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Simpsons FAQ

This is the simpsons FAQ, which was obtained from the Alt.Tv.Simpsons news group

Cast List - FAQ
Maintained by Matthew "The Captain" Kurth
All Characters Copyright (c) 1989,1995 20th Century Fox Film Corp.
This Document Copyright (c) 1994,1995 Wildcat Productions

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and New Readers Guide for the Usenet newsgroup, to be posted as required. Please see Sec 4.3 for distribution restrictions placed on this document.

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       of January 15.  Regular bi-weekly postings will begin in February.

NOTE: This is by no means a comprehensive document, but rather is meant to be a quick-and-dirty compilation of more-or-less useful information and pointers to other more detailed sources. A truly comprehensive tome would likely rival _War and Peace_ in length and would be impossibly difficult to navigate.

-===========================< Table of Contents >===========================- -= Section I - General Interest =- 1.0 Basic History and Availability 1.1 "The Simpsons" Basic History 1.2 Series Timeline 1.3 Relevant Associated Newsgroups, FTP, and WWW Sites 1.4 Frequently Used Acronyms and Local Terminology 1.5 Selected Voice Credits and Cast Listing -= Section II - Frequently Asked Questions =- 2.1 Characters, Places, and Internal Consistency 2.2 Background, Production, and Broadcast 2.3 Comics, Music, and Newsgroup-Specific -= Section III - Commonly Requested Lists =- 3.1 Episode Titles and Production Codes 3.2 Frequently Cited DYNs 3.3 Frequently Cited FFFs 3.4 Bart's Calls To Moe's Tavern 3.5 The Episode Capsules 3.6 Other Lists and How to Get Them -= Section IV - Closing Remarks =- 4.1 Acknowledgements 4.2 Contributors 4.3 Disclaimer and Copyright -==================< Section I - General Interest >==================- 1.0 Basic History and Availability --- ----------------------------------------------, a Usenet newsgroup, is a free forum for discussing various aspects of the television series "The Simpsons". It is also available in mailing list form. To be added or removed from the list, send Email to . -> [If anyone knows the exact date a.t.s was newgrouped, PLEASE Email me!] 1.1 "The Simpsons" Basic History --- ---------------------------- "The Simpsons" is an animated television series produced by Gracie Films for Twentieth Century Fox and the Fox Network. It began as a series of "bumpers" for "The Tracy Ullman" show in 1988, and premiered as a series on December 17, 1989 in the 8PM time slot. Regular broadcasts began on Sundays beginning January 14, 1990. Seasons Two, Three, Four, and Five were broadcast by Fox on Thursday nights in the 8PM slot, before returning to Sunday nights for Season Six and presumably, Seasons Seven and Eight. Seasons One and Two were animated by Klasky-Csupo, who also worked on the "Tracy Ullman Show" bumpers. Seasons Three, Four, Five, and Six have been animated by Film Roman, with in-between work being done for both animation houses by Akom Production Company, Anivision, and Rough Draft Studios in Korea. The Simpson family was created in ~10 minutes while Matt Groening waited in the foyer to Brooks' office, a long-standing legend confirmed in the Oprah Winfrey Interview by Groening himself. [a GIF of his original sketches is available] 1.2 Series Timeline --- --------------- 1955 1956 1974-1975 1980 1983 1989 | | | | | | ... --+---+--------+----------+++-----++--------++-- | | | ||| || |+--Tenth Anniversary | | | ||| || +--Maggie Born | | | ||| |+--Lisa born | | | ||| +--They move into Evergreen Tce. | | | ||+--Bart born. | | | |+--Homer gets job at SNPP. | | | +--Married | | +--Marge & Homer graduate High School | +--Marge born (Within 1 year of Homer.) +--- Homer born (05/10/1955) According to the 1993 "Simpsons Fun Calendar" Maggie was actually born on 19th August 1985, and Bart was born on 17th December 1979. These Calendars are MG's productions, and thus can not follow the continuing updating the writers impose upon the series. However, from MG's view, these dates are approximately correct, considering the first airings of "The Tracy Ullman Show" and the fact that MG has plainly stated the characters do not age. This is however, a little inconsistent with the UFA, another MG production which unfortunately is inconsistent with the series. In this, it is said that Bart was born on the 1st April, 1980. However, this production appears to have been written before Season Three season was completed, and thus has great inconsistencies with Season Three episodes like "I Married Marge". 