Ranger Exes Memorial-TX RHS Class of 1959, 1960, & 1961 50th Anniversary - Celebrating Fifty Years of Friendship

50th Anniversary Reunion (1959-1961) 50th Anniversary Reunion (Classes 1959, 1960, & 1961) (enlarge) From the top: Joyce Joyner Jones, Chuck Garrett, Tim Covington, Kaye Hopper Warrick, Alyce Pounds Gooch, Gary Bradshaw. NEXT: Tommy Robinson, Tommy Smith, Jim Robinson, (James) Britt Henry, Richard Wilhelm, Sharon Browning Davis, David Webb, Celia Jimenez Davis, Diana Cantrell Henderson. NEXT: Charles David Wolford, Gay Ann Daskevich Wolford, Jimmy Swinney, Ronnie Daskevich, David Pickrell, Sue Cantwell Watkins, Sandy Vinson Yarbrough, Sarah Johnson Swinney, Barbara Vandergriff McKinley, Bert Young. NEXT: Lee King , Dawn Loper Williams, Norma Mace Taylor, Dan Lavoie , Jan Falls Becnel, Alfred Rogers, Walter Blackwell, Richard Jolly, Carol Phlllips Cozart, Nellie Sue Vinson Warren, Rita Underwood McLerran, Pat Graham Savage. NEXT: Mary Judy Getts Calhoun, Karen Killingsworth McBride, Mary Kay Rush Neeley, Marilyn Warden Cundiff, Barbara Crabb Delany, Marinell Shockey Miller, Mike Herrington, Sue Rodgers Stuard, Nina Henry Tramel, Jerry Wilson, Bobby Fron. NEXT: Linda Black Wimprine, Jeannie Getts Jackson, Mollie Mitchell Pressler, Tommy Warford, David Russell, Joyanne Smith Hathcock, Lydia Mendoza Wylie, Addie Varner Bishop, Johnny Chestnut. Combined 1959, 1960, and 1961 Reunion a Big Hit! At the 2008 Exes’ Homecoming someone from the Class of 1959 approached members of the Class of 1960 about possibly celebrating the 50th anniversary class reunion with them. Then someone from the Class of 1961 wondered if they could be part of that get-together as well since their 50th year would not fall during a regular biennial Homecoming of the Ranger Exes. Thus was born the idea of a combined reunion for all three classes celebrating their high school years to be held at the 2010 Ranger Exes Homecoming. From that point on things began to take shape for the big reunion. Initial contact persons in each class were Dawn Loper Williams (1959), Mike Herrington (1960), and Celia Jimenez Davis,(1961), Exes’ Web master Mac Jacoby (1960) was an invaluable asset as we worked through contact lists, options on meal arrangements and meeting sites, and special activities, such as participation in the Home- coming parade. Others who played a key role in finalizing those plans were Ron Daskevich (1961), who ultimately acted as the treasurer for all three classes; his sister Gay Ann Daskevich Wolford (1959); and her husband, Charles David Wolford (1959); who acted not only as local coordinators, but hosts to two organizational meetings before the reunion and were the official gathering place during the reunion as well as being decorators, chiefs, etc. for Friday and Saturday at the St. Rita's parish hall. Celia Jimenez Davis & Gene Davis, Sue Cantwell Watkins, Dawn Loper Williams & Tody Williams, Norma Mace Taylor, Jerry Wilson and Richard Wilhelm were responsible for our super float and many vintage automobiles in the Homecoming parade, and for the great food served Friday, both before and after the ball game. Ideas poured in from many others but especially these 1960 classmates: Barbara Crabb Delany, Walter Blackwell, Alfred Rogers, Jerry Wilson, Marinell Shockey Miller, and Mac Jacoby. At first it seemed that the rodeo barn, where the Class of 1960 had a very successful 40th reunion in 2000 would be the venue, but last- minute questions about its suitability moved the event to St. Rita’s parish hall, where a number of us had gone to school for one or more years right after World War II. The building itself is one of Ranger’s most historic. The Catholic parish bought it from some oil boom business (possibly Phillips Petroleum) and relocated it to its present site, adding on the kitchen and stage on the north end. It is estimated to be around 90 years old. A surprising number of celebrants were able to make it early enough for the Homecoming parade and the game against Baird, losing 34-7. We were so busy visiting that not many of us paid that much attention to the game itself. At the game and at the gatherings at the Rec Building, Alfred Rogers sold copies of his newly published photo- essay book about Ranger’s history. All proceeds went to the Ranger Historical Preservation Society. Many attended the Business meeting at the old Rec Building. The classes of 1959, 1960 and 1961 sat together and enjoyed seeing their banner "Celebrating Fifty Years of Friendship" mounted on the gym wall. They also enjoyed receiving many of the fantastic door prizes. Mike received a Kindle, and Marilyn Warden Cundiff received a "Green Gift"--$250, of which she promptly donated $100 to the Class of 1960's Memorial Fund for future inscriptions. Afterward many classmates enjoyed a spaghetti dinner at the First Methodist Church. Everyone, no doubt, felt