Dallas Works Memorial - Salute the Veterans

Veterans who worked at the Dallas Works Updated 07.12.2023 A Wayne Ray Abernathy (decd) - US Navy 1961-1965, USS Yorktown Bob Adams (decdB Ross Barajas - NA Don Bates, Sr. - (decd) - USAF, 1950-54, Korea Don Baxter (decd) - USAF Edward Bentley II - US Navy veteran Mike Blades (decd - US Army Tommy Bond (decd) - US Marines and US Army Andy Boyd - USAF 1961-65 Larry Browder (decd) - US Army, Korea, stationed in Germany Don A. Brown (decd) - US Navy, USS Saratoga Richard Buford - NA Jimmie Burchett (decd) - US Army from 1947-1950 Joe Byrne (decd) - Korea C Dr. Charles Cain (decd) - US Navy, technician & corpsman, Korea Dustin Carpenter, Jr. (decd) - USAF John Case - US Army Security Agency from 1974-1977 Cliff Casey (decd) - US Army, Vietnam Rich J. Casey - USAF, Vietnam Bill Clements (decd) - US Marines Walter Clemments (decd) - US Navy (4 yrs), USAF (16 yrs), Korean War Emmit Conn - US Navy (1965-1969) Elmer Constien (decd - US Army Richard Crane (decd) - US Coast Guard, Search & Rescue (SAR) Jerry Currin - US Navy D Ted Dailey - NA Ken Daugherty - US Navy Tommy Dennis - NA Charles A. Denson (decd) - US Navy, WWII, Korea Donald Dobson (decd) - USAF, Lieutenant Col., 24 yrs. service Charley Dorsey - USAF Merkle Draughn - US Army, Vietnam Ray Dunaway - USAF E Kenrick Easley - US Navy Bob Ewald (decd) - USAF James "Jim" R. Elliott - NA Paul Estes - US Navy F Tim Fellows - US Army Reserves (1980-1987) then Regular Army (1987-1991), served in Desert Shield/Desert Storm during the Persian Gulf War (1990- 1991), took a 4 year military leave of absence from Dallas Works from 1987-1991. After my enlistment I returned to Dallas Works & continued my job as a Level III Manufacturing Technician in the DC/DC & Genesis shops. In 1994, I moved from manufacturing to engineering (Bell Labs) but continued close relations with manufacturing shops until Jan. 2001. Don Filter (decd - US Navy Don Fore (decd) - US Army, Korea Steve Foster - NA Ed Fox (decd) - US Army, Korea, received the Silver Star, Bronze Star and the Distinguished Medal of Valor. Al Freddie - USAF (1955-1969), Texas Air Guard (1975-1985), retired USAF G John Gerstung - US Navy Jerry Giles (decd) - US Marines, 13 mos. in Vietnam, Captain Phillip Golston - US Army, SFC Sergeant First Class, 24 yrs. of Reserve Service Dan Gomez (decd) - US Navy Lionel Griffin - NA H James L. Hamilton (decd) - US Army Reserves Harold Handke (decd) - USAF, Vietnam Chuck Hanson (decd) - USAF, Vietnam Ray Harrelson - USAF 1966-1970 Bill Hart - US Army (1966-1968), Vietnam 1967 Chris Hart (decd) - US Marines, Vietnam Haskell Hay (decd) Jerry Hill - US Army Robert S. Hillgartner (decd) - US Army, Italy Billy Hobbs (decd) - US Marines, Korea Michael Holden - USAF Lawrence E. Hooker (decd) - US Navy, Korea Darrell Hoyle - graduated from West Point & was commissioned in the US Army as an Armor Officer in 1974, served in Germany and Ft. Knox in the Armor Branch, left active duty in 1979 with the rank of Captain and was in the reserves until 1984 I Charles Ingold, Sr. (decd) - US Army, Vietnam Gary Lee Israelson (decd) - US Army J Rebel Jenkins - NA Ted Jeter - US Army, 1st BN ABN 506th Inf., 101st Airborne Division 1965-1967 Harry H. Johnson (decd) - USAF (1972-77), US Army Reserves William L. Jordan (decd - US Army, Vietnam K Keith Kelley - currently on military leave from Tyco Electronics, stationed in Iraq Lee Roy Key (decd) - US Army, Vietnam, 3 Bronze Stars Richard Kirchmeyer (decd) - WWII Gary Knoll - US