memories. It was a special time and a special place with special people. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mike Dean 14/Apr/2000:03:16:21 Just noticed that my last name was cut off on my guestbook signing of 16 December. Class of 1956, moved to Athens Texas in 1952. Visited a lot during my High School years, but it not the same as being there. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sue Carroll Wiggins 12/Apr/2000:04:29:38 I gratuated from Ranger High School in 1954. We won state in football that year and that was one of the best years of my life. Some of the players were Tommy Hinds,Chico Mendoza,Bobby Justice,Charles Massagee,Billy Browning,and Eddy Wallace to name a few.Some of the girls I ran with were Mary Ann Wallace,Jenna Hatton,Peggy Dooley, and Virgie Boatman. I was the editor of the year book and that was a great experience. I will enjoy coming to this guestbook very often. I am married to Don Wiggins and we live in Granbury, Texas. Would enjoy hearing from anyone from those years in Ranger. Sincerely, Sue Carroll Wiggins -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Len -&- Carla Holmes 10/Apr/2000:19:32:54 My father Robert "Bob" Galloway, receives the Ranger Exes. I am not sure what year he graduated, he is 76 yrs. old. He left Range in 1995, to be near his children in East Texas. I would like all of his lifelong friends to know that he and his wife Ann, are in a nursing home in Gladewater, TX. His spirits are good and I know he would love to hear from old friends. Robert "Bob" Galloway C/O Gladewater Nursing Home P. O. Box 1192 Gladewater, TX 75647 Thanks for your time. Len -&- Carla Holmes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Patrick Campbell 09/Apr/2000:10:03:03 Excellent site-Class of 1971 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Barbara (Bray) Mitch 09/Apr/2000:06:57:36 Hi, everybody. Just accidentally found this site. I'm living in Ohio now. It's hard for a Texas gal to live in the North! Hopefully someone will write me. I keep in contact with a whole group of ladies who graduated with me. In fact, 6 of us met in Ft. Worth last year for a little visit. Ranger in the 50's and 60's was a magical place. Safe and happy. Do you remember? Write me! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Richard Hill 08/Apr/2000:07:51:05 class of 65 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Billy W. Griffin 07/Apr/2000:04:56:12 Class of 46,enjoyed the net. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jennifer Weeks 06/Apr/2000:19:45:09 Class of '95 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Richard Hill 06/Apr/2000:09:17:29 class of 65 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tommy Brashier 13/Mar/2000:09:35:15 Linda Kay White Miller and Robbye Scoggins Fullen are planning a reunion for the class of 1967 (and probably any class near that) for the weekend of June 9th -&- 10th in Fort Worth. I think it is going to be at the Ramada Inn downtown. If you are interested, please contact me and I'll forward the information. . . Mac, thanks for maintaining this board. I don't get a Ranger paper anymore so this keeps me up with the obits from Ranger. Great job. .. . --Tommy. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Donnie Carroll 12/Mar/2000:23:58:27 I grauated in the 1945 class.I worked for Southwestern Bell 38 years and retired in 1989 and now live in Granbury.I would like to hear from any one from that class or that I ran around with. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cassandra (Holt) Hud 03/Mar/2000:20:41:12 Ranger High school, 93-94
Debby Jacoby Price 29/Feb/2000:21:55:34 Daughter of Mellenger Jacoby, class of 1936. Thanks Mac for all your time and work keeping us all informed, love ya! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mellenger Jacoby 27/Feb/2000:03:45:17 An excellent job and very professionally done. Thanks for the gift and your labor of Love. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jerry Don Davis 15/Feb/2000:11:57:12 Would love to hear from any of the 1987 class. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Donnie Carroll 09/Feb/2000:22:31:05 wanted to thank you guys for setting this up .I was in the 1945 class and would like to hear from any one in that class. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fredda Lamb Jolley 07/Feb/2000:09:01:18 Class of 1963. Would love to hear from any and all of you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dana (Dixon) Stepher 03/Feb/2000:09:11:52 RHS Class of 1980. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Patty (Little) Fitzg 25/Jan/2000:09:45:24 Ranger High School -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maxine Morris 25/Jan/2000:04:18:18 RHS Class of 1949. Just keep up the good work. It all looks so as you have put in a lot of time and effort. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meredith “Doak” Side 23/Jan/2000:08:47:49 RHS Class of 1949. Thanks for the work in putting this together. Understand that there are suppose to be pictures. How do I access that? Keep up the good work. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jack Waddington 23/Jan/2000:04:07:21 Class of 1949. Terrific pages, Mac. Thanks for your dedicated work. Douglas (classmate) and Clara Mae Jacoby were friends of mine. Keep up the good work. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Babs Long Baker 20/Jan/2000:05:23:17 Ranger High School, 1953 Thank you for this web site. It is a sad/sweet experience--sad to know so many are gone, but the memories are sweet. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jeanine Monroe Grizz 07/Jan/2000:11:17:04 Mr. Jacoby, Thanks for creating this site! It brings back many memories. I was a member of the class of 1970. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tommy Brashier 17/Dec/1999:09:31:34 Ranger High School, Ranger, Texas. Class of 1967 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Michael (Mike) C. Dean 16/Dec/1999:23:45:05 I was in the class of 1956, but I moved to Athens Texas in 1952. My best friends were John Hagaman, Jerry Greer, John Wylie, and Lee King. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jerry Beckham 15/Dec/1999:03:32:20 John Bray, class of 1933,was my high school football coach at Brewer High School in White Settlement, Texas. He was my coach from 1952 thru 1954. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Eva Greco 03/Dec/1999:01:31:12 Lubbock High School 1984 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Michele Foust 15/Nov/1999:06:27:06 Class of 1988 - Allen High School -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mac A. Jacoby Ranger Exes Memorial 14/Nov/1999:06:32:14 Class of 1960 - Ranger High School -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: This GuestBook contains information posted by users of the Ranger Exes Memorial. This Web site is not responsible for any content and has the right to refuse or remove any content that is not appropriate.