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Upon Midnight, we dance the night away
caressing the ground, where two dancers must stay

Co-written with Alfred Rodriguez

Midnight Chambers

There upon midnight, the deaths of many will come to meet doom
In the Chamber where many await another customer of gloom
Unseen yet for surely felt by those who chose to wait and stay
And those who hand death out like the rain of a cloudy day

Back in the harmless chambers where the other 'waitings' have to sleep
Where they wait for the execution pattern to run upon their heart so deep
Upon their knees of begging they ask forgiveness from the Lord
Oblivious of what's to come beyond the linger of the death hoard

The whispers from beyond the Chair beckon at their chamber door
Circulate in their minds rendering an amplying roar
Emotionally sterile from the Midnight yells
Repents provoked by the ringing of church bells

Heartly felt by those who stroll to the inevitable gates of hell
Ponder upon the glass as they wait to bid farewell
The gate seperates the walking from the dead
While screeching door takes the place of what be said

Tearfilled eyes follow the last movements he shall make
Nervous steps lead the prisoner to the pain ridden stake
Their pounding hearts and trembling hands dwell with fear
The chamber dwindles to illuminate a picture of death so near

The gaurdians await the pulling of the life wrencing lever
Sending the walking dead to fullfill the final endeavor
As the minute comes to sight, they prepare his resting grave
Incarcerate him to the straps of death knowing he's too late to save

Trying to avoid the meeting of his distant eyes
Inside they know he is full of blood curdling cries
All that's left is for them to wait for that second to surpass
As they stand amidst the turmoil of satan's mass

Satan's palm will soon take hold of the dead man's soul
While the empty soul cage loses complete control
The reapers cover their noses from the stench of death
As the audience cringes while he takes his last breath

The hair upon their necks stand on end, in the back of their heads
They know that this dead man has yet to accept the devil's bed
Though his body lays lifelessly upon the smoking chair
They can feel that his spirit will always be there

The murder has been completed by the stroke of midnight
As they slowly close the door concluding the habitual night
The slams and echoes from that unavoidable chamber resonate throughout the halls
And linger in the minds of those who failed to obey the laws

A Dance at Midnight

The moon cries the midnight blue upon our innocent laughter
A shedding smile appears as we dance our souls together
For a minute, the day comes out to see what love can be
The brightness shines unto my soul, unblinding my eyes
Now I see truely her kind heart cradling mine own love
Can I give her enough, not enough to give her
Only what I have that's true...I love her...
A Dance at Midnight

Lost Midnight

The wind coldly whispers in my ear
So cold the air feels upon my flesh
As both my eyes disperse a tear
Upon a beginning of the tresh
Into a dark, winding path unfound
A soul wanders about his own mind
With a trail of blood upon the ground
spilling his heart an' leaving it behind

The dark cold night smiles above my head
The moon burns the night slowly away
But still remaining the me to shed
Awaiting another change to stay
The turning point where destiny died
And where fate begins to stalk for death
The angels fly high, with all that have lied
And with each flap of their wings went my breath

Slowly arising from the ashes
Devil's mad laughter heard once again
And many bodies to floor splashes
Happens when an angel turns to sin
Slowly fading into the fire's smile
A man's soul pains about the threshold
Of hell, to wait his torture trial
As he shall soon feel pain and behold

Still as he looks up, the night's still there
The moon and the stars shining above
Onto a place where he doesn't care
On a place where he always dreamed of
Somewhere in between the nightly dark
The night became an asylum's soul
Yet, gone forever, it left its mark
Now my soul is lost in chaos' coal

Seventeen 1996

Left alone whispering to the wind
Carried by rumors that have sinned
Abandonment has left unhealing scars
Deep in the heart of blinding stars

Slapped upon the lost faith of hiding
The tears lay upon the cheek fighting
The dust of eternity covers time
Between a couple's only

Worried upon nothing, just there
Life just doesn't ever seem fair
But at seventeen is old
To thy hate thy love has sold

The forgotten now unknown
The scars have always shown
Through the days of dark
And now Hatred has begun to spark

On the "street-life" of one soul
Tries to complete the time's show
Spinning in the air of breath
Memories conjured from what's left
And in the dark the light appears
To wash away all the tears

Thinking Imagination

Dancing 'lone I dance too much
Lost in space of familiar trust
Look upon us not so much
As broken hearts linger lust

Lost in heaven I fell in hell
I found the dust of Israel
As spreaded wings downward falling
At my soul when rapture's calling

The sun setting behind us all
As our trailing shadows stand so tall
Lonely eyes live upon us trance
And its my last and only chance

The voices whisper in yellful mourn
Where the souls enter their lasting sworn
And the shadows rebel against the light
Where sources revolt against their might