1.3 Relevant Associated Newsgroups, FTP, and WWW Sites --- -------------------------------------------------- ~Newsgroups: - For images related to the Simpsons alt.binaries.sounds.cartoons - For sounds related to the Simpsons - For fans of Itchy & Scratchy - For discussing the Itchy & Scratchy show - For the "drooling fanboy" types FTP and WWW: is the current archive site. Please be advised that busop uses an MS-DOS style OS, and as such users are advised to stick to MS-DOS conventions when visiting this site. For busop specifics, contact . is an alternate site also containing a large collection of Simpsons material. Please be advised that lisa runs on a relatively slow link when visiting this site. For lisa specifics, contact . Link is a World Wide Web page with links to important reference documents such as the FAQ and episode capsules. and are two servers suggested as starting points for Archie users. 1.4 Frequently Used Acronyms --- ------------------------ Acronym Translation a.t.s - The Usenet newsgroup MG - Matt Groening. OFF - Our Favorite Family (The Simpsons, of course) OFN - Our Favorite Newsgroup (a.t.s of course) SLH - Santa's Little Helper (the Simpsons' family dog) DYN - Did You Notice, Didja Notice UFA - _The Simpsons Uncensored Family Album_ (book) BCG, BC - Bongo Comics Group (MG's comic production outfit) LIH - "Life in Hell" (MG's comic strip) I&S - Itchy and Scratchy. FFF, FF - Freeze-Frame Fun SI(xx) - Simpsons Illustrated (us) U.S. (oz) Australia SNPP - Springfield Nuclear Power Plant BSGTL, BGTL - _Bart Simpson's Guide to Life_ (book) CWTS - _Cartooning with the Simpsons_ (book) FITS - _The Simpsons Fun in the Sun Book_ RDFB - _The Simpsons Rainy Day Fun Book_ IMHO, IMO - In My (Humble) Opinion BTW - By The Way WRT - With Regard To, With Respect To ROFL - Rolling On the Floor Laughing IYKWIM - If You Know What I Mean AFAIK - As Far As I Know WTF - What The [Heck] Other Terms: Production Code - The four character episode number given to each episode. P-Code - Production Code, ie: 7G08, 7F24, 2F05 Couch Gag - Part of the title sequence when the family runs into the house and something unusual happens. Blackboard Quote - What Bart writes on the chalkboard at the beginning of the title sequence. Cutoff - The last thing Bart writes on the chalkboard as he is dismissed during the title sequence. Episode Capsule - A compilation file for each episode. [see Sec 3.5] 1.5 Selected Voice Credits and Cast Listing --- --------------------------------------- -> This list deals primarily with characters that have appeared in more than one episode and with some sort of consistency. This means that Snake (the criminal with a snake tattoo) is included but Adolf Hitler (if you don't know who he is, shame on you) is not. This is done for the sake of brevity. -> Some characters may be voiced by more than one actor, depending on the role and/or actor's availability. Regular cast The Family Comment =============================================================================== Dan Castellaneta Abraham J. Simpson (Grampa Simpson) Homer J. Simpson (Father "D'oh") Julie Kavner Marjorie Bouvier Simpson (Mother "Hmmmmmmmmmm") Jacqueline Bouvier (Marge's Mother) Patty Bouvier (Marge's celibate sister) Selma Bouvier (Marge's sister, twin to Patty) Nancy Cartwright Bartholomew J. Simpson (Brother) Yeardley Smith Lisa Simpson (Sister) Maggie Simpson (Baby [Sucking on Pacifier]) Frank Welker Santa's Little Helper (Family dog) Snowball II (Family cat, second-in-line.) Regular cast