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Welcome to the Gibbins' Family Home Schooling Page

To all of you that have visited this site through the years I would like to thank you. I have received many comments through the guestbook that I truly appreciate. We no longer homeschool our children as the three oldest have all graduated and are grown. Our youngest, is now a sophomore in PS at our local high school.

We truly enjoyed our time as homeschoolers and do feel that each of our children benefitted from it. Our oldest continues to struggle through life and has not quite found his way yet. We ask continued prayer on his behalf that he will eventually get it together and have a successful life. Our oldest daughter is now a registered massage therapist and is also attending college hoping to become either a chiropractor or a doctor of osteopathy in the future. Our middle daughter is attending the university of central Oklahoma, majoring in photography.

This page will continue to serve as a launching point for the remainder of this site. I will leave the ADHD and homeschooling site up. I continue to support wholeheartedly homeschooling and feel that for many, many children and families is truly is the best way. For those looking for support for ADHD I hope that this site will offer such support.
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Page three contains information on ADD/ADHD.
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Page four is dedicated to the memory of my brother and contains information on gang violence and prevention. It also contains information on our family's christian beliefs with a link provided for more on the subject.
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My Dad's page contains links to lung cancer treatment sites which I found helpful during Dad's treaments.
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I have taken page 5 down as I was never really able to find enough information on head injuries to make it a supportive type page.

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