The Philadelphia Experiment
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The Philadelphia Experiment

Project Invisibility, was the Navy successful in 1943?

Philadelphia Naval shipyard during WWII. This photo was not declassified until July 12, 1977. (National Archives)

The truth behind the experiment that the Navy denies is as follows: We may never know. But we do have evidence of such an experiment, which may or may not be an elaborate hoax. My personal opinion is as follows: It probably did happen, since it failed it was denied. The Manhattan project was a success and Nuclear weapons are now a reality. If the Experiment would have worked I believe it would be common knowledge by now and the Bomb project may have been scrapped since we would have at least 1 ultimate weapon to win WWII.

The story begins: Dr. Morris Jessup was a scientist interested in the propulsion systems of UFO's, suggesting that they do exist or could be made on Earth. He wrote a book, The Case of the UFO, which was read by a Calos Allenda. He claimed to have been a witness to the Experiment and was opposed to Dr. Jessup's urging the government to pursue research into Einstein's Unified Field Theory to develop a new power source that could make space travel possible. Although Einstein did complete his Theory between1925-27 and publish it in Prussian scientific journals, he withdrew it as incomplete. He was worried that mankind wasn't ready to put it to use yet. The Theory did not reappear until 1940, at a point which was after the basically pacifistic Dr. Einstein had become convinced that the Nazi menace must be stopped at any cost. This is also the first year the Navy first began working on the Experiment. Allenda wrote Jessup and informed him that he would be mad to pursue a technology that was already proven to be an uncontrollable force with disasterous results. The field generated on the ship in the Experiment, The Eldridge (DE 173) would make light able to pass through anything inside the field so it would be invisible to anything outside the field. It was so strong that the men on the ship were adversely affected. You will read in the letters more on how they were affected.

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