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To The Home of Whisper and Gracie


"The Priceless Nanday"

Whisper is a Nanday Conure. I found
Whisper almost 3 years ago in someone's
outside storage room in a tiny little
cage sitting on the ground. There was
not even a window in the room for
Whisper to look out of. She was being
fed nothing but a Cockatiel seed mix and
Fruit Loops Cereal. Whisper was really
skinny when I brought her home and her
tail was covered with poopoo from being
in a cage that was way too small for

Today Whisper is a beautiful bird. She
weighs in at 134 grams and continues to
grow more and more beautiful with each
passing day. Whisper's Avian Vet has her
and all her parrot flock mates on a great
healthy daily diet of Harrison's Pellets (75%),
Organic Cooked Grains such as Kashie,
Wheat Berries, Brown Rice, Spelt,
Hulled Millet, Pearled Barley, and
Whole Grain Oats. Whisper also gets
Organic Fresh Vegetables such as Squash,
Carrots and Tops, Parsley, Broccoli,
Jallopeno Peppers, and cooked Sweet Potatoe.
The only fruits I feed are Papaya and
Mango. I just mix it all together and
watch everybirdy eat and eat....and eat....

Whisper is a sweet and loving bird and
just loves to cuddle up close to my
chest where she is content to stay all
day long. Her best friend is my Quaker
Parrot, Patience. They love to spend
out times together where they can play
and preen each other. The Nanday Conure
and the Quaker Parrot are natural
friends in the wild and can often be
seen eating together. Perhaps that is
why they get along so very well together

I bless the day I found my Whisper. For she
truly is a "Priceless Nanday Conure".
One I would not trade for all the money
in the world. She repays me each and every day
with her unconditional love and trust. Two
things that one could never put a price
on. Thank You my Whisper for being my friend.


"A Very Special Nanday"

Gracie is also a Nanday Conure like Whisper.
If you like, grab a pot of coffee and a box
of tissues, click her picture above to
read all about Nanday Gracie. Her's is a
long story that I have written in two parts.
the first part, "Gracie A Very Special Nanday Conure"
is the story of how Gracie came to live with us.
The second part, "For The Life and Love Of Gracie",
is the story of her year long struggle for survival.

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