Tribute To One Of The Best Romantic Synth Pop Artist's In The Universe Erasure
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Tribute To One Of The Best Romantic Synth Pop Artist's In The Universe

Hi, and welcome to my site which is in tribute to Erasure - one of the best synth pop band's ever formed, and the creators of the very best synth pop music. If you've heard the Erasure hit, "Oh Lamour", then you know just a little bit about Erasure. Since then... Erasure has taken its music, and listener to another realm altogether. If there's a Garden of Eden out there, then Erasure's music can take you there. Andy Bell (vocalist) and Vince Clarke (programmer, productionist) are creators of the best emotionally touching romance songs one can ever wish to experience in life. I don't know any other artist out their that can come close to Erasure in the department of love songs. Thanks to Erasure's previous album releases of "I Say I Say I Say", "Erasure: Erasure" and now "Cowboy", make Erasure the very best band with the best killer romantic love ballads, and dance hits that make listeners come back for more roses, love letters, and the romantic music of "Erasure".

"Erasure is Romeo singing his heart out to Juliet" - Son T.

Erasure's album releases:

Tracklisting for the new album "Cowboy"

1. Rain *
2. Worlds on Fire
3. Reach Out
4. In My Arms *
5. Don't Say Your Love Is Killing Me *
6. Precious
7. Treasure
8. Boy
9. How Can I Say
10.Save Me Darling
11.Love Affair
bonus tracks:
Rapture, Magic Moments.

* released as a single

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Erasure Concert Archived!

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