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Jeremiah’s Favorite Links




BookCrossing - My Bookshelf

See what I’m reading and what I recommend.

Poetry and Poets
The Academy of American Poets
Collected Poems of William Butler Yeats
Alfred, Lord Tennyson
John Keats
John Donne
William Shakespeare

Cowboy Poetry and Music  
Western Folklife Center/ Elko, Nevada
Daughters of the Purple Sage

Texas/Western Life  
The Handbook of Texas Online (UT)

The finest reference source on Texas history—anywhere.
Texas Escapes

A good site featuring many Texas towns.  The best part is that it has photos.
Along the Chisholm Trail
Stoecklein's Cowboy Photography  
King Ranch

Excellent Online Publications
Reason Magazine
Harper’s Weekly Week in Review
Arts & Letters Daily
Mr. Smarty Pants Knows
The Straight Dope
The Onion

Favorite Reference Sites Great Books Online
The Medieval Sourcebook
Webster's Dictionary Online

The Internet Classics Archive

Great Books and Classics
Art, etc.
The Buildings of Palladio
Olga's Art Gallery
The Web Gallery of Art
The Artchive

Classical Guitar Tablature
Masters of Photography

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