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The Change

Some days are so bright
So bright the shine last unto the night
And some days are so bleak
So bleak, the gloom lasts throughout the week

But my heart pounds, but pounds estranged
My eyes see only what has changed
Walking through the clouds it appears
Touching my heart and shedding tears

But there it is shining good-bye
It must be that change will lie
To conceive or achieve its needs
And with sacrifice the heart bleeds

Every feeling you come to bleed
Change will use to rightfully feed
Letting go comes in times of hope and slave
And each bleeding tear digs a bedly grave

In sleep a dream accompanies a nightmare
A simple twist comes out from everywhere
But January nineteenth was a day
Change would knock and stay......

Accepting must come from the ashes
Must live through drinking and crashes
And hate will take its path
But let him walk in his wrath

A burial on a birthday of one
Brought a job that was finally done
Through a rape and murder thoughts
Two of us let go and bought new lots

A lost soul wanders with too much care
Trying to make us all be there
Another in hiding without cause
Birthday burial missed and no laws

Education brought greed to a kind
Instigating more gain to find
A young one who lost his ties
The world has now covered his lonely eyes

A lady who's afraid of losing remembrance
Leaving upon my heart simple difference
Tragic brought them close
Shedding help for the most

The light seems to fade away
Surely something will take a sword to slay
The layers of dust upon our hearts
And show the root that will depart

Three of us learn what's in store
Of what change will explore
One is owned without a man of house
A second feels in the world a mouse

Together help a third believe
Anything in sight she'll achieve...
Change can help, but can also kill
Hope will stay and never spill

Each of us at times stare
At the stars that are up there
All make a wish of change
A wasted wish seems too strange

Fantasies at night serenade
At the windows where dreams are made
But something always goes wrong
and change seems to really belong

As I look upon my midnight eclipses
My life becomes still upon the ellipses
Scenes of death and movies of fun
All encage in a changing dungeon

Change is the only thing that stays the same
Cutting the blood apart and memories tame
The light will cover the evidence left behind
And darkness will whisper what's on your mind

"Thank you's" and "welcome's" come and go
Although change stays to give a show
It whispers in the dark your destiny
To change your life for eternity

But to the death we lay
To let this breathing fire stay
With every day that you awake
Many a new things it'll make
And a closeness now separated
With lives that have slowly faded

Slowly the nights of old slip away
While the days of new come to stay
These days that pass us by seem complicated
All because of the destinies that change has created
But the bells that ring now have broken
That change now has spoken....

Blood Money

They sent you through our friendship to my family
Just to capture one man, your best friend who happened to be me
You looked deep into my eyes with a barrel to back your stare
But there in my eyes, stirred memories, many we took a share
Tears filled your eyes, hate raged mine, but all you could say was a simple sorry
My family layed drenched in blood, all I asked was for you to say you never saw me
For minutes we stood, dancing in the wind of fate
What did I do to the one I cared for so great?
Whispering I the wind I heard, "Blood money, do it!"
The gun is loaded, a tear falls, and his dignity stumbles
Stumbling over right and wrong, his hands tremble, his heart rumbles
Now doom reigns over my soul damping it with hate
I don't know this ragged man making tonight my date
Date with Heaven, date with Hell, no matter the description
They're the only place that can take my prescription
Prescription of revenge....Somehow he knows I'll revenge
Pondering over the haunting spirit over my wandering soul, "What will it avenge?"
Avenge thy revenge over that one who betrayed my loving trust
Hiding behind that barrel with a shining bullet ready to bust
Slowly our memories of our glory days turn to dust
The whistling wind buys our memories with a simple dollar
Mind-dancing at a still and he's so quiet - I wanna hollar
Hollar out what be our destiny and cannot believe
Can't believe, from this demon I will receive
Must it end this way with a wound in my back
No family, no love, no friend, just a simple heart of black
My mind, loud in the climax of my destiny
Nothing bothers him, in his eyes no sensity
Blood money was his disease
My prescription would make him cease
But its too late, revenge upon my former amigo
Blood money will be again and I would enlarge his ego
Rage inside my heart greater than before
A gun before me ready for my head explore
I don't budge as he lays his finger upon the lever
From my heart and my mind, my soul discever
There before me, a once-upon-a-time friend gave
Gave to me with a simple pull, a grave
I stared deeper into his lonely eyes
And listened to his hidden lies
Then I heard the gu...................

