<%@ Page Language="VB" %> The Texas Blown Fuel Association Rules and Procedures

Annual Membership

TBFA membership dues will be $150 per year. This includes a free TBFA series shirt and decals. This also includes a full year subscription to Automotive Performance News.

For payment instructions and membership form, CLICK HERE

Event Entry Fee

A $50 entry fee will be required per event, per car.
This will include driver + 3 crew entry at each event.


Two qualifying (time trial) sessions will be conducted. The positions will be established based on each driver's closest run to the index without going under. If a driver goes under the index on both time trials, their position will be installed at the bottom of the list in order of time gap under the index. Example, a 4.53 will be qualified below a 4.59 because the 4.53 violates the break-out in a larger degree than then 4.59.

Example Qualifying List:
(On an 1/8 = 4.65 index)
(On an 1/4 = 7.60 index)

1) Racer A - 4.651
2) Racer B - 4.653
3) Racer C - 4.729
4) Racer D - 4.783
5) Racer E - 4.623*
6) Racer F - 4.599*
7) Racer G - 4.582*
* denotes qualifying index break-out


Prior to each round of racing, each driver's name will be put on a poker chip, all identical. A TBFA staff member will draw at random, in front of at least 1 representative of each team, to establish the pairings in a drivers meeting at Rick Grindstaff's trailer.

The first name out of the hat will be 1st pair, Left lane. The second name drawn will be 1st pair, Right lane. As names are drawn, they will be paired in the same process. Lane choice will never be determined by the quickest driver, but by the luck of the draw.

ALL ENTRIES WILL RUN FIRST ROUND. There will be no DNQs. Each running entry that made a time trial will be entered in first round. The four round winners who run closest to the index without going under, will advance to the semi-final round of 4 cars. If less than four cars win without breaking out, the winner who broke out the least will advance.

The semi-final and final round pairings and lane choices are also established via luck of the draw. Pairings and lane choice will never be based on performance in any round.

Rd 1 (Everyone)

Semi Final (4 cars)


Points System

Points will be awarded as follows:

Event Attendance = 10 pts
Qualifying = 1 Point Per Position
(ex. 16 cars. #1 gets 16, #16 gets 1)
Completed Qualifying Round = 5 pts each
Elimination Round Win = 10 pts each
Elimination Round Loss = 5 pts each
*Car must fire and complete burnout to earn points for time trial round.
*Car must fire, complete burnout and take green light to earn points for elimination round.