Ranger Exes Memorial - RHS Class of 1958

Skipper Lee GROVER "SKIPPER" CLEVELAND LEE III, 67, lovingly called “Skipper” by his family, went to be with the Lord on Aug. 4, 2007. He passed away from pneumonia at Veterans Hospital in Houston. His family was at his bedside where his passing was quiet and peaceful. Burial was at Mount Marion Cemetery in Strawn, TX. Skipper was born to Grover Cleveland Lee, Jr. and Juanita Marie Guthrie Lee on April 2, 1939 at the Strawn Hospital. He attended Ranger High School in the Class of 1958 at Ranger, TX. Of course, his family couldn’t have been prouder...a boy...another Grover! He was the oldest of 8 children...he had two brothers, Garrett Stewart Lee and Cleveland S. Lee...and five sister...Audrey D’Anne Lee Yarletts (RHS-1958), Glenda Sue Lee Moses (RHS-1960), Juanita Marie “Tammy” Lee, Judy Rose Lee, & Audrey Lisa Lee. Much of his younger years were spent in Texas and Oklahoma. Skipper attended Ranger High School in the Class of 1958. He was born into a “newspaper” family and was very proud of his heritage. As a little boy, he worked side by side with his dad, Grover Jr., at their family owned and operated newspaper, “The Strawn Tribune.” He lovingly recalled how much he loved his Dad and memories of following behind him, trying as best he could to keep up with his Daddy’s long legs and big steps. He was proud to be Grover Cleveland Lee, III…namesake of his beloved Grandfather and Father. Skipper served in the United States Navy from 1957 to 1961, when he was honorably discharged. He had a deep and abiding love for his country and a great respect for the U.S. Military. Skipper married the late Mary Louise Bryant in November of 1963 in California. He was the proud father of two beautiful children. His oldest son Gregory Guthrie Lee was born on January 15, 1967, in Inglewood California. Skipper said one of the greatest moments of his life was when his son was born. His daughter, Susan Marie Lee was born in 1969 in Inglewood, CA. He recently said that she was the most beautiful baby and would always be his “little girl.” Skipper was a very private person in his last months of life. His health had begun to deteriorate and he had become very reflective of his life. He talked about his children and how much he loved them and always would. He loved his siblings and many nieces and nephews and shared memories during those last months. He was a very proud man and a very intelligent one. He was a great conversationalist and was well educated on many subjects …including religion, politics, current affairs, to name a few. He was a Republican, all the way! He had a memory like an “elephant.” He could recall so many events and dates from the past with great detail. The greatest Book he read was the Bible. He loved Jesus Christ deeply and knew when he passed he would enter into Heaven and be with his Lord and Savior for the rest of Eternity. He looked forward to “going home” where he would finally be with those family members who went before him. Skipper suffered many setbacks in his lifetime but he always maintained his love for Jesus and never doubted his salvation. He always had that security…knowing he belonged to the Lord. Skipper is preceded in death by his wife, Mary Lee; his grandparents, Grover and Muriel Lee; his mother, Nita; his father and Mom, Grover and Betty Lee; his loving Sisters, D’Anne Lee and Glenda Moses; his beloved nephew, Buddy Williams; and his Aunt and Uncle Joe and Audrey Stoker and cousin, Jody Stoker. At the time of his death, Skipper was survived by his son Greg and wife Shari; his daughter, Susie and husband, Cory; brothers Gary and wife Gayle; Cleve Lee; sister Tammy and husband, Dale; sister Judy Lee; sister Audrey Vodehnal and husband Ron. Other family members include his many nieces and nephews…Christine Molina, Craig Yarletts, Johnny Moses, Becky Tolopka, Karen Stone, Wesley Moses, Roberta Burg, Mark Williams, Chuck Lee, Becky Hodges, Jason Lee, Jonathan Mikulin, Justin Mikulin, Josh Vodehnal, Matt Vodehnal, and Stacey Keogh. Also survived by his great-nieces and nephews: Elizabeth, Dylan, and Travis Molina; Krystal Williams and Nicholas Burg; Aly and Kara Williams; John Michael Moses, Tyler and Madelyn Tolopka, Lesley, Courtney, and Bradley Moses, Megan and Ryan Stone, Kirstin, Zachary, and Kinsey Lee, Coby Lee, Ryan and Autumn Hodges, and Jadon Lee. Also survived by cousins, Hillis Bass and Laura Kaiser.