Ranger Exes Memorial-TX - RHS Class of 1960 Kinship

RHS-1960 Kinship Many of the classmates of the RHS Class of 1960 are related and have numerous connections with Ranger High School. Kinship of classmates Mike Herrington - his great-great-grandmother Sarah Jane Blair Keith was sister to Mac Jacoby's great-grandmother Charlsie Blair. Rozelle Hatton - her cousin was Johnny Pirkle. Mac Jacoby - his great-grandmother Charlsie Blair was the sister of Mike Herrington's great-great-grandmother Sarah Jane Blair. Alfred Rogers - was related to Sue Rodgers at one time. Douglas Rogers - is first cousins once removed to Alfred Rogers. Rita Underwood - her grandmother Jessie Carr Lewis was the sister of Mike Herrington's grandmother Frona Carr Ames. Mike and Rita are second cousins. Nellie Sue Vinson - her niece Sherry Vinson Wells (daughter of Buddy) married Mike's cousin Larry Herrington. Frances Veale - her grandfather William Penn Veale was the brother of Mike Herrington's great-great-grandfather James R. Veale. Patsy Vinson - (daughter of J.W. Vinson) is the niece of Nellie Sue. Nancy Warren - her cousin is Carol Phillips. Note: Sarah Jane Blair and Charlsie Blair were children of C.C. & Meekie Blair who were among the first settlers of Eastland County. For protection against the Indians, they built Blair's Fort located near Desdemona in 1860. Family connections with RHS Jerry Anderson - brother, David Anderson (RHS-1957); mother, Annie McGraw (RHS-1937). Jimmy Burnett - married Gay Nell Blackwell (RHS-1963). Nancy Cantwell - sister, Geneva Cantwell (RHS-1959). Sandra Cooper - sister, Sarah Cooper (RHS-1965); sister, Barbara Cooper (RHS-1955); brother, Freedie Cooper (RHS-1958). Barbara Crabb - sister, Darlene Crabb (RHS-1955), cousin, Bert Young (RHS-1961) who was married to Marilyn Warden (RHS-1960) at one time. Barbara Craig - mother, Nancy Hooks Craig (RHS-1942); sister, Mary Craig (RHS-1966). Linda Drennan - sister, Donna Drennan (RHS-1962); brother, James Drennan (RHS-1964); sister, Carol Drennan (RHS-1966). Norma Gayle Emfinger - brother, Bobby Lee Emfinger (RHS-1947) Tommy Ford - brother, Emery E. Ford (RHS-1967); sister, Barbara Ford (RHS-1964). Micheal Fron - brother, Herman Fron (RHS-1962); sister, Mary Fron (RHS-1963). Patsy Graham - sister, Sue Graham (RHS-1964); brother, Johnny Graham (RHS-1969); brother, David Graham (RHS-1974). Jerry Hamilton - brother, Jimmy Hamilton (RHS-1961); sister, Sue Hamilton (RHS-1957). Rozelle Hatton - sister, Linda Hatton (RHS-1963); sister, Jenna Vee Hatton (RHS-1954); sister, Bernice Hatton Gildner (RHS-1946). Jack Hazard - sister, Deanne Hazard Carter (RHS- 1957); brother, George Hazard (RHS-1951); brother, Bobby Hazard (RHS-1948). Nina Henry - brother, James Henry (RHS-1961); mother, Nina Oleta Britt Henry (RHS-1932). Mike Herrington - mother, Doris Herrington (RHS-1937); sister, Meekie R. Herrington (RHS-1971); brother, Eddie Ray (RHS-1968) who married Sylvia Camacho (RHS- 1968). Mac Jacoby - his mother, Imogene Stafford (RHS-1936); father, Mellenger Jacoby (RHS-1936); brother, Eddie Jacoby (RHS-1957). Karen Killingsworth - father, Floyd Killingsworth (RHS-1926). H. Clay Montgomery - sisters, Carol & Emma Montgomery (RHS-1962). Jimmy Needham - sister, Dorthy Needham (RHS-1957). Carol Phillips - married Dale Cozart (RHS-1958). Douglas Rogers - wife, Sharon Brown (RHS-1965);brother, Dwight Rogers (RHS-1964); brother, David Rogers (RHS- 1962). Judy Ramsey - brother, David Ramsey (RHS-1961). Gail Rapp - married Jimmy Hagar (RHS-1958); father, Herbert Rapp (RHS-1930). Mary K. Rush - married Jackie Neeley (RHS-1958); father, G.B. Rush (RHS-faculty); brother, John Rush (RHS-1955). Marinell Shockey - brother, Gerald Shockey (RHS-1957). Rita Underwood - brother, Jerry Underwood (RHS-1958); sister, Jesse Underwood (RHS-1963). Marilyn Warden - father, O.C. Warden (RHS-1935); mother, Juanita Kimbrough (RHS-1937), brother, Jerry Warden (RHS-1965). Charles White - brother, Gene White (RHS-1962); sister, Linda White (RHS-1967). Jerry Wilson - son, James Whitney Wilson (RHS-2002); brother, Jimmy Don Wilson (RHS-1974); brother, Glynn Wilson (RHS-1968); sister, Glynda Wilson (RHS-1963). Bobby Fron married Naomi Bradford (RHS-1964). Note: This list may not be complete.