The River

In the river of Hope and Faith, we drown our dreams hoping for truth.
But as time passes on, collecting dust upon dust onto our fading memories.
We still must engather the courage deep within us to wake upon and into
another day, in which we leave a piece of our hearts for the past to
collect - and keep forever. "Another step and wasted energy" wear us down,
yet the idea of Life helps us drag ourselves through another minute,
another hour, another day, week, month, year, or another death. Wether one
does right, another does wrong or another does nothing all along, the idea
of life pushes a person to pursue happiness in their own right, creating
a society of lies, cries and tries. Encircling community for some to urge
to wrong the right for others. But over and over misdoings overshout the
gooddeeds of mankind. Lack of communication, or saying too much enkindles
the divine personality of the Human being in the advancment of time, and
time itself proves to be weakened as the stars burn out like the many
deaths of innocent people who die under time's hands. Technology
passesby making iprovements on mechanical amazements and discoveries,
leaving behind humanity which in time is the healing medicine of the
Human Spirit when in many stuations that many "diferences" at one point
or another go through. More and more individualistic ideas come up, more
"let's-save-the-planet" volunteers are born at a rate that equals out the
crime of the cities and of course the sins. Love grows wilder. yet it
grows quieter and fainter. Slowly, but surely we do deteriate physically,
emotionally and mentally, just as our idols grow to a point, way passed
their "superhuman" capabilities and become just one of us....just a face
in the crowd. Our belief begins to wander and wonder in times of low,
yet somehow, someway we live on. Life goes on. Yet no matter what,
The River will go where it finds the right path that will take it to
The Ocean, to be free and find its family. But just like life, The River
must go around mountains, go through valleys, survive the droubt to get to
its destination. After a long and winding journey, the goal is matched and
achieved. We, the world, is The River of life that carries the time of
this kingdom we know untill it finally passes by - forever. And still,
then the family will live life, choking each breath away from life, through
the good times, through the bad times, through it all. Even if one can't
stand the problems, or if one can't stand the right they still belong to
our family, and it wouldn't be a family if there weren't any problems.
But still, as time goes on, The River will flow...

A Figment of My Imagination

Looking back unto the past
Wishes ponder through my mind
Of memories left behind
And times that now have passed

A past that's unforgetable
A future that's irrestible
Time await, comes forth goodness
Put behind you all your sadness

A shiny star awaits a wishing
A lake awaits a fishing
A road...driving
A goal...striving

Look upon the spreading sky
It always, always seems too high
The water may seem too deep
Or the mountain to steep
But the will to succeed
Will help yourself be freed

Drowning in farewells and goodbyes
Hearing those near and dear cries
Just let your blood flow through your veins
Let your feelings carry on the chain
The chain of life, the chain of love
Soaring above like a morning dove
Let your angel wings spread and fly
And don't spend your time trying to cry

Its so hard to say goodbye to yesterday
Especially when staring at the window of today
But as the love of God stays in your heart
Happiness shall never ever depart
Keep your sight on the Horizon
While having your tries and fun
There's no wrong turns in life and time
Just the roads the lead us to the same place and time

As you walk unto a lake, and see your reflection
Remember that your sight is your direction.....
Your place in time shall and will always be kept
With your sweetness, off your feet you'll be swept

Now the road is slowly ending
On the memories we'll be spending
But in my heart you will have instilled
A place that can never be filled

Everyday comes to pass
Everbody comes to see
Everything comes too fast
Everytime's destiny

Too many people miss the silver lining
Because they are expecting gold
Too many people keep on whining
And to the sins their heart is sold

"Carpe diem", sieze the day
Never will it come this way
Take this day not for granted
And your true roots will get planted
Forever is just a smile away
A smile helps you go your way

A small person in a large world
But you are one extraodinary girl
Don't let anyone stand in your way
Don't let the rain ruin your day

Put your foot forward
Thrust your voice outward
And tell the world who your are
Glimmer like a shining star

Walk through the walls standing before you
And show the world that dreams can come true
Never ever let up your might
Never stop believing in the light
You can change the world
Even if you're looked upon as just a girl

When in face of the most frightening fear
You find that God is the most near
When lightening strikes the ground you stand
The arms of God will keep you at hand
Protecting you from the horrors of sin
And giving you bless once again

The paths lies before you
Which one shall you take
The one that you know is true
The one that's for your sake

But whatever one you shall choose
You will never ever lose
Deep in your heart you find the truth
To help your dreams of youth

The time has come for the world to see
What absolute beauty can absolutely be