Ranger Exes Memorial - Ranger schools Cooper School

Cooper School During the oil boom and by 1925, Cooper School was built on the southeast side of Ranger. The design of Cooper School was the same as Young School. It served this part of the community well but as the oil activity declined, so did the population and enrollment. Cooper was the second school built during this time to close. It remained vacant for a number of years until Ranger Jr. College started using it to house their administrative offices as well as classrooms in 1948. After serving Ranger College for many years, it was torn down. Cooper School in 1920 Cooper School in 1920 Cooper School being built Cooper School being built Cooper School Cooper School (5th grade) early 1940s Back Row: Billie Lawson, Raymond Nail, Homer Mathis, Doris Mitchell, Helen -, _?_ Second Row: Doyle Alexander, Bill Smith, Dan Bynum, _?_, J.R. Hunt, Nell Weeks, R.V. Cole, Fanny Robinson, - Edwards, M. Wilson First Row: Ernest Hood, Russell Quinn, Betty Rossell, - Rex, Adel Brimberry, Betty Weeks, Nina -, Maydell Mace, Lois -, Mildred -, Dorothy Ferris Cooper School Cooper School - 5th grade Morris Jeffries was the 5th grade teacher The 9 girls wearing choral club dresses. Miss Doris Mitchell was the Choral Club Teacher. The dresses are checks with white collars. First row - Alvin Johnson, Leona Perrin, Geneva Dodd, Melba Brimberry, Doris Mathena, ?, Joe Don Meroney, ? Louis Pitcock*, Lonnel Ervin*, ?, George Gray Wilkes, Jr., James Cox (1/2 of picture) 2nd row - ?, hands over face, Joe Bob Pound, Thomas Kimbrough, Earl Webb, Beryl Webb, ?, 3rd row - ?, ?, Orene Hill*, ?, ?, ?, ? 4th row - ?, ?, Mashia Williams, ?, ?, ? Cooper School Cooper School (could be RHS Class of 1933) Top Row: 1st girl on left with white hair - Christine Baker Cooper School Cooper School Pep Squad at Cooper School in 1935 Pep Squad at Cooper School in 1935 Squad had white dresses with red capes & sailor caps which were not worn for the picture. Group pic include Miss McEver (sponsor), Mr. Henry Leroy Baskin (Principal), Genie Lowe Bartrug, Frances Johnson, Mary Claud Blacklock, Dorothy Helen Mathena, Stella Vee Dodd, Mary Helen Childs, Doris Mae Mathena, Fern Allen Meroney, & Retha Jones. RHS-1939 Cooper School RHS-1941 Cooper School