a bit nostalgic (both happy and sad feelings) as he/she remembered those who had already left this earth, beginning with the 1960 class president Tommy Ford in February 1960. Memorial tables were among the things displayed in the parish hall, but members of the Class of 1960 also chose to gather reflectively at their monument erected in 2001 to their deceased classmates. We had decided earlier to make it so that those who had ever been a part of the class might have their names added as time marched on. During the afternoon formal class portraits were taken at the high school gym of each class and of the three celebrating classes combined. Unfortunately not everyone made it to the picture taking. On the other hand, Celia's husband Gene Davis took hundreds of informal pictures and offered for a small fee to provide anyone who wanted one with a disk of all those pictures. Imagine the work it took to make all those disks and get them mailed out to everyone. The big celebration was even more successful than its organizers had imagined possible. We were saddened that some classmates who had actually made plans and reservations to be there among us were, for whatever reasons, unable to be present. Approximately 100 individuals enjoyed the barbecue dinner prepared by Bobby Adams, grandson of one of Ranger’s oldest store owners, H.G. Adams, whose grocery on North Austin was a mainstay of the business center for many years. At the dinner we enjoyed conversation and reconnecting with one another. Some of us had not been in Ranger for many years nor seen one another since graduation. In the background was a steady stream of pop music from our era provided from the collection and equipment of Ron Daskevich. A life-sized cutout of Elvis, a Bulldog football jacket (an original from Charles Wolford's high school years), a Bulldog band blanket, and many other memorabilia of all kinds as well as maroon and white chrysanthemums on the tables decorated the room. At the dinner numerous door prizes were awarded as well as giving special recognition in three categories. (James) Britt Henry (1961) of San José, Costa Rica, was recognized for traveling the farthest. Mary Judy Getts Calhoun (1960) and her husband Jim were honored for being married the longest—almost 52 years. It was later discovered that Carol Phillips Cozart (1960) had been downstairs being served late as the awards were given out. She and her husband Dale (1958) have been married for 52 years. Sue Rodgers Stuard (1960) was tapped for having the most grandchildren (16). Mollie Mitchell Pressler and Jeannie Getts Jackson (both 1959) had the same number of great-grandchildren (4). Many of the door prizes were compliments of either Barbara Crabb Delany or Nina Henry Tramel, both 1960. Contributions were also made by class members of the three classes. Mike Herrington RHS Class of 1960 Memorial Service RHS Class of 1960 - Memorial Service Mac Jacoby, Jerry Wilson, Richard Jolly, Bobby Fron, Alfred Rogers, Mike Herrington, Nellie Sue Vinson Warren, Rita Underwood McLerran, Pat Graham Savage, Walter Blackwell Front: Marinell Shockey Miller, Barbara Crabb Delany, Marilyn Warden Cundiff, Mary Kay Rush Neeley, & Karen Killingsworth McBride. Classmates who attended Hodges Classmates who attended Hodges (enlarge) front row: Sue Graham Gill, Jimmy Swinney, Kaye Hopper Warrick, Mary Kay Rush Neeley, Sissy Blackwell Miller, Joyce Joyner Jones, Sarah Johnson Swinney, Sue Cantwell Watkins, Marinell Shockey Miller. 2nd row: Celia Jimenez Davis, John Perkins, Karen Killingsworth McBride, Walter Blackwell, Mollie Mitchell Pressler, Marilyn Warden Cundiff, Linda Hatton Young, Dawn Loper Williams, Melanie Newman Kendall, Linda Black Wimprine, Chuck Garrett, David Pickrell, David Webb, Barbara Vandergriff McKinley, Richard Wilhelm, Bobby Fron, Mike Herrington and Tim Covington. Back row: Diana Cantrell Henderson and Tommy Robinson. Classmates who attended Young School Classmates who attended Young (enlarge) Row 1: Mac Jacoby, Mary Judy Getts Calhoun, Jeannie Getts Jackson, Joyanne Smith Hathcock, Sandi Halbrooks Griffin, Barbara Crabb Delany, Alyce Pounds Gooch, Sarah Johnson Swinney, Barbara Vandergriff McKinley. Row 2: Bert Young, Jeralyn Anderson Sledge, Gay Ann Daskevich Wolford, Sue Rodgers Stuard, Nellie Sue Vinson Warren, Carol Phillips Cozart, David Russell. Row 3: Charles David Wolford, Gary Bradshaw, Johnny Chestnut, Alfred Rogers, Richard Jolly, Ronnie Daskevich, Rita Underwood McLerran, Douglas Rogers, & Tommy Smith.

Classmates who attended St. Rita's Classmates who attended St. Rita's (enlarge) Mike Herrington, Karen Killingsworth McBride, Ron Daskevich, Gay Ann Daskevich Wolford, David Russell, Pat Graham Savage, Tommy Robinson, & Mac Jacoby.

50th Anniversary Reunion 50th Anniversary Reunion held at St. Rita's Parsh Hall RHS-1960 50th Anniversary Reunion-Photo Gallery