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Yulecon 2011

Yulecon 2011 was pretty dead. A lot of things happened to keep it from being better that weren't the con officials' fault. (example: t-shirts weren't available to to problems with the maker.) There were only four artists taking commissions, and I had seven people I wanted to commission. I may extend things to Mini A-Kon in 2012, which I will be going to. I spent most of my time with the voice actors and getting to know them and getting their autographs. I will include those here as well.


Caitlin Glass
Carli Mosier
Chris Ayres
Chris Cason
Clarine Harp
Jerry Jewell
Tia Ballard


Farron Thompson by starnettix
Lenny St. Alban by Whiteoblivion
Victor Sanchez by hyper-squad