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Hannah's Rabbit Run

Best Viewed with a Bunny
on your lap!

Our New Little Lady


After two months of mourning the loss of our beloved "Buns", we adopted two precious rescued rabbits from Bunny Buddies. Sadly, we only got to enjoy Harry the fuzzy lop for one week.
Visit his memorial page.


She does seem to miss Harry so we give her as much attention as we can. She uses her litterbox very well. She does not "mark" or dig at the carpet or woodwork either! Even though she is allowed freedom in the master bath (a 12x12 room) she stays in her cage with the door open most of the day. She must feel like that's her territory! She loves the salad I make her every day! She gets 1 radish, 1 carrot, a handful of endive lettuce, and some parsley. At night, I give her 1/4 cup of pellet food just to make sure she doesn't get hungry! She doesn't drink much water but probably gets alot in the salad.
She loves to be petted and is so happy if we just lay down on the floor and let her hop all over us! She comes up and tries to kiss us on the face and "groom" our hair! But, we can not hold her in our lap! Sometimes she is so cute I want to just pick her up and snuggle her but this makes her nervous, so I don't..I still get wistful thinking about Harry, the fuzzy lop that we adopted with Hannah. I have this cute picture of the two of them snuggling that I hung over my kitchen sink. How I wish we still had him too! He would let you get your "snuggle with the bunny" fix for the day! We will eventually find a new friend for Hannah, and it will be another rescue bunny that needs a new home. This is the only way to get a bunny as far as I'm concerned. You see, if we buy bunnies from Pet Stores, we are only validating them acquiring more! Supply and Demand! So find a rescue group in your area to adopt your bunny from. You will be saving a life and they will be grateful!

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