Navy, Vietnam L Louis Langford - US Navy 1969-1978, 8 submarine patrols on the USS George Bancroft, MT1(SS) James Lawrence (decd - US Army Corps Rebecca Lemons - NA Michael J. Lenington - USAF 1966-1970 John F. Lents (decd) - US Navy, retired in 1968 Herbert W. Lowe - US Navy, Korea M Bud Mahagan (decd) - US Army Air Corps, WWII David P. Martin - US Navy 1969-1974, Vietnam Era Vet, Rate/Rank: Interior Communications Tech/First Class Petty Officer (E6) Ron McCauley (decd) - US Army John McDermott, Jr. (decd) - USAF Danny McDonald - US Coast Guard, 1968-70 William McKeley (decd) - US Navy, WWII Kenneth McPherson - US Army (1966-68) John R. Meszar (decd) - US Army Allan Mills (decd) - USAF, Korea Billy Joe Mince (decd) - US Naval Reserves Alvin Minstrea (decd) - Texas National Guard Ray Mitchell (decd) - US Army Steve Moon - US Marines Leroy Moore (decd) - US Army Air Corps, Korean Conflict, Altus AFB in OK Rick Morrison - US Army & Texas National Guard, retired after 24 years as Deputy Provost Marshal 49th Armored Division Bob Morton - NA Gene Mowery - US Marines, Korea N Dale Nessman (decd) - Korea O Jim O'Connell (decd) - USAF, US Navy Reserves Gary Odom - US Marines, Vietnam Gary Oliver - NA Sam Ortiz (decd) - US Army during Vietnam War P David Paz (decd) - USAF, Staff Sergeant Brad Penn - USAF, Vietnam Albert A. Phillips - USAF (1962-70), Vietnam Jack Pines - US Navy, four yrs. Randy Pixler - USAF Harry Ploehn (decd) - US Navy, US Coast Guard Reserve Q John Quinlan (decd) - US Army 1953-55 R Ray A. Ramsey - Korea, Vietnam (twice) Willie James Reese (decd) Tommy Reeves (decd) - USAF Rey Ruiz - US Army, 1968-1971, Headquarters Korat Thailand Leroy Rippy (decd) - US Army, Military Police, Korea Chris Roberts (decd) - US Navy, 1938-1945, WWII Jesse Robinson (decd) - Command Sergeant Major Armando Rodriguez, Jr. (decd) - US Marine Corp Terry Rollison - USAF, Vietnam veteran Dave Rostochil - US Army, Vietnam 1965 to 1967 Adolfo Ruiz (decd) - USAF, Korea S Duane Sadler (decd) - USAF, 22 years of service Ernie Salinas - US Army, 1969-1973 John Schenck (decd) - US Coast Guard Fred Scott - USS Navarro ( Apa 215) 1959-63 Roy Scott (decd) - US Army, Vietnam Michael J. Self - US Army Joan Sexton - NA Albert Smith (decd) - US Army Richard Smith (decd) - US Army, Sargent, 101st Airborne Division Roger Stahl (decd) - NA J.C. Stewart (decd) - USAF Everett Stigall (decd) - US Navy Air Corp, WWII Sylvia Malone Stone - Women's Army Auxiliary Corp, WWII Chuck Strawn - USMC, Vietnam Charles Strwan (decd) - US Marines, Vietnam Harold Stuit (decd) - US Army, WWII, Sergeant T Kenneth E. Teeter (decd) - US Army, 1969-1971, Korea & Germany Gerald True - US Navy (1963-69), Machinist mate 1st.class Kenneth C. Turner (decd) - USAF (1963-1967) U Jim Underwood - NA W Bobby Ward - NA Gerald White (decd) - USAF Richard "Dick" White (decd) - USAF, England Robert V. White - USAF (1973-1976) , AFSC 30450, Radio Relay Equipment Repairman, main duty station was with the 3rd Mobile Communications Group (renamed the 3rd Combat Communications Group in 1976) at Tinker AFB outside Oklahoma City Wayne Willis (decd) - US Marines Paul Wilson (decd) - USAF 1955-1959, Korea Aurelius Wiora (decd - US Army, 1st Calvary Don Woods (decd) - US Navy Hamp Wynn - US Navy (1967-1971) Y Rich A. Yonick (decd) - US Army Barney Younce - USAF (1976-1980) Tom Younger (decd) - National Guard Note: This list is not complete. If you are not listed and was a veteran who worked at the Dallas Works, send in your name & service by using Contact.