Characters Comment =============================================================================== Dan Castellaneta Barney Gumbel (Drunken slob at Moe's Tavern) Horatio McAllister ("Arrrr" Sea captain.) Bumblebee Man (Spanish bumblebee guy) "Diamond" Joe Quimby (Corrupt Mayor of Springfield) Groundskeeper Willy (Scottish employee at school) Hans Moleman (aka Ralph Mellish) Herschel Krustofski (Krusty the Clown) Scott Christian (News announcer) Sideshow Mel (Krusty's newer sidekick) Hank Azaria Apu Nahasapeemapetilon (Indian Kwik-E-Mart owner) Carl (Homer's work supervisor) Charlie (Homer's blonde co-worker) Chief Wiggum (Fat incompetent police chief) DJ Marty (KBBL Bill & Marty) Dr. Nick Riviera (shady doctor) Lou (Coloured cop) Moe (Bartender of Moe's Tavern) Mr. Van Houten (Milhouse's father) Prof. John Frink (bespectacled professor) Roger Meyers (Head of I&S Intl.) Snake (Springfields' resident Con) Superintendent Chalmers (Pr. Skinner's "boss.") Harry Shearer Charles Montgomery Burns (Owner of SNPP) DJ Bill (KBBL Bill & Marty) Dr. Julius Hibbert ("Cosby"-esque family doctor) Dr. Marvin Monroe (Local Psychologist) Herman (Herman's Military Antiques) Jasper (Resident of Retirement home) Kent Brockman (Local Anchor Journalist) Lenny (Homer's co-worker) McBain (Rainier Wolfcastle, actor) Ned Flanders (Religious Neighbour) Otto (School Bus driver.) Rev. Timothy Lovejoy (Local Reverend) Seymour "Spanky" Skinner (Principal of SF Elementary) Waylon J. Smithers (Burns' bootlick subordinate) Nancy Cartwright Kearney (Bald school bully.) Nelson Mundt ("Ha-haa" School bully) Ralph Wiggum (Son of Chief Wiggum) Rod Flanders (Younger son, Neighbour.) Todd Flanders (Son, Neighbour.) Supporting cast Characters Comment =============================================================================== Maggie Roswell Maude Flanders (Wife, Neighbour) Mrs. Lovejoy (Reverend's wife.) Ms. Elizabeth Hoover (Lisa's teacher.) Marcia Wallace Mrs. Edna Krabappel (Bart's class teacher) Ms. Albright (Sunday School teacher) Pamela Hayden Jimbo Jones (School bully with beanie) Malibu Stacy (Popular doll) Milhouse Van Houten (Bart's school friend) Mrs. Van Houten (Milhouse's mother) Mrs. Wiggum (Chief Wiggum's wife) Sylvia Winfield (Elderly neighbour) Wendell Burton (motion sick school kid) Phil Hartman Lionel Hutz (Shady attorney) Troy McClure (Local movie star) Russi Taylor Martin Prince (Nerdy School kid) Sherri & Terri ("Terrible twins' at school) Tress MacNeille Skinner's mother (Seymour's possessive mother) -============= Section II - Frequently Asked Questions =============- < a name="Section2"> 2.1 Characters, Places, and Internal Consistency --- -------------------------------------------- Q: Where *is* Springfield, anyway? A: "Springfield" is a fictional location. MG says he chose the name because it is one of the most common city names and the setting of the antithesis to the Simpsons, "Father Knows Best". Indeed, from Groening's childhood perspective, that Springfield was "the next town over" from his home in Portland, Oregon. [See Dave Hall's document, "Where Is Springfield" if you're still not convinced] -> According to some sources on the group, Matt Groening has said that although Springfield is basically "anytown USA" it does have features somewhat similar to towns in Oregon, where Matt grew up. Q: What is the Simpsons' home address? A: That depends. In "Blood Feud" 94 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield, USA In "Bart the Lover" 94 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield, USA In "Mr. Lisa goes to Washington" 59 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield, TA In "Kamp Krusty" 430 Spalding Way, Springfield, USA In "New Kid on the Block" 1094 Evergreen Terrace In "Marge In Chains" 742 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield In "Homer the Vigilante" 723 Evergreen Terrace In the Oprah Winfrey Special. 