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Neetz' Fiction


UPDATED 02/07/99 Welcome to my Fiction Page! For some time, I've maintained a Star Trek: Voyager fiction site, but I've had several requests for my other fiction as well. So, here it is! (As you can tell, I've floated around a lot of fandoms over the years.)

Allow me a moment to thank everyone who has supported Pywacket Press (my fanzine publishing entity) over the past couple few years. Due to other commitments, I suspended zine publishing operations last year. Since both my Real Ghostbusters novella, DREAM SHADOW, and multimedia zine, PYWACKET'S ECLECTICA are sold out, I decided to post those stories (and possibly a few others) here! This page is still evolving, so be patient. In the meantime, enjoy what you find here! Thanks for dropping by, and don't forget to let me know what you think. Remember, writers live for FEEDBACK!!!



The Real Ghostbusters:

The DREAM TRILOGY: The first two stories listed here are part of a planned trilogy. Only the first two stories have been completed. I still hope to one day get the last chapter written. If I succeed, I will post it online, free to anyone who wants to read it!

[eyes] "Dream Weaver", Part 1 of 2. (This story, originally published in Crazy Quilt 4, is the first of my planned DREAM TRILOGY.) The girl of Peter's dreams sends him plummeting into his worst nightmare and his friends struggle to hold on to Peter's life and his sanity.

[eyes] "Dream Weaver", Part 2 of 2. See Part 1 above.

[eyes] "Dream Shadow", Part 1 of 6. Novella-length sequel to "Dream Weaver." Two women appear out of Peter Venkman's past: one to reveal a long-held secret that will tear at Peter's heart; one to exact the ultimate measure of revenge against his very soul!

"You spurned the love I offered you, Peter. You scorned me and rejected me. You treated me with cold, unfeeling disdain. And then, you imprisoned me in the pit of hell. This was a path of your making. You thought you were rid of me, didn't you, love? But you were wrong. I was stronger than you believed me to be. I found my way back. I fought and I struggled until I emerged into the light once more. And do you know what sustained me? Why, the thought of you, my darling. The image of your face when you saw me once more and realized I was once again alive and real as the nightmares I visited upon you. Only this time, Peter, dearest... this time, I will not be defeated." "You didn't think I could beat you last time, but I did, with the help of my friends." "Your friends will be of no help to you this time. This is, as it has always been, between you and me. Except, perhaps for one other..."

[eyes] "Dream Shadow", Part 2 of 6. See Part 1 above..

[eyes] "Dream Shadow", Part 3 of 6. See Part 1 above.

[eyes] "Dream Shadow", Part 4 of 6. See Part 1 above.

[eyes] "Dream Shadow", Part 5 of 6. See Part 1 above.

[eyes] "Dream Shadow", Part 6 of 6. See Part 1 above.

[eyes] "Letters From Santa". A look at a few Christmases through the years via the Ghostbuster's North Pole correspondence.

[eyes] "Light in the Tunnel". Trapped by a cave-in, will Egon, Ray and Winston see the light? And what about Peter?

[eyes] "Mistaken Identity". Charlie Venkman's misdeeds lead to serious consequences for his son. Will Egon ever forgive Charlie if Peter dies?

[new] "The Bully". An old "acquaintance" from Peter's past pays an unexpected visit, and things go from bad to strange!


The Man From UNCLE:

[eyes] The It's-A-Wonderful-Life Affair. One of UNCLE's best takes a look at what the world would be like without him as he makes the decision whether to live or die.


Alias Smith & Jones:

[eyes] "Judgment Day". George Prescott thinks he's gotten away with murder, but our two ex-outlaws and their lovely companion think otherwise!


Scarecrow & Mrs. King::

[eyes] "The Dreamer". Francine, Amanda and Lee remember a friend taken away too soon.


Remington Steele:

[eyes] "Deja Vu, Steele". Can Laura find a way to prevent the ultimate tragedy from happening... again?


Shadow Chasers:

[eyes] "Time Lost". Benny must find a way to help Jonathan cope when the love of his life disappears into the night. [Tag to "Ahead of Time"]


Quantum Leap:

[eyes] "Innocent Age". Thanksgiving night and Sam can't sleep. Is his "Leap Home" a blessing or a curse? Can Al help him decide?


The X-Files:

[eyes] "End Game: Checkmate". Scully has a lot of time to think as she sits at Mulder's bedside. [Tag to "End Game"]


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