Ranger Exes Memorial - RHS Class of 1938

Lois Higdon LOIS HIGDON, 62, was born June 7, 1920 & died in Oct. of 1982 while living at Niota, TN. She attended Ranger High School in the Class of 1938 at Ranger, TX. She was the daughter of Vergal Anita Jones & James H. Higdon. Her brother was Buster W. Higdon (RHS-1936). Vergal Jones MOTHER: VERGAL HIGDON JONES, a cook who operated a restaurant (Mrs. Higdon's Cafe) in Ranger, TX for many years. Many students were regulars at Mrs. Higdon's Cafe for lunch. Her apple pies & beef stews were her trademark. Mrs. Higdon Jones was a fine lady, and an outstanding cook and her restaurant was always a warm and impeccable setting for delicious meals. She fed many Rangerites for many years. Probably born in Strawn, TX, Vergal Anita Jones married James Harrison Higdon in Strawn. Mr. Higdon was a "boomer" driller in the oil fields and they lived in Strawn, Grayson County, Illinois, Oklahoma and around 1925, moved to Ranger. A son, Buster W. Higdon (RHS-1936) and now lives in Weatherford and a daughter, Lois Higdon was in the Class of 1938. Mrs. Higdon started in business in Ranger with a roadside drink and sandwich shop. Later she worked in a delicatessen type shop which she later purchased. In the late 20s or early 30s she opened her first restaurant and operated and owned several restaurants in succession. She was the main support for her family as well as for her parents. She closed her last restaurant around 1948. She married C.A. "Dick" Jones later in life. When she died in 1990, Vergie was living in the Western Manor Nursing and Convalescent Home.