724 Evergreen Terrace -> It has been suggested that the address used in "Kamp Krusty" hints to monologist and actor Spalding Gray, whose humor is also considered subtle, poignant, and yes, generally irritating to Republicans. The others were undoubtedly inspired by MG's alma mater. Q: What is the Simpsons' home phone number? A: Homer's phone numbers, according to Principal Skinner's rolodex card at Springfield Elementary are: Before "Simpson & Delilah" After Home: 555-6528 555-6832 Work: 555-7334 555-6754 In Season Three, their home number was 555-8707. And the phone numbers from Homer's television debut in "Mr. Plow" are: Home: 555-3223 Business: 555-3226 Q: Where did Matt Groening get the names for the Simpson family? A: Homer and Margaret ("Marge") are the names of his parents (Mrs. Simpson is Marjorie); the names of Matt Groening's sons are Homer and Abe. His siblings are, in birth order, Mark (unused so far), Patty (one of Marge Simpson's sisters), [then came Matt], Lisa, and Maggie (named Margaret like her mother but called Maggie). The name Bart, on the other hand, was chosen because it is an anagram of "brat". The surname Simpson is a natural choice for the family as the name "Simpson" literally translates to "Son of a Simpleton". -> There has also been debate on the group about the film "Day of the Locust." It seems a character from this quite old Black and White film has exhibited characteristics with uncanny similarities to Homer Simpson, and the character's name actually is Homer Simpson. It is unknown for sure whether this film has ANY connection with MG's choice of name, whether it is pure coincidence, or whether MG just took advantage of that coincidence. Q: Is it just me or are several of the characters left-handed? A: No, many of the characters are indeed left-handed. This is because MG is infact left-handed himself. Viewers with eagle eyes may notice that this is not always consistent however, especially in later episodes. Q: What does the "J" stand for in Homer J. and Bart J. Simpson? A: MG says that Homer's middle initial is a token of admiration for Rocky and Bullwinkle (Rocket J. Squirrel and Bullwinkle J. Moose), whose intials were in honor of their creator, Jay Ward. The RDFB states that Bart's middle initial stands for "Jebediah", and not "JoJo", as was previously reported by Sharon Crichton. Yet, her claim was backed up by the appearance of "JoJo" in the 1992 "Simpsons Illustrated Annual" (1993 SIoz). One can only guess that some facts got lost when the Rainy Day Fun Book was made. Q: Which one's Itchy and which is Scratchy? A: As Lisa and Bart explained to Herb Powell: Lisa: "The mouse's name is Itchy, and the cat's name is Scratchy." Bart: "They *hate* each other." Lisa: "And they're not shy about expressing it." Q: Which one's Patty and Which one's Selma? A: Sometimes referred to as the "Gruesome Twosome". Patty usually wears a necklace with round beads and doesn't part her hair. Selma wears a necklace with oval beads and does part her hair. From 7F15: Homer: "Which one's Selma, again?" Marge: "She's the one who likes Police Academy movies and Hummel figurines, and walking through the park on clear autumn days." Homer: "Oh, yeah yeah yeah. But I thought she was the one that didn't like to be ... you know ... touched." Marge: "It's Patty who chose a life of celibacy. Selma simply had celibacy thrust upon her." Q: Are Smithers and/or Mr. Burns gay (or bisexual)? A: Maybe. Recent remarks by Smithers with regard to his "choice of lifestyle" being incompatible with Mr. Burns' "conservative leanings" seems to indicate that he is. It has also been suggested that Smithers is "Burns-sexual", due to the fact that his interests do not go beyond his boss. However, the final word on Smithers remains that the jury is still out, and it is up to each individual viewer to decide for themselves. As for Mr. Burns, he has made references to other women in a conversation with Marge in "Marge Gets a Job" and nearly married Marge's mother in "Lady Bouvier's Lover", and as such it seems unlikely that he is. Q: Who is that bee guy? A: Springfield's TV show starring a man in a bumblebee costume is similar to the show "Lo Mejor De Chesperito' from the Miami-based Univision network. The