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1934 football players

1934 football team 1934 Bulldog Champs (enlarge)

1934 football team

The Bulldogs played Amarillo in the bi-district game at Amarillo but a dropped pass in the end zone, in the waning seconds of the game, gave the victory to Amarillo who went on to win the state championship. This team also played an All-Star team from El Paso on January 1, 1935 in the first Sun Bowl game played in El Paso. The Ranger Bulldogs narrowly lost. After that, the Sun Bowl featured college teams. Coach O.M. Moore Coach Ottis M. "Red" Moore 1935 RANGER BULLDOG SUN BOWL TEAM MEMBERS No. Name Position Class 22 Jimmie Westbrook H 1934 (deceased) 23 Lem Bray C 1936 (deceased) 24 Burnett H 25 Howard Kennedy E 26 Roy Speiss L 1936 (deceased) 27 Durward Hartin H 1936 (deceased) 28 Dean Walsh H 1937 (deceased) 33 Maurice Agnew H 1936 (deceased) 40 Lloyd Caroway G 1935 (deceased) 41 Andrew Bruco L 1935 (deceased) 42 Rayburn Bunton C 1935 (deceased) 43 Arie Sharpe E 1938 (deceased) 44 Onis Warden G 1935 (deceased) 45 Eugene Wheeler G 46 Everett Donowho T 1936 (deceased) 60 Jack Love T 1936 (deceased) 61 Barcus Coalson G 1936 (deceased) 62 Bill Payton E 1934 (deceased) 63 Jack Palmer T 1935 (deceased) 66 Aaron Anderson Q 1935 (deceased) 68 Rankin Britt F 1935 (deceased) 72 Mellinger Jacoby E 1936 (deceased) Joe Rhodes A Word or Two About Ranger Players: Dean Walsh, who was an all-district tackle last year despite his 150 pounds, is playing a blocking position in the backfield this year. He now weights 160 and is playing his third year. He got a number of votes from the Oil Belt coaches for the district team, but did not make it this year as a back. He plays safety on defense and has seldom failed to stop his man. He carries the ball seldom, but when he does he displays a remarkable amount of power and speed. He is the kind of player who would rather plow into a tackler than try to avoid him and has been known to bowl over much larger men. The fourth man in the backfield will be either Jimmie Westbrook, 135 pound senior, who plays a blocking position entirely, or Maurice Agnew, who is about his twin in height and weight but a much faster man. Both are good on defense being deadly tacklers but Westbrook is probably the best blocker. Agnew carries the ball seldom, though he is the fastest man on the squad. He has never seemed to hit his stride as a ball carrier for some reason. Coach Moore will probably try out Joe Rhodes, 165 pound backfield candidate who was not eligible during the early fall and who will likely be a starting back next year. Little is known about his ability other than that he has looked exceptionally good in practice. Ranger boasts two of the best ends in the Oil Belt in Mellinger Jacoby, 190 pound all-district selection and Bill Payton 175 pound pass snatcher extraordinary. Jacoby is by far the best man on the defense, where he deals any backfield plenty of misery, as does Britt on the other defensive end, while Payton is the best pass catcher ever seen in this section. He has made numerous circus catches during the season when he had impossible looking chances. Jacoby is about as sure a pass catcher as is Payton, though he is not as sensational with his catches. His specialty is snaring passes when completely smothered, seemingly catching the ball when it is almost in the hands of the defense. He is a great "kidder" keeping up a constant chatter and smiling throughout the game. Although he kids a lot, he is one of the most courteous players in this section, where Ranger's teams are known as good sports and clean players. At tackle Jack Love, 185 pounds, will likely fill one berth and either Everett Donowho or Eugene Wheeler will start at the other tackle. Donowho and Wheeler weigh about 165 pounds and alternate at tackle and guard considerably. All are fair, all are playing their first years, though Love got a "pup" sweater in 1932. He did not play in 1932 and 1933. Though new at the game all play rather consistently and are usually in every play. At center is another veteran, Rayborn Bunton, 160 pounder, playing his second year in the position. He plays guard on the defense and is consistent throughout. At guards will be either Wheeler or Donowho and Onis (Stumpy)Warden, playing his third year. Warden aids Anderson at line backing and does an exceptionally good job of it. He, too, was unanimous choice for the mythical all-district team selected by the coaches of the district. Stumpy weights 160 pounds, is about five feet two and is so stocky he is seldom moved out of the line, though he has been up against some of the best guards. He is fast, to be so short, and once out ran two of the speedy Cisco defensive backs for 46 yards to a touch- down when he intercepted a pass. Of the 12 starters, Anderson and Britt are clearly outstanding, both on the defense and offense, while Payton, Jacoby and Warden could not be rated much lower in picking the best men on the team. The principal substitutes, who sometimes start, are Lloyd (Little Bull) Caroway, 155 pound guard; Ira Sharp, 170 pound end; Jack Palmer, 165 pound tackle; Roy Speiss, 160 pound lineman; Durwood Hartin, 147 pound half and Lemma Bray, 151 pound center, all playing their first years. Sharp, particularly, looks good for a first string berth next year as he is a freshman and has three more years to play, and would have made the team this year had not there been two such outstanding ends as Payton and Jacoby on the squad. He will likely get to play some of the game, as will the other substitutes mentioned. 1934 RHS football team 1934 football at the Ranger Roaring Museum 50th ANNIVERSARY SUN BOWL REUNION IN 1985 50th Anniversary Sun Bowl Reunion in 1985 football Roy Speiss, Mellenger Jacoby, Rankin Britt, Maurice Agnew, Arie Sharpe, Jack Palmar, Onis Warden. Attending the Sun Bowl Reunion in El Paso, Texas: Roy Speiss Arie Sharpe Joe Briley Mellenger Jacoby Rankin Britt Jack Palmer Lem Bray M.L. Agnew Ray Landtroop Onis Warden 1934 Sun Bowl trophy Sun Bowl trophy at the El Paso Airport