Dallas Works Memorial - Photo Album The AT&T Years - Page 6

dwpic046 Easter Egg Hunt workers in 1992

dwpic047 1992 QI Story (Radial Raiders): Glena Dozier, Pat McCasey, Gwen Simmons, Shari Watts, & Bobby Nix

dwpic048 Blood Club Members: Annie Willis, Rochelle Sholar, Debbie Scott, Ted Dailey, Myra Brooks, Angelina Gonzalez, Wanda Lewis, & Betty Harris

dwpic049 Dallas Material & Commodity Team in 1992

dwpic050 World Class celebration in 1992

dwpic051 Tier Appreciation Day in 1993 - Quality Assurance group with Andy Guarriello Pictured: Ray Dunaway, C.W. Hartman, Tommy Dennis, Mac Jacoby, Brenda Bryant, Bill Metzger, Rich Yonick, Avon Herron, David Stuart, Judy Green, Peggy Jenkins, Pat Costner, Ruth Portalatin, Steve Sepan

dwpic052 QI Story in 1993 - The Planet Protectors

dwpic053 QI Story in 1993 - The Paper Clippers