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1981/82 RHS Cheerleaders 1981/82 RHS Cheerleaders: Susan Williams, Nanette Patton, Becky Gailey, Brenda Eddleman, Rachael Marusak, & Cindy Stringer

1993/94 RHS Cheerleaders 1993/94 RHS Cheerleaders: Lauren Erwin, Michelle Perkins, Leanne Connell, Kathy Jameson, Keisha Poellnitz, Kim Underwood, Shay Hudson, & Tiffany Martinez

1996/97 RHS Cheerleaders 1996/97 RHS Cheerleaders: Norma Medina, Honey Waddle, Lori Dempsey, Lauren Erwin, Jennifer Blackwell, Shay Hudson, Jessica Davis, Tiffany Martinez & Mandi Hernandez (mascot)

1998/99 RHS Cheerleaders 1998/99 RHS Cheerleaders: Miranda Speer, Jessica Rodriguez (mascot), Leah Herod, Kari Clifton, Lara Ashcraft, Norma Medina, Amy Erwin, Holly Scott, & Heather Scott

1999/2000 RHS Cheerleaders 1999/2000 RHS Cheerleaders: Norma Medina, Joanna Fonville, (mascot), Lara Ashcraft, Holly Scott, Kari Clifton, Heather Scott, Leah Herod, Kakki Dobbs, & Amy Erwin

Former RHS Cheerleaders Former RHS Cheerleaders (Homecoming 1976): Juanita (Kimbrough) Warden, Jean Crawley) Milliken, Ella (Hamilton) Russell, Mary J. (Dreinhofer) Van De Putte, Ollie (Bryan) Massey, Mattie Ben (Shipp) Simmon, Polly (Seymour) Blackwell, Pat (Wheat) Herrington.


Bulldogs Bulldogs It's Time To Score Add Up The Points And Close The Door Buckle Those Knees And Hike That Ball Score And Kick Without A Call Yes But jam it to jell We've got to yell For good ole Ranger Or bust! Chick-a-lock-a, chick-a -lock-a Chow, chow, chow. Boom-a-lock-a, boom-a-lock-a Bow, wow, wow. Siss-boom, siss-boom Siss-boom bow. Ranger Bulldogs Bow, wow, wow. Chicka a Locka....Chick a Locka.....Chow.. Chow...Chow Boom a Locka..Boom a Locka...Bow...Wow...Wow. SSSSSSSSSSS Boom,SSSSSSSS Boom SSSSSSSSSS Boom Bah Ranger Bulldogs.....Rah...Rah...Rah... Dr. Pepper -- Ginger Ale - We have a team - that can fight like (sing) -- "Hail, Hail the gangs all here". End center tackle guard Pick your man and hit him hard! Hit him high Hit him low Yea Bulldogs Let's go! Give me an R. Give me an A. Give me an N. Give me a G. Give me an E. Give me another R. Yea........ Ranger. Go team go!! Go Bulldogs go! Fight Bulldogs fight! Win Bulldogs win! Go! Fight! Win! GO! FIGHT! WIN! Hit em high, Hit em low Yea team, let's go On you Bulldogs, On you Bulldogs, Fight right through that line, Ever onward, ever forward, We'll get there or ?????? Maroon & white fight Maroon & white fight Maroon fight White fight Fight fight fight! Maroon and white is our colors Bulldogs is our name Fighting is the reason We are going to win this game. Maroon, White, Maroon, White, Fight Push 'em back Push 'em back Way Back....... R-R-RANGER R R RAN G G GER R A N G E R Ranger Ranger Ranger (usually repeat all 3 times) R-R-Ran G-G-Ger R-A-N G-E-R Ranger Fighting Bulldogs! Wooooo!!! Rah, Rah Ree, Hit’m in the knee, Rah, Rah, Rass, Hit’m in the other knee Ranger Bulldogs, Rah! Rah! Rah! Rigga Digga! Rigga Digga! Rigga Digga Boom! Rigga Digga! Rigga Digga! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom-a Lacka, Boom-a Lacka, Zip Boom Bah Sittin in the grandstand Beatin on a tin-can Who can, we can, nobody else can! SONG: Hail to the bulldogs, hats off to you Ever you'll find us Loyal and true Firm and undaunted Ever we'll be Hail to the school we love Here's a toast to thee. Strawberry shortcake, banana split. We think your team play like-- Shift to left, shift to the right, Stand up, Sit down, fight fight fight! Woooooo!!! Sure we can take it! We can Alabama shake it. We can boogie to the left- We can boogie to the right- We can boogie to the center with a Yea Team Fight! RICKETY RACKETY RUSS Rickety rackety russ We're not allowed to cuss! T E A M T E A M Yea Team T E A M Yea Team T E A M Yea Team Let's go! 2 Bits, 4 Bits, 6 Bits a dollar All for the Bulldogs Stand up and holler! (earlier years may have included: "that'll cost you 6 bits".) Up and down Our team don't mess around Cause we are the best from the east to the west And when our team is up your down Victory victory is our cry! V I C T O R Y Are we in it? Well I guess Ranger Bulldogs Yes Yes Yes V-I-C-T-O-R-Y Is the Bulldog Battle Cry Victory, Victory is our cry, V I C T O R Y Are we in it?, Well, I guess We're the team from RHS Victory, Victory Is Our Cry V I C T O R Y Are We With It? Well Yes Ranger Bulldogs Are The Best YES We’re the champs, We’re the champs, We’re the C-H-A-M-P-S We’re the best, we’re the best, We’re the B-E-S-T – best! Bulldogs are the BEST! Yes! WE'RE FROM RANGER We're from Ranger Couldn't be prouder If you can't hear us, we'll yell a little louder! (3 times - soft, medium and LOUD!) We're gonna fight with all our might we're gonna win this game tonight we're gonna beat (clap, clap, clap, clap) the lions (clap, clap, clap,clap) beat (clap, clap, clap, clap) the lions, etc What's the matter, can't you take it? Can't you Alabama shake it? Can't you boogie to the left? Can't you boogie to the right? When you’re up you’re up When you’re down you’re down When you’re up against Ranger, You’re upside down! Who are the Bulldogs? We are the Bulldogs! What kind of Bulldogs? Fighting Bulldogs! Ranger Fighting Bulldogs! Wooooo!!! YEA MAROON! Yeaaaaaaa Maroon (clap clap) Yeaaaaaaa White (clap clap) Yeaaaaaaa Bulldogs (clap clap) Let's go! Yea..... team fight! Yea..... team fight! Yea..... Bulldogs! Fight, fight, fight! Yea..... Maroon!!! Yea.....White. Yea..... Bulldogs, Fight, fight, fight. Yea..... Maroon!!! Yea.....White. Yea..... Bulldogs, Fight, fight, fight.