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Short Poems

I stand upon you grave and laugh
As I read your epitaph

The Stains of Memories

A timely pass the time for mystery
A nightly cold brought forth the tears another
A moment pass the end of destiny
As deeply rooted among the other
Forgotten the moments of timely spent
But treasure that which will always remain
Then again upon which path they all went
Forever the thoughts shall memory stain

Daring Souls

As we stood upon the ripples of time
caressing the hand of our souls and
Leaving behind a warmth enkindled
of our divine love
We stroll into the depths of history

Hidden Secrets

Hidden behind the closet door
Was a skeleton that walked once before
Throughout the town passing night away
But asleep alone by break of day

Never known for surely why
That the skeleton has yet to die
But the closet door has been closed awhile
And in the dark it shed another smile

As soon as the opening of the coset door
The secrets grew evermore
But when the day became the night's past
The secret would come out at last

In the Eyes of the Heart

Those of us who can see
Can't see what the blind can see

Those of us who can hear
Can't hear what the deaf can hear

Those of eyes and ears follow the world apart
Those without, follow their leading hearts


The candle burns the night away
As the wind blows through the flame
But the candles burns through the day
Showing it will not be tame

Into the wax it leaves its mark
Melting it down with its power
All the while the flame takes into the dark
Using its heat upon the air to shower
But when the flame is done
The candle stands proudly alone
In the dark not bothering anyone
Waiting a chance to make its flame unknown

And 'till then it stays behind the closet door
Awaiting another turn
To show its flame once more
So it can take another burn


The anger sudsides the reasons of why
Unknown may the crime of death
But the shadows cover the sites we make
Leaving only a mystery to solve...


Deep in the river where we flow our minds
Let them dream of wonderous nights
Uncaringly wonder into the running life's a dreary
Into the sky we fall unfearingly
Dancing with your shadow on a gloom filled night
Blanketed by haze of injustice glory

The Ghost

There I stand trembling in a rush
Unbelievably I speak to a death crush
Adrenaline pumps through my veins
And I change reality lanes
A walk on the wild side
With something that has already died
Between real and unreal
Though before me sits still
A conversational time to use
But not to abuse


All in all
In reason
With a perfect crime
In season
Down dungeon
Dark luncheon
Nobody to lean on
Lights are out
Fear's on and done