character's has been dubbed simply "Bumblebee Man" by the production staff. Q: What's that thing Homer says? Doh? Dough? D'ohh? A: The correct way to spell it is "D'oh!" Q: What are "Wet Willies", "De-Pantsings", and "Wedgies"? A: A "Wet Willie" is a popular junior high school prank administered by wetting one's finger, usually with spit, and inserting it into the victim's ear, usually accompanying it with a twisting of the wrist back and forth. A "De-Pantsing" is another common junior high school prank. It is administered simply by grasping the victim's pants, usually at the sides and from behind, and pulling downward. Embarrassing enough in its own right, bonus points are scored if the recipient's underwear are dragged down as well. A "Wedgy" is yet another popular junior high school prank. Also known as a "Grundy", a wedgie is usually administered by grabbing the waistband of the victim's underpants and quickly yanking them upward, causing the victim's underwear to wedge between their buttocks, causing a great deal of discomfort and humiliation. Wedgies are usually administered from behind as it allows for the element of surprise and embarassment similar to a de-pantsing, and also because there is greater access to the victim's waistband at the rear. "Front Grundies", the pulling of the victim's front waistband, are not unheard of, but are less common. Q: What is the "Dreaded Rear Admiral"? A: More than one a.t.s reader has correlated it to the insertion of one's finger into another person's "rear", through their clothes or underwear. However, the official word according to John Schwartzwelder is that the "Rear Admiral" simply doesn't exist. He used it because he thought it sounded like a particularly nasty prank someone might pull. 2.2 Background, Production, and Broadcast --- ------------------------------------- Q: Who is Matt Groening? A: Matt Groening is the creator of "The Simpsons" and "Life in Hell". Intending to be a professional writer after leaving Evergreen State College, WA (graduated in 1977 at 23), his disappointing career in L.A. came to an end with the unexpected success of his "Life in Hell" comic strip. It was "Life in Hell" that attracted the attention of James L. Brooks of Gracie Films, who in 1985 invited MG to develop an idea for a future project that later became the animated Simpsons shorts shown during "The Tracey Ullman Show". Q: What exactly does he do for "The Simpsons"? A: Matt Groening is officially known as the show's Creative Consultant, and has a hand in almost every phase of the production process, like one can if they're the CC. However, it is stressed that the talented people employed by Gracie Films, Film Roman, et al. are at fault for the bulk of what happens. His name appearing on all Simpsons merchandising is a trademark requirement, by agreement with the 20th Century Fox Film Corporation, who bought from him the rights and ownership of "The Simpsons". Incidentally, the distinctive font ("Matt") used by the show and magazine were specially designed in Postscript by Apple Computer employees, and based on his own handwriting (surprise). Sorry, but they're proprietary. Q: What are all these hexidecimal numbers people keep talking about? A: The numbers (7G06, 7F19, 9F08, 2F05, etc) refer to the production code assigned by the production team. Each story has its own p-code which refers to the season which it was produced for, but not necessarily the one it was broadcast in. One or two episodes are usually held over for broadcasting early the following season, hence 7F24 was the Season Three opener. [See Sec 3.1 for more on this] As a general rule of thumb: 7G codes refer to Season One episodes 7F codes refer to Season Two episodes 8F codes refer to Season Three episodes 9F codes refer to Season Four episodes 1F codes refer to Season Five episodes 2F codes refer to Season Six episodes The p-codes do not appear to be actual hexidecimal numbers. James L. Brooks said he got the idea for the Season One codes for "The Simpsons" from the fact that Homer works in sector 7G at SNPP. Q: