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On Saturday, June 29, 2002, The RHS Exes Metroplex Chapter enjoyed their annual Ice Cream Picnic at the country home of Jo and Bill Hardin (class of 1943). Lunch al fresco on the Hardin's lawn and under plentiful shade trees was followed by home-made ice cream and assorted pies, cakes, cookies and fruit. The skies threatened and an occasional summer breeze sent potato chips aloft but a wonderful afternoon was had by all and Bill Hardin gave us a peek at his beautifully restored 1965 Mustang. The below photographs were taken by Covis Crawley (class of 1935) at the RHS Exes Metroplex Chapter luncheon held April 27, 2002.
exes01 Billy Jean Turner Johnson (class of 1944) and husband, Frank Johnson (class of 1941) exes02 Pattie Powell, wife of Dr. William J. Powell (class of 1940), H.L. Bill Hardin (class of 1943) and his wife, Jo Hardin. exes03 Polly Seymour Adkins and her husband G. Wyanl Adkins (both, class of 1941)

exes05 Inez Falls Hunt (left, class of 1936) and Polly Seymour Adkins.

exes06 Raymond Landtroop (class of 1938)

exes07 Helen Rose (Mrs. Raymond) Landtroop

exes08 Jack Waddington (class of 1949), Robert Downtain (class of 1956) and Dr. William J. Powell (class of 1940) END OF THIS GROUP OF PICTURES