Ranger Exes Memorial - Eastland County-TX Wedding Book

Lists of those who married from the same school in Eastland County except for Ranger. These marriages occurred at one time but may not be true now. Some couples listed could be deceased. Sorted by last name of husband. Updated: 07.12.2022 Name School-Class <> Name School-Class Buster Bartee EHS-2004 Jessica Elmore EHS-2004...m. in 2010 Jeremy Baxter CHS Nikki Thiberville CHS ...m. in 2011 Wayne Brock EHS-1943 Marie Hart EHS-1943...both deceased Justin Carroll CHS-2000 Alissa Winnett CHS-2002...married in 2004 Tyler Clement CHS-2013 Amanda Briley CHS-2013 Robert Culverhouse EHS-2003 Tessa Winters EHS-2004...married in 2008 Adam Davidson EHS-2003 Whitney Truran EHS-2005...m. in 2010 Graham Grace CHS Bekah Nicks CHS ...m. in 2012 Bryce Gosnell EHS-2010 Lindsey Brown EHS-2009...m. in 2011 James Hallmark EHS-1995 Lindsay Simpson EHS-2007...m. in 2010 Thomas Hardin RSHS-1960 Elaine Seale RSHS-1960...he is deceased Curtis Harris EHS-2003 Jenna Simmel EHS-2007...m. in 2009 Brent L. Holley EHS-2004 Jaimie Pendley EHS-2006...m. in 2010 Daniel Jackson EHS-2005 Sierra Williams EHS-2007 Jared Johnson EHS-2002 Laine Wheat EHS-2004 Matthew Kanady EHS-1999 Candice Doyle EHS-2001 Aaron Livingston EHS-2001 Courtney Bates EHS-2003...m. in 2010 Beau Mulholland EHS-2001 Jamie Smith EHS-2000 Jarrid Porter EHS-2000 Rainey Brown EHS-2002 Joshua Rener CHS-2000 Sarah Wright CHS-2001...m. in 2006 Chad Rogers EHS-1995 Allison Mabry EHS-2000...m. in 2013 Joey Sattarphai EHS-1998 Briona Eudy EHS-2002...m. in 2011 Kyle Smith EHS-2003 Rebecca Caldwell EHS-2003 Vance Smith EHS-2006 Crystal Ivie EHS-2006 Joshua St. Peter EHS Raena Shephard EHS ...m. in 2013 Chad Stewart EHS-2006 Susan Oliver EHS-2005 Tyson Swanner GHS-2009 Jaime Johnston GHS-2011 Jason Tiner CHS- Darla Koger CHS- ...m. in 2008 Andrew Tipton CHS-2003 Kimberly Yoch CHS-2004...m. in 2004 Justin Toler CHS-2002 Cody Newport CHS-2002...m. in 2012 Harry Warren CHS-1954 Janie Walker CHS-1954...m. 62 yrs, both decd Jeremiah Weber EHS-2000 Jayce Batteas EHS-2000 Blake Wilson EHS-2004 Vanessa Collins EHS-2006...m. in 2008