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Korean & Japanese Restaurant
9410 Walnut St. #116
Dallas, TX 75243
Tel (972) 690-1707
We are open from 10 A.M.-10 P.M.  Monday - Sunday
 Lunch Box Menu
Lunch Box meals are $4.99 each
(All orders include soup, steamed rice, kimchi, and vegetables)
1.  Bul Go Ki      -       Thinly sliced tender rib eye, marinated in a unique seasoning.

2.  Je Yuk Gui      -      Sautéed pork,  marinated with a tasty hot sauce.

3.  Dak Gui      -       Broiled chicken with hot sauce.

4.  Chicken Teriyaki      -       Broiled chicken with teriyaki sauce.

5.  Chicken Ka Tsu   -    Breaded chicken tenders, fried & served with Teriyaki sauce.

6.  Don Ka Tsu      -       Breaded pork, fried & served with Teriyaki sauce.

7.  Bibimbap      -       Assorted vegetables with cooked meat, egg, rice, & hot sauce.

Sushi Menu

8.  California Roll      -    Roll with crab meat, vegetables, and rice. $5.99  (12 slices)

9.  Sushi Special      -      6 slices of California Roll and 4 Sushi    $5.99  (10 slices)

*We specialize in catering Lunch Boxes.
* Please call a day in advance if catering orders exceed 24 meals.
     * We will deliver orders over $20 within our delivery area.


 Located on the corner of Abrams and Walnut.  Across from Richland College