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The Wookie in Love

It really amazes me to fine that after four years
of building this website
That it could be ruined by some fool hacker
This site will close down soon and a new one will emerge
To the Mean minded person who did this
I hope you enjoyed yourself
to my friends who come here.... Stay in touch

"Come to the edge", He said
They did not, For they were afraid
"Come to the edge", He said
They came.......
He pushed them.........
And they flew

My Pledge

All my life, I have known you
In my dreams you were there
Your smile, your touch, your love
I have felt it everywhere.

Your face was never known
I didnít know how you spoke
But I knew I would, In Gods time
After I had grown.

It took fifty years of loves won and lost
But then I saw you, your presence felt
The love you have amazes me still
You came to me and made my heart melt.

I always knew there was a plan
Something in mind waiting for me
And now we step forward in faith
Holding your hand, you standing beside your man.

Let us walk together as the future unfolds
Where we are led, strong in our love
I will protect you and for you provide
I will care only for my sweet Dove.

No matter where we go, or what lays ahead in our life
My love I make this pledge to you. I will always be there
To give you strength, to love you beyond all realms
I promise you this, my darling wife.

"Show me a man in love,
And you will see God at work"

Once in a lifetime we are touched with true love.
A love when experienced changes our lives, never to be the same again.
A love held deep within, every fibre of the being consumed.
The only desire, that of together being ............ oneness.
The waiting endless, half a lifetime already has past.
Then I saw you.

This site has been made with love, the roses itís symbol.
The stars the hope of the soul
The words a testimony from my heart.

Thank you Sunshine. *Hugs*

Follow the Links to go the Poems Named.
Feel the love with which they were written.

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