Where do you get the production codes from? A: Watch the closing credits to each episode. The credit page with the copyright information (usually the fifth page from the end) contains the line "THE SIMPSONS EPISODE #____" which is the p-code for that episode. Q: Where do the episode titles come from? A: Some newspapers print the episode titles. The book _Simpson Mania_ lists Season One titles; Brian Howard was able to get "inside" information for Season Two and Three titles. Season Four, Five, and Six titles were provided by David Mirsky and Bill Oakley. Episodes 7G07 and 7F10 were actually broadcast with their titles. Q: How do I pronounce... "Groening"? A: In one of the Life In Hell strips and in the "Rolling Stone" article, MG mentioned that it rhymes with "complaining"; the "Newsweek" article rhymes his name with "raining". "Yeardley"? A: "Yeardley" is a variant spelling of the British name "Yardley", whose pronunciation is non-problematical. Q: Have any of the episodes been released on video? A: A set of first season episodes (7G02, 7G03, 7G04, 7G05, 7G06, 7G07, 7G09, 7G11) were released in Britain, New Zealand, and Australia during October 1991 on four PAL format VHS tapes. Since then, another 8 episodes from Seasons One and Two have been released on a new label along with the eight old ones on PAL format only. There are rumors that at least one more tape after these 4 re-releases will be availiable, probably with 2 episodes, again in PAL format. In North America, only the Christmas special (7G08) has been released by Fox Video on a single NTSC VHS tape, title #1915. Q: What's all this about syndication? A: A selection of episodes from the first five seasons has been made available as a syndication package by Fox. This means that any station can buy it and show it at any time they choose, not just Fox Network affiliates. Q: Why are the syndicated episodes being cut? A: Syndicated episodes are edited to fit the standard length of any other syndicated show to allow more commercials to be shown. This means that some scenes are shortened or removed entirely. As such, the first material to be edited usually includes the title sequence (which is why the syndicated titles are even shorter than the standard abridged sequence in recent US broadcasts by Fox) and scenes that are not integral to the plot - often meaning some of the most memorable lines are missing from the syndicated versions. [A list of edits to syndicated episodes is available] Q: What became of Tracey Ullman's lawsuit? A: Lawyers on behalf of Tracey Ullman have twice filed litigation proceedings against Fox, not MG or Gracie Films, insisting although there was never any signed agreements when the show went to the half-hour format, that she should be entitled to 7.5% of `The Simpsons' net merchandising profits. Both claims were later rejected in court. Q: What's this I hear of a Simpsons spin-off show? A: Although it is not affiliated in any way with The Simpsons, former executive producers Al Jean and Mike Reiss were at work on an animated series called "The Critic". The series was broadcast in early 1994 in America on the ABC network, and consisted of 6 episodes. There were received with mixed reviews, and ABC cancelled the show. Word has it, however, that the Fox network is planning to air the series in spring 1995, which may include the production of additional episodes. Q: Does anybody know the RGB values for the Simpsons? A: Yup: Skin Color : Pantone 116, RGB 255,217,15 Homer's Pants : Pantone 284, RGB 112,209,255 Homer's Shoes : Pantone 445, RGB 41,79,51 Homer's Beard : Pantone 465, RGB 209,178,112 Marge's Dress : Pantone 366, RGB 209,255,135 Marge's Hair : Pantone 285, RGB 23,145,255 Bart's Shorts & Shoes : Pantone 299, RGB 33,209,255 Lisa's Dress : Pantone 179, RGB 255,54,15 Maggie's "Baggie" & Bow: Pantone 297, RGB 125,255,255 2.3 Comics, Music, and Newsgroup-Specific Q: Is my local station cutting the episodes? A: Probably not, unless you're from Australia or Germany, where the show is routinely censored to abide with younger children's' viewing