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Love's Looking Through Your Window

Staring at your window with a suitcase in my hand
Sometimes I wonder why you just don't understand
I can make it easy for you if you'd only try
We can make it baby, the limit's the sky
Just wish upon a star you see tonight
Close you eyes and see the light
In you mind see the wish come true
Until the midnight skies turn blue

I love you bab, don't you feel the same
Tell me what your thinking, I really do need to know
My heart's yours sugar, is this a game
Are you willing to give it all up and go...

Standing at your window with my heart in my hands
Let's take ourselves to our fantasy lands
Just don't leave me standing at you window, alone and dead
Without you honey, there's nothing to be said
I'll be behind you to break your every fall
Or when this wicked world makes us wanna crawl
I'm the same old guy love you once loved before
Your the same old girl I would always die for

I love you honey,do you feel the same
Tell me what you feeling, I need to know
My soul's yours, honey is this a game
Are you willing to give the world a show
Your my angel set on heaven's highest hill
Nobody's gonna hurt you and no one ever will
Heaven already has a place picked out for you
I'm just a man who's never felt love so true

It's midnight reinging over you confused soul
C'mon, just let love take its only toll
I love you baby, can't you feel it
The aura of destiny's spirit
Calling at our hearts, touching us inside
telling us to put our troubles aside

Jump out of our windows with each other in our hands
realize talks about late nights on many sands
The ocean spray to cleanse our every sin
And you beautiful face in front of me over and over again
I'm asking you with every bit of love I own
Don't leave me here, standing at you window all alone
Listen to the music of you heart, ssh! baby don't cry
My heart's telling us not to say goodbye
Reach out your hand and grab mine, look at me, don't look back
as long as we've got each other we're on the right track

Love Surrender

Surrender to love
It's the only way
Find what's there
Deep inside the heart
Surrender and behold
Love of life
Life in love
Together see
Every drop
Of love passing by
Capture the moment
In memories find
What happens to those
Who surrender to love


My first sight of you took my breath away
And with your smile my life began that same day
My mind was stuck on you and I didn't mind
You were the one I was so longing to find

Your beauty hypnotized my empty heart
Leaving me a wanting for a new love to start
Our first kiss lighted up the night
Never will you ever be out of sight

All my memories of you, I see your precious smile
Holding you in my arms all the while
We took our time and let time slip by
Sharing secrets to help our pains die

It felt like heaven and we were just taking a cruise
Hoping each other we would never lose
Your soft touch and luscious kiss
Left upon my heart everlasting bliss

Together we left our mark upon time
Making love a simple crime
You were in my heart then and even now
But how I let you go is beyond somehow

Our departure was tranquil and slow
You shed your tears of lettin' go
My heart became empty and needed your touch
But we agreed we wouldn't become so much

As we took our steps backward
My conscience was reaching forward
But the distance wouldn't let us be one
Telling us our love was finally done

Every couple I ever see
Reminds me of you and me
I miss our sweet times together
Never will time be slightly better

But our short time together felt like eternity
It was so great to wander in our destiny
We came together by a simple twist of fate
And our kiss came not a moment too late

You're the only one that could have my heart be tame
Never will I ever be the same
I will always remember your paradise
And staring deep into your loving eyes

Thoughts of you still linger in my head
Keeping my heart always fed
Our love was great and are words- few
I don't wanna live my life without you

But as the sun rises but must set
I have but only one regret
Leaving you so far behind
But I hope soon you are what I find

We came together in raging desire
Now all that's left are the ashes from the fire
I'll take my steps and you'll take yours
And may we open brand new doors

The Rose With Thorns

This I give shall be a sign
To tell you who you are
It is the sun that shall shine
Or the night that glows a star

Though given only one
But given from someplace deep
You have touched me and have won
This heart of mine that'll never sleep

Even though the rose may die
The essence shall stay with you
To remind us not t'say bye
To remind us dreams do come true

Though the rose hath many a thorn
It won't harm your precious skin
They are steps to a new morn
To the red predals of heaven

