Ranger Exes Memorial - RHS Class of 1934

ANITA LEOTA CRAWLEY PERRY, 79, passed away March 24, 1997 in Lake Jackson where she and her husband, Vergel, had lived most of their lives. She graduated from Ranger High School with the Class of 1934 at Ranger, TX and studied to be a teacher, first teaching in Desdemona and later in Lake Jackson. She was born March 28, 1917, the daughter of Alvin & Ethel Crawley, longtime Ranger residents. Her sister was Billie Crawley Milliken (RHS-1945) and her two brothers were Price Crawley (RHS-1932) and Deane Crawley (RHS-1937). The Perrys had two children, Vergel George Perry, Jr. & Patricia Jean Perry Hatinger. Alvin Crawley FATHER: ALVIN E. CRAWLEY, 83, longtime Ranger, TX resident and Ranger Postmaster, died in Dec. of 1974. He was born July 3, 1891, the son of Sterling Price Crawley & Sallie Loretta Kirk Crawley. His brothers, Roy Crawley and Newton Christopher “Newt” Crawley lived in Ranger and Gorman. He and his wife, Ethel, had four children, Price, Anita, Deane, and Billie Jeane, all who graduated from Ranger High School. One son, Price Crawley, was Mayor of Ranger in the years 1949-1953. A grandson, Doug Crawley (RHS-1966) whose parents were Deane and Alice Henry Crawley, is the current Ranger Postmaster. Billie Jeane Crawley (RHS-1945) the only surviving child, lives with her husband Charles Milliken in Weatherford. Alvin Crawley was very active in the community of Ranger and sat on the Ranger School Board and the Ranger Jr. College Board of Education for a number of years as well as being active in other civic and community organizations. Mrs. Ethel Crawley died at Weatherford in July of 1987.