guidelines because of the early time slots used by both countries. The abridgement of the title sequence is done by the Fox network. Canadian viewers, who don't get the episodes through Fox are usually granted the pleasure of a full episode each week. Q: Why are some clips shown in commercials not in the transmitted episode? A: Each episode is produced with extra and alternate animation, to allow the directors the freedom to decide just what will and won't work, up until a few days before a show goes to air. Fox has access to the footage before the final cuts are made, and so it's not unusual for the extra scene to materialize during the promotions. Q: Is the "Simpsons" production staff aware of Usenet and a.t.s? A: Yes. Although Matt Groening has never appeared on the Internet publically as himself (as far as anybody knows anyway), he has dropped several clues in references to certain discussion threads from a.t.s which appeared in his "Life in Hell" comic strips. His presence was finally confirmed by the December 7, 1994 edition of the _Philadelphia Enquirer_ which ran an article dealing with, in which MG admitted: "I lurk [on a.t.s.] but the other writers on the show were reluctant to have me admit that." However, In June 1993, MG did accept an invitation from the Prodigy service to chitchat with their users, personally answer a few of those annoying standard questions, and detail the reality of his involvement with the show. [A transcript of this is available] Other producers of the show have made brief Internet apperances, and the Simpsons drinking game has aparrently circulated through the production offices, and seems to have been well-received. [The drinking game is also available] In the past, many postings have claimed to have originated from Matt Groening and other identities. One should immediately be sceptical of *any* messages that claim to have been sent by a notable personality - it is a trivial exercise to fake an article so that it appears to have come from another person. Q: What's the difference between a FFF and a DYN? A: A "FFF" is typically a list that requires the pause of a VCR to discern (like "Things in the attic", or "degrees on Lionel Hutz's wall") and the text of signs (like "For the Obese or Gangly Gentleman" or "Diz-nee-land"). Otherwise, it's a "DYN". So green rats, mouse holes in the wall, and purple food globs count as DYNs. -============= Section III - Frequently Requested Lists =============- 3.2 Frequently Cited DYNs --- --------------------- Did You Know... - In the title sequence: ... the cash register states Maggie costs $847.63? ... the supervisor eating a sandwich with a pair of tongs at SNPP in the Season One titles? ... that Mr. Burns shakes his watch when the 5:00 whistle blows at 3:00? ... Lisa's saxophone solo varies between episodes during some seasons? ... the "Duff Beer" ad on the side of the bus in the Season One titles? ... that Marge runs through a stop sign? twice in each season.) ... that Lisa plays a baritone sax instead of a tenor after Season One? - In the show: ... everybody has only three fingers and a thumb on each hand? (With a few notable exceptions.) ... whenever police are part of the story, it's usually the same two officers, Eddie and Lou? ... Homer works in Sector 7-G at the power plant? ... The Hibberts' strikingly similarities to the Huxtables from "The Cosby Show", right down to the family members? ... you hear a crow call in the establishing shot of the nuclear plant? ... Bart's classroom is on the second floor while Lisa's classroom is directly below his? - In "Life in Hell": ... Akbar and Jeff were sporting various hair styles, including the "Marge Simpson"? ... Bart Simpson cameos regularly in _Childhood is Hell_? ... after watching Bart on television, Binky critiqued the writing of the show shortly before the premiere of MG's "Colonel Homer"? ... you'll see the occasional "D'Ohh" (note the spelling)? ... In _The Big Book of Hell_ there features (according to a promotional part on the back cover) in a strip, a picture of a character promoted as what became Bart Simpson? However it also fails to mention later in the book, a picture of a character which uncannily resembles Maggie Simpson... ... The resemblence between Sheeba and Marge Simpson? 