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Since Fall '97, I've been an assistant professor at the University of Houston's College of Technology. Prior to that, I worked in Information Systems for 16 years. My professional interests include Networking and Information System Security. Most recently, I've become interested in dynamic database driven, web technologies such as ASP(Active Server Pages) and XML.

While most of my 'hand on' LAN experience is with Novell, I currently administer a Microsoft NT 4 Domain and an IIS 4 Web Server . Currently, I hold industry certifications from ISC2 (CISSP), Cisco (CCNA), Microsoft(MCSE), and CompTIA(I-net+, Network+). Microsoft Back Office certifications held include: Internet Information Server 4, SQL Server 7 Administration, and Proxy Server.

At the University of Houston Main Campus, I teach in the Information Systems Technology (IST) program. At times, I also teach in the Microsoft Authorized Academic Training Program (AATP) at the downtown campus.

The majority of my work experience is as an information systems practitioner. I also have experience within the computer industry and as an Information Service provider.

I am passionate about information systems technology and am pleased to be able to work in this dynamic field. I am available for talks, seminars, and inservices concerning the Internet, networking, and multimedia. If I can be of service to your organization, please email me.

My students tell me that no web site is complete without a picture of the author. While I don't have a picture of myself handy. I do have one of my cat.