Ranger Exes Memorial - RHS Class of 1943

MUREL LEE STILES AMSPOKER, 75, was born in Ranger, TX on May 19, 1926 to Oda Murel Taylor & Aaron Lee Stiles, graduating from Ranger High School in 1943. She was married to Samuel Richard Amspoker and they were living in Dallas when she died on July 2, 2001. They had two children, a son Rick Amspoker and a daughter, Carlon Amspoker. Mrs. Amspoker had three brothers, Virgil Stiles (RHS-1947) of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Joe Max Stiles (RHS-1948) of Simpsonville, South Carolina and Alton Stiles (RHS-1950) of Eastland. She had worked as a bookkeeper/auditor and was buried in Dallas. Her husband, Sam, resides in Dallas.