3.3 Frequently Cited FFFs --- --------------------- In the title sequence: - Magazines at the checkout counter in the title sequence: - "Newsly" - "Feeble" - "Mom Monthly" (a copy of which Marge is reading while at the check out) - All the stuff that flashes by in the very fast pan of Springfield in the title sequence used in Season Two and every subsequent season: - In the park: - Milhouse, Lewis, and {$} are playing catch with a baseball. - Bullies (including Nelson Mundt) have tossed a kid head-first into a garbage pail. - Jimbo and Kearney harass Martin Prince. - The next yard: - Edward and Sylvia Winfield sit in rocking chairs. - Patty and Selma are sunbathing. - The twins [Sherri and Terri] are walking across the yard. - Springfield Retirement Castle: - Grampa Simpson, Jasper, and Herman are gawking at Patty and Selma. - Kent Brockman (accompanied by his cameraman) are taping. - The road: - Dr. Marvin Monroe and Dr. Hibert have clipboards poised. - The school bus is parked with Wendell hanging his head out of the rear window. - Otto is leaning against the front of the bus, taking a break from changing the flat front tire. - Policemen Eddie and Lou are standing behind a police barricade; Eddie is wielding his night-stick. - The Flanders Home: - Maude has a finger outstretched, a bluebird about to land on it. - Ned has a bird perched on his outstretched finger. - Todd has an outstretched finger aimed at the bird on Ned's finger, as if coaxing the bird to rest on his finger. - The Simpson Home: - Homer's workbench is in the garage (continuity error -- see "Itchy & Scratchy & Marge"), with an empty shelf. -> This series is available as a digitized .gif series on busop. -> "Simpsons Illustrated" also printed a fold-out of this long scene in SI Vol. 1. No. 5. (SIoz Winter 1992). [A JPEG of this also exists] 3.4 Bart's Prank Calls to Moe's Tavern --- ---------------------------------- 7G03: Hey, everybody, I. P. Freeley! 7G06: Hey guys, I'm lookin' for a Jacques Strap. 7G01: Is there an Al Coholic here? 7G01: Call for Oliver Kloushoff. 7F11: I wanna Seymour Butts. 7F15: C'mon, one o' you guys has gotta be Homer Sexual. 7F22: Hey, has anybody seen Mike Rotch lately? 8F08: Somebody check the men's room for a Hugh Jass! 8F09: Come on guys, do I have a Bea O'Problem here? 9F06: Why can't I find Amanda Hugginkiss? 9F06: Hey, everybody, put down your glasses. Ivana Tinkle! (Bart had an accomplice for this one.) -=================== Section IV - Closing Remarks ===================- 4.1 Acknowledgements --- ---------------- Many thanks go to the previous FAQ maintainers for their diligent work in making this version possible: Gavan McCormack, Chris Baird, Raymond Chen, and Brendan Kehoe. This document would not be possible without their previous contributions. Substantial thanks also go to the episode capsule compilers and all the list maintainers out there that make my life easier. Special thanks to Gavan McCormack for all his help in getting me started. And of course, thanks go out to the production team that produces one of the best shows on television. We wouldn't be here if it weren't for you. (Well, duh!) 4.2 Contributors --- ------------ These people have contributed in some fashion to this document, both with and without their knowledge. This list is woefully incomplete, but it's a start. Chris Baird James A. Cherry Raymond Chen Don Del Grande Dave Hall Gavan McCormack Gary S. Nabors

John Schulien tredysvr!cellar! Tony Shepps Juha Terho Elson Trinidad 4.3 Disclaimer and Copyright --- ------------------------ This Copyright does not extend to, and is not intended to infringe upon, the characters, names, and related indica of "The Simpsons" which remains Copyrighted by, and a Trade Mark of, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. -= That's All, Folks! =-

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