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Autumn Grave

The thunderous night clashed upon my soul as I was to witness history in progression. Lightning illuminated the web of ebony and the rain fell lifelessly like the fallen leaves of autumn. The tears drooped with dead amidst the crispy cold air of night and off in the dreaded darkness, towards me came an apparition of the grave. The gates closed with the squeal of murder to enclose me in the resting place of souls, and in the blind, painfilled moans carressed my ears and fright fell unto my beating heart. My soul bled into the sky as my body fell before a grave with the name of mine.

Ashes to Dust I

The body laid in a pool of blood
As the murderer thought of dreaming flood
"Take this life and I'll be there"
The madman stood to declare
"In my dreams murder thought
Now I've begun my memory sought"
Up and down stabbed the bloody knife
And blood-filled sunshine became his life
Psychotically erotic
Insanely exotic
All together murder was his goal
But in forever revenge was in control
The night was rainy, the night was dark
Another death he would soon embark
Leaving behind reality for a glimpse
At a sight of fatality at a full moon's eclipse
Living on the edge of sweet sorrow and
Drowned in strange blood until the morrow
Life no longer lives in his mind and
Death goes where the soul cannot find
Walking in Darkness the evil can see
The sight for evil morbidity
Dreams of blood, dreams of wrath
They all take him down for the wrong path
An eye for an eye, a death for a death
Suffer the pain with every breath
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Addicted to murder so murder he must

Ashes to Dust II

In his eyes you can see the broken
Using drugs as life's only token
Reality no longer remains in his sound
And thoughts he can no longer ground
Are slipping further and farther with time
With each worthless and petty crime
'Till one dark and sadden day
When he took and innocent life away

He didn't mean to unload
But it seem like life's only road
Guilt and worry now rested upon his soul
And his conscience finally took its toll
Upon his face a tear rolled down
Showing that his life and spree hit the ground
But the action had yet to begin
And in his eyes murder emerged again

Fire flamed upon his raging heart
As the bullet pierced the victim like a dart
Laughing wildly, his life took a spin
As each killing brought a feisty grin
And with each minute his mind slipped away
Letting the forbidden evil forever stay

Forgiveness now has been forgotten
Now forsakened, now begotten

He whispered into the whisping wind
As three shots heard and one more sin
"An eye fo an eye, a tooth for a tooth
What the hell is heavenly truth
This man shall deservingly die
So let not this gun be shy"

Blood-filled sunshine gleamed in his eyes
All the while his life became nothing but lies
He was walking and talking with the sleepers
And laughing with the weepers
Now mind-dancing between three walls
With bars to rest the last of his falls

But amonsgt the ashes and above the dust
He's addicted to murder, so murder he must

An escape would come fearingly soon
And someone's fate will unknowingly meet doom
Beware of this lost soul he tends to own
Murder is all he has ever known
Each time his grin apears
Into your heart growing fears
But in the dark you will see
Flashing through your destiny
The lingering beyond magic
Is something so very tragic
A taste of death will soon come near
And with a single breath a fallen tear.....

Ashes to Dust III

The night was darker than ever before
The rage flamed like never before
The man walked along the wind
Begging forgiveness for his greatest sin
"T'was an accident, wasn't it?" to himself he said
Trying to convince himself the lies would shed
Deep down in his deteriating heart
His mind and soul was torn apart
Every breath he took, every step he made
His conscience, losing memory became afraid
His eyes caught himself red-handed
Back to earth his thoughts landed
Round and round the world went
Sin after sin his life was spent
But every drop of blood splattered
His reality became lost and scattered
Murder came and murder went
To the devil his soul was lent
You could see into his gazing eyes
Something powerful did hypnotize
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Addicted to murder so murder he must

Ashes to Dust IV

October 25, 1979
"In the storm of fears
I follow the trail of tears
Looking for more blood
As through my soul the sins flood
Yet, blood is my leader
But pain is so much neater
The bleeding will end
But the pain will consume again
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Addicted to murder so murder I must..."
The Sinning Saint

October 25, 1980
" eyes did not ever decieve me
But nobody will believe me...
That I killed the Sinning Saint
Some even took a faint
But it is true, I killed the one and only
Now no fear one shall feel when lonely
The pursuit dragged its way through sin after sin
And now I live again.....
Yes, again....
No blood was ever spilled
Nor hatred filled
Though briuses in my memory
Hide my identity
Yet, I live on and onward I go
With a new life to get to know
The church bells ring
And my heart finally sings........

Ashes to Dust V

Running alone in the crisp, cold dark
The sobering maniac becomes to embark
What would be his concluding murder
Now, he sits dreaming - mind dancing no further
All he can do is solve his mind's mystery
What shall be his Destiny?
The soul speaks softly, to the wind a whisper
As his heart drained from love, burns a crisper
A voice in the wind whispers a word
Familiar words enters the mind not absurd
The appearing voice is a soothing growl to hear
Yet, deep down, the heart is showing fear
The psycho listens in on his heart at a throb
Deaf and blind as black controls with a seeping sob
Blood drips from the heart, there it is so empty
Doom explodes just leaving a soul of decrempency
Love, Hate - together great rage create
The black is it, the black is that, it must be fate
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
No longer addicted, no longer must

The once belief in his murder of art
Are all but memories that soon depart


I'm staring down a barrel
And it looks good to me
Slowly my sight goes narrow
Just take a look at me
Can't handle this path I follow
Won't you please rescue me
T'is heart of mine is getting hollow
Just rescue me.....

From a window, I look a-down
I like to jump
But I'm afraid to hit the ground
My veins pump
The blood that will drown
My loney soul
My world spins around
I can't control...

A night calls at my destiny
Calling out loud
Whispering blessedly
"Don't be proud"
Up on the cold ledge I see
The waking crowd
Looking so small and tiny
My heart beating loud

Shaking all over, I begin to fall
Down I go
Next to this bulding so tall
Now I know
That the devil is my call
The fire glows
As the flames comfort my fall
Daniel E. Defunct a.k.a. The Sinning Saint