Ranger Exes Memorial-TX - RHS Class of 1952 40th Anniversary Reunion

FOUNDING THE "RANGERS EXES ASSOCIATION" Talk by Mellenger Jacoby (RHS-1936) to the RHS Class of 1952 at 1992 reunion. Mellenger Jacoby Thank you! It's great to be here on this special day - your 40th. anniversary. As you know, I reside in the state of "Fruits and nuts," the land of "shake, rattle and roll," and we have had a few rattles and rolls recently. My sister Clara, asked me to say a few words about how this whole mess all got started. First, I thought you would like to know that Ranger Exes are known world wide, in the military, business, government and in foreign service. Let me share a recent experience with you. Mildred and I pooled our food stamps and cruised to Rome and the Vatican City. While we were there, I had lunch with the Pope. After lunch the Pope said, "Would you like to go out on the balcony?" Of course! I answered. "That sure would be nice!" So, we walked out on the balcony, and there were thousands of people down in St. Peter's Square, waving toward us in great excitement. There were two locals standing in the crowd. One said to the other, "Who are they?" The other said, "That's Mellenger Jacoby of the Ranger Exes, on the right. I don't know who the other guy is." Now, back to the request for a little light on the beginning of the Ranger Exes Association. As you know, I had a small part in the opening kick-off of the Association. My mother, bless her soul, had a unique memory for family lineage and location of ex-Rangerites; augmented by my sister Clara keeping books for many local citizens in the area. I had been doing some genealogical research on my father's family. One afternoon in the late seventies, we were sitting in Mother's den on Hiway 80, discussing family. I had my tape recorder, and in that evening she traced out the location of seventy ex-Rangerites and their families. Later I transcribed the list into a rough Exes Roster, and made several copies. Then I took the rough draft to Juanita Warden, at the College, Bill Bourdeau, Inez Hunt, Volva Doss, Voncille Hopper, several local citizens, sister's Laverne, Claudine, Maxine and Clara, to mention only a few. We worked on the Roster for some time, accumulating over 1000 names and addresses. In the fall of 78, a newsletter went out to all Exes listed on the roster, announcing the date for the first reunion of ALL classes of Ranger schools. I might add, I still haven't received reimbursement for the printing and postage. The first meeting, at the Junior College auditorium, the assemblage formed the RANGER EXES ASSOCIATION, set the date for the next reunion at the old High School Building within the next two years. After the first reunion, Chapters sprung up in the Metroplex, Houston, Midland- Odessa and Ranger areas. Later, I returned to California and with the Master Roster, contacted Lois Traywick Stevens in North Long Beach, Jack Palmer in Rolling Hills, Marlin Sneed, and the Brewers of Torrance, Calif. We build a Roster for the West Coast. Surprised, we found that over 100 Rangerites lived on the Coast. Again a newsletter went out to all Rangerites in the area, announcing a picnic at Harbor Park, Harbor City, California. Over 45 Rangers Exes showed with families and picnic lunches. At the picnic, I gave them an overview of what had transpired at Ranger, and asked if they would like to form a West Coast Chapter. The response was very much in favor, and Max Jacoby-Pres., Jack Palmer-V.Pres & Marlin Sneed-Sec., came away as the first officers. From these efforts, we were able to persuade and motivate many West Coast Exes to journey back to Ranger for many of the past reunions. Now you know the, "Rest of the story." THANKS VERY MUCH - Mellenger Jacoby (now deceased)