Ranger Exes Memorial-TX - RHS Class of 1966 Young grade school

RHS-1966-1st grade at Young RHS-1966 First-grade at Young School (Enlarge) Names=NA includes Cathy Yarberry. (Photo courtesy of Robert Earnest)

RHS-1966-2nd grade at Young RHS-1966 Second-grade at Young School (Enlarge) Names=NA

RHS-1966-3rd grade at Young RHS-1966 Third-grade at Young School (Enlarge) Names=NA include teacher Mrs. Landers & Coco the dog

RHS-1966 4th grade at Young RHS-1966 Fourth-grade at Young school (Enlarge) Names=NA include Mrs Oliver (teacher), Jimmy Ratliff, Eddy Howton, & Robert Earnest.

RHS-1966 5th grade at Young RHS-1966 Fifth-grade at Young school (Enlarge) Names=NA

RHS-1966 RHS-1966 Sixth-grade at Young School in 1960 (Enlarge) Names="?" include: Kay Aishman, Dorothy Ewing, Kitty Goodwin, Cathy Rogers, Gary Hise, Theo Hale, Eddie Horton, Willie "Billy" Cantrell, Kathy Lamb, Louise Casey, Stephens, Daryl Swinney, Kenny Seymour, Fonville, Sherry Vinson, Leonard, Ratliff, & Mr. Jeffries. (Photo courtesy of Daryl Swinney)