RHS-1942_Ann Cooper Chance

Ranger Exes Memorial - RHS Class of 1942

Ann Cooper ANN COOPER CHANCE was the daughter of Iva Mae Wallace and Ernest Cole Cooper. She was in the Class of 1942 of Ranger High School at Ranger, TX. Her sister was Betty Sue Cooper Henderson (RHS-1947) who lives in Breckenridge. Ann died in 1987 while living in and was buried in Jamaica. Her husband, A.D. Chance preceded her in death. They had 2 sons and a daughter. MOTHER: IVA MAE WALLACE COOPER HOOKS, 85, was born Christmas Day in 1905 & died Sept. 1, 1991, at Ranger, TX. She was the daughter of Mrs. Erie Wallace who also had two sons, Shorty & Lowe Wallace, Iva Mae's brothers. Iva first married Ernest Cole Cooper and they had two daughters, Ann Cooper Chance (RHS-1942) and Betty Sue Cooper Henderson (RHS-1947), both now deceased. Ernest Cooper died in Ranger in May of 1981 & Mrs. Cooper later re-married a Hooks. Her brother, Lowe William Wallace was married to Johnnie Lowery and they had two children, Lowe William Wallace, Jr. (RHS-1945) and Kathyleen Wallace Peterson (RHS-1963), now deceased.