<%@ Page Language="VB" %> The Texas Blown Fuel Association Rules

TBFA Rules and Race Procedures:

- No on track recovery - All teams must use return road to retrieve cars from top end unless a safety issue presents itself or track conditions require on track recovery.
- If a car looses fire on the burnout and stops on the track, the opposing car MUST SHUT-OFF. The track must be cleared of the broken care before opposing car can make a pass. Opposing car is automatically given the round win if in eliminations and has choice to re-fire and idle down track or go to the end of the line to re-fuel and make a full pass.
- Funny Car Bodies Allowed (Pre-73)
- Car must be center steer
- EVERY tow vehicle must be equipped with a minimum
of 1 currently tagged fire extinguisher
- All warm-ups MUST be conducted with car on
pro-jacks or jack-stands (not single jack)
- Single Fire Bottle with Halon Approved
- Reverser Required
- Roots style blower only
- No electronics
*High RPM limiter allowed
(High RPM rev limiter for emergencies only...not to be used for tuning)
*No delay boxes or two steps
*No computers allowed in qualifying or eliminations
(emphasis is on driver and tuner ability, not a computer)
- Single Ignition systems only. Magneto and MSD included
- No delay boxes or automatic shifters
- Button or manual shifting permitted
- IHRA or NHRA license required
- Driver safety gear required
- Chassis must be certified

The TBFA would like to mirror the NHRA Nostalgia Eliminator rules as a simple guideline.