killer beekeeper
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killer beekeeper

Hello! If you wander around here you may find: an evil computer, why I'm so proud of my brother, a dancing tiger, stuff for teachers, a chat room, Paraguayans, my curriculum vitae, music, my guest book, bees, and where I spend all my free time.



  For Teachers: Enlaces bilingües para niños y maestros.

Easy computer projects for elementary teachers.

Metacognición y estrategias de aprendizaje

Quotes on education and intellectual freedom

WebQuests in Spanish and English    

Mis poemas favoritos

A study of Spanish/English code-switching 

Causative Constructions in Guaraní

The Interaction Between Language Proficiency and Early Reading Achievement in Dual Language Students

My pictures of Paraguay, Estonia and Finland.

My brother's music page. Hear some great original music. I'm not biased...

Let Hobbes dance for you.
Tin Whistle Links:
Chiff and Fipple
Clips and Snips Whistle MP3s
Another awesome whistler

Where I Go 

I'm an editor at the Netscape Open Directory.
Help! I'm stuck in Absurd
Linguistics at UT El Paso

What the heck is a yasyjatere?
Unofficial Home Page of Paraguay
Been to any good Meetings lately?
My Geek Code

Version: 3.1
GED/H/SS d? s+:+ a C++ U? P+ L E? W++ N+ o? K- w+ O---- M+ V? PS++ PE Y+
PGP- t 5? X+++ R tv+ b+++ DI++ D++ G e++(+++) h+ r* x+

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