Dallas Works Memorial - Photo Album The AT&T Years - Page 10

dwpic086 Mac Jacoby - Q.A.

dwpic087 Partner in Excellence award given by OKC Works Andy Guarriello, Fred Prewitt, Ruth Sotak, Don Nelson, Barry Ratcliffe, Barney Younce, Karen Mortazavi, & Dave Rostochil

dwpic088 Deming Celebration in 1994

dwpic089 Quality Fest Parade in 1991

dwpic090 Quality Training Trip to N.J. in 1987

dwpic113 Judy Cavender & Don (Bebo) Jones in 1991

dwpic114 Open House Tour in 1988 Brenda Hanley & Judy Cavender

dwpic115 Donna & Grady Johnston in 2000