Ranger Exes Memorial - RHS Class of 1957

Dalton Brian WESLEY DALTON BRIAN, 56, was born June 7, 1939, in Estacado, TX, and died on Sept. 19, 1995 at Indio, CA. He was the son of Joy Smith & the Reverend Dalton Delmont "Dock" Brian, pastor of the Second Baptist Church when the Brians lived in Ranger, TX. The family was relocated to California before Dalton and his sister Gayle Brian Thomas (RHS-1956) of Calimesa, CA, grad- uated from Ranger High School in Ranger, and he graduated from Coachella Valley High School, Thermal, CA, in 1957 and attended California Baptist College. Dalton also had a brother, Billy D. Brian (RHS-1959), of Yucaipa, CA. Dalton was a very successful farmer/rancher who especially loved horses. He was married to Linda Gay Worth and they had four children, three boys and one girl.