Ranger Exes Memorial - RHS Class of 1969

Bernie Yancey BERNARD D. "BERNIE" YANCEY was a very special Ranger High School graduate in 1969 even though he lived to be only 42. He was the son of Bernard Dacree(Ike) and Edythe Margaret Weekes Yancey of Ranger, TX. He was born Jan. 30, 1951 at Clifton, TX. He had one sister, Deborah Yancy Roe (RHS-1971), who now lives in Stephenville. Bernie married his wife, Linda Chisolm of Cisco, in May of 1972 and they had two children, Susan & Lydia. Bernie died April 15, 1993 of a heart attack at Colorado Springs, CO. Linda Yancey and her family reside in Austin where she works at the University of Texas, McCombs School of Business, Department of Accounting. After Ranger High School, Bernie earned three degrees at the University of Texas: B.A., Mathematics with honors, May 1973; M.A., Psychology, August 1975 and his Ph.D., May 1980. Besides attending UT and earning his degrees, Bernie worked full time at the Dean of Students Office and for the Vice President’s Office. He accepted a position as Director of Institutional Research at the University of Colorado at Boulder in September 1987. He later worked on Special Projects for the budget office at CU and in his spare time he also worked for the Texas Rural Legal Aid Society down in the Valley-he was an expert witness on some EEOC cases. Bernie was very adept with mathematics, especially statistics, & most of his work related to institutional research; for example, “What was the attritional rate of minorities, Why they drop out or do poorly in college, How did urban versus rural students do in college settings, etc. On April of 1993, Bernie and a colleague were on a fact-finding trip to CU at Colorado Springs. They were preparing to leave the hotel and Bernie went back to his room to check on something. He did not return to the car and the colleague became concerned and went looking for him and found him collapsed on the sidewalk. He died of a heart attack at 42. Because Bernie was very interested in genealogy, his wife had his body flown back to Eastland and he was buried in Alameda Cemetery near Ranger beside his parents where many of his other relatives are buried as well.