Ranger Exes Memorial - RHS Class of 1942

Maxine Jacoby Asher MAXINE JACOBY ASHER, 72, died in June of 1996, with interment at Evergreen Cemetery in Ranger, TX. She was born in Ranger on April 13, 1924. Maxine attended Ranger High School in the Class of 1942. She married J.B. Asher in 1947 and had three sons: Fredie Mack Asher, Teddie Asher, & Eddie Von Asher; and one daughter, Tammy Jo Asher. Her parents were Max and May Jacoby of Ranger. Her sisters: Clara Mae Jacoby Watson (RHS-1952), Claudine Jacoby Dyer (RHS-1937), and LaVerne Jacoby (RHS-1940). Brothers were: Mellenger Jacoby (RHS-1936) and Douglas Jacoby (RHS-1949). Max & May Jacoby PARENTS: MAX & MAY JACOBY owned and operated a welding shop on Hwy. 80 in Ranger, TX for many years. Max (1893-1966) married May Reeves (1895-1978) in Menard in 1914. They had two sons: Mellenger Jacoby (RHS-1936) and Douglas Jacoby (RHS-1949) & four daughters: Claudine Jacoby (RHS-1937), Laverne Jacoby (RHS-1940), Maxine Jacoby (RHS-1942), and Clara Mae Jacoby (RHS-1952). Interment was at Evergreen Cemetery in Ranger. The father of Max Jacoby, Edmound Jacoby, came to the U.S. from Mannheim, Germany and settled near Mason, TX. Alfred Reeves was the father of May and her mother was Charlcie Blair. Charlcie was the daughter C.C. Blair who was among the first early settlers in Eastland County. He constructed a small family fort known as Fort Blair during the Civil War for protection from Comanche Indian attacks. The fort contained 12 log cabins and was a frequent stopping place for Texas Rangers. It served for five years and the land later became the town of Desdemona.