Serenely Her My Thoughts

The night was beautiful as was the girl
Who shined in the darkness like a glowing pearl
Her smile was our pathway as we held the night
My thoughts of her became my only sight
Slowly we strolled through the cooling wind
Sharing words and thoughts as we happily grinned
The night held us together in simple minds astray
To this one my heart seems to only stay
For what reason to my heart unknown
Yet, when I smile I feel I'm not alone
So unreal that night felt as if a dream
Esoteric my thoughts I shared amidst this flooding stream
That flowed the beauty of this one through my mind
Those moments together helped leave my cares behind
And to this somebody I feel the true measures of time
As I walk the world spins to estrange I see the sublime
Mythically and gothically comes to know I know
My loves seemingly into the fire grow
All the while the ashes spread from what's left
Life I inhale as I take each lasting breath


Maybe today will be another way
Maybe tomorrow, another day
Not another passing year
With this stranger so close and near
But that was the mistake
I decided to take

I blinked my tearfilled eyes
And another day says goodbye
I kiss my stranger on her cheek
Before I know it, another week
And at night I see a falling tear
But in the morning, its another year
At work my thoughts never involve her
At home I know she sees my revolver
She may think its the only way out
I'm still asking what we're about
A long drive home from a block away
I prepare for the real work day
I come home to a family of three
A little one hugs at my knee
But my stranger turns around
And I know love was left unfound

Beloved be the Stars

When the night is young...the star's bright
And all I want is you in my sight
My heart pounds when your lips smile
And I'm dreaming of you all the while
Your hands caressing through my hair
Leaving upon my soul without a care
I think about forever and forever I'll stay
Hoping that you will never ever go away
When the sun rises and the star's fade
I treasure the dreams that together we made

Guardian Angel

Baby, I know my voice isn't loud enough to be heard
And I'm sorry I had to leave without saying a single word
But please listen to your heart that's telling you not to cry
It's just that I didn't want you to hear me say good-bye
Wash away your tears and feel the pain no more
I'm in a place that's really worth dying for
My absence shouldn't cause not another tear
And I'm watching over you so there's nothing to fear

The memories of you and I will always stay with me
Keeping you forever in my heart
I just thank God for putting you in my destiny
And never ever will my love of you depart

Saying good-bye to yesterday is something so very hard
And I wish we could have seen our children play in our backyard
But that's just not what God wanted to see
I guess some dreams just weren't ever meant to be

Remember, when you pray at night I'll be at the end of your breath
Listening to what you have to say
Because I want to hear all the dreams that you have left
So I can help make them true everyday
But before I once again fade into the light
I really want you to forever see
That my dreams always had you in sight
And my love for you was nothing but truth and purity
So until we see each other once again
I'll be your guardian angel helping you to be true
To cleanse your soul and forgive your every sin
And to help you remember that I will always love you


She's mine to let my smiling heart behold
All my forgotten memories, thus, begin to unfold
Solo ojos para ti, para siempre si

Es mia, por mi todo amor sincero
Mi brazos te abrazan, y te quiero
On bended knee for you to see

She's mine for eternity, now and forever
My heart be empty is a simple never
No necesito dinero porque te quiero

Es mia por mi todo amor bonita
Mi corazon alegras y siempre con tu llegas
You gazing eyes that hypnotize

She's mine to let my loving heart fall with true
Our love comes only once in a moon of blue
Mi amor es para ti, para siempre si

Siempre en mi corazon, ella es mia
Always in my heart, she's mine...Mia


That precious face of illuminating delight
Hypnotizes my mind and in my soul I cannot find
The spoken beauties which this love of mine should be sung
As we walk along and make memories to be hung
Words of enchantment engathered deep in our hearts
Forever yours, forever mine, we shall never depart
In the winds of destiny never a day apart
My tongue in knots, my eyes a stare, a rose petal mine to declare

Her beauty, is that only of a glimmering god
Controls my deepest driven desire, with a love-made fire
Midsummer's day full of laughter and illusive beauty of her soft face
She knows the words and whispers and in my mind she instills grace
My arms are but an empty dress waiting for a body to embrace
Kisses to kisses, hugs to hugs, I give her my love for her to recieve
Together an everlasting life of fantasational dreams for us to achieve
In my loving arms your heart will feel this forever deal

That heart of fantasy and everlasting bliss
Embroidered in my heart of dreams, her once-apon-a-time smile gleams
Memoriesof miracle happiness made, lasting laughter we create
Destinies combine and two hearts are one from a twist of fate
A walk down memory lane, left on the forgotten love street
We begin to notice together we animate a lifetime's feat
Pondering on how many bundle of flowers should I give when I come to meet
Ah....but my angel deserves more than I can explore

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