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DG-100 Glider in Houston, TX

For Sale -$18,000

Good Condition


Manufactured in 1975 but only has 650 hours flight time.

Would like to sell, as I donít fly it enough.

Contact: DRLARSON@USA.NET or 1-281-589-1984



This glider is in good condition:

        Easy to rig, fun to fly.36:1 glide ratio

        Mechanical and electric (Winter) variometers

        Terra 720 Radio

        Relief system

        Homemade trailer, good tires, new floor, repacked wheel bearings, etc.Pulls nicely down highway.

        Annualdue March 2008

Always kept in trailer, never outside (except when flying!)

The only area of gelcoat crazing is behind fuselage next to inspection cover.


Photos were taken on March 2, 2003.I pulled the fuselage out of the trailer but did not assemble (it was a cold and damp day!).



Instrument Panel

Cockpit with left wing tip



Fuselage behind cockpit.

(Only area of gelcoat crazing)

Top of left wing in trailer


These photos were taken this summer after a wonderful flight.



From right side

From left side



Notice good gelcoat on wing


Again, good gelcoat