Ranger Exes Memorial - RHS Class of 1928

Burla Kohn BURLA JANE KOHN GARNER, 75, was born on Oct. 4, 19ll to Alex and Della Kohn and was in the Ranger High School Class of 1928 at Ranger, TX. She had a sister, Cora Marie Kohn (RHS-1925). Burla Jane was married to Brann Garner, movie theater owner & manager, and they had a daughter, Gail who is married to David Pickrell (RHS-1961), and they live in Ranger. Brann Garner died in 1967 and Burla Jane Garner died in 1986. HUSBAND: BRANN GARNER was born Oct. 31, 1903, and was married to Burla Jane Kohn (RHS-1928). They had a daughter, Gail. Brann was a theater owner and manager. He owned and operated the Arcadia Theater in Ranger, TX until it burned in 1952. Brann died in April of 1967.