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The Texas Conventions

The Texas Conventions!

This site is now dedicated to all the pictures I collect attending comic and animae conventions in Texas. From A-kon to Wizard World Texas, if I'm there, I post what I get here. Each con (starting with 2005's Dallas comicon) has a theme to it.

A listing by name of artists
A listing of art by convention

Last update: November 19, 2017.

Next Con: Ikkicon, December 29-31, 2017.

Theme: TBD.

Note to artists: If you see your work on this site and want to post it on your site or link to it, you are more than welcome to do so. If you feel that your work is being abused and want it removed, e-mail me at quamp3X yahooXcom (replacing the x's with you-know-what, I've got too much spam in my e-mail here as it is) and I'll remove it.

How to read the site:
First thing is the image
Second is the character's name with the artist's main site linked, then the artist's name with an alternate site linked if any,Then the commentary I make.
Voice actor's name (links to an official site)
Some of their work
Commentary about what they do at cons.