Ranger Exes Memorial-TX - RHS Class of 1963 Reunions & Homecomings

RHS-1962-64 at 1992 Homecoming RHS-(1962-64) at 2002 Homecoming (enlarge) Names-NA

RHS-1963 at 2008 Homecoming RHS-1963 Reunion in 2008 (L-R): Linda Hatton Young, Jeralyn Anderson Sledge, Millard Herwick, Sissy Blackwell Miller, Charlene Blackwell Simpson.

RHS-1963 at 2008 Homecoming Curly Wayne Ross (RHS-1961) - modeling the latest style in hats in 2008.

RHS-1963 at 2010 Homecoming RHS-1963 Homecoming in 2010 Patsy Nail Swindle, Linda Warford, Linda Hatton, Jeralyn Anderson, Mel Herweck, Sissy Blackwell Miller, Arthur Merritt, Fredda Lamb, Charlie De Los Santos, Edwena Edmonds & Robert Owen.

RHS-1963 at 2010 Homecoming RHS-1963 Reunion in 2010 - Lunch at New York Hill Restaurant in Thurber, TX. Names: NA

RHS-1963 at 2012 Homecoming RHS-1963 Homecoming in 2012 (enlarge) Names: NA

RHS-1963 at 2014 Homecoming RHS-1963 Homecoming in 2014 (enlarge) Back (L-R): Linda Kay Warford, Charlie De Los Santos, Verne Peterson, Jeralyn Anderson & Mel Herweck. Front(L-R): Linda Lou Hatton, Sissy Blackwell, Pat Eschberger & Edwina Edmonds.

RHS-1963 at 2016 Homecoming RHS-1963 Homecoming in 2016

RHS-1963 at 2018 Homecoming RHS-1963 Homecoming in 2018 (enlarge) Back Row: Charlie De Los Santos, Vern Peterson, & Mel Herweck Front Row: Linda Hatton, Patrica Eshburger, Jeralyn Anderson Sledge.