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Upcoming Events At FBC Hale Center

Coming very soon to First Baptist Church, Hale Center, is our annual High Attendance Sunday that takes place statewide on the last Sunday of October. This year's is on October 29th. Our church is striving for an overall goal of 250 in Sunday School. Please be in prayer for us as we try to accomplish this goal!

Our church is also in the process of a "Restore Plus More" project to restore the front of our church. We have reached half of our monetary goal, around $35,000, but we are still in the process of raising more money for the project. Our ingathering day for "Restore Plus More" will also be October 29th. If you are interested in sending a donation, please get in contact with us via email and we will send you further information. However, above all else, we'd appreciate your prayers as we strive to reach this goal.