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Class Resources

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NIST Computer Security Division
NIST's Computer Security Division mission is to improve information systems security by:
Raising awareness of IT risks, vulnerabilities and protection requirements, particularly for new and emerging technologies;
Researching, studying, and advising agencies of IT vulnerabilities and devising techniques for the cost-effective security and privacy of sensitive Federal systems;
Developing standards, metrics, tests and validation programs:
to promote, measure, and validate security in systems and services
to educate consumers and
to establish minimum security requirements for Federal systems
Developing guidance to increase secure IT planning, implementation, management and operation.

University of Idaho Courseware National Colloquium for Information System Security Education

CSRC Training & Education
Class materials from a variety of sources.
Professional Organizations

Naval Surface Warfare Center
Information Assurance Office
NSTISS National Security Telecommunications Information Systems Security (NSTISS) Library.
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Model IS Curriculum
A model curriculum for undergraduate degree programs in Information Systems. Information Systems, as an academic field, encompasses two broad areas:
  • Acquisition, deployment, and management of information technology resources and services (the information systems function) and,
  • Development and evolution of technology infrastructures and systems for use